The wielder is immune to Ground-type moves.
Type Tier
Psychic BL2
Level 100 Statistics (see level 5, 50, 100)
Min- Min Max Max+
- 381 444 -
158 176 239 262
248 276 339 372
167 186 249 273
266 296 359 394
185 206 269 295


Cresselia's amazing defenses and ability Levitate allow it to wall some of the most powerful attackers in the game, such as Salamence, Rayquaza, Groudon, Garchomp, Palkia, Giratina-O, Ground Arceus, Terrakion, and more. A decent support movepool allows it to support the team through methods such as Thunder Wave, Toxic, Safeguard, dual screens, or even Trick Room. Cresselia lacks a Rock- or Electric-type weakness, meaning it takes neutral damage from Stealth Rock, Stone Edge, Bolt Strike, and Thunder, while sporting roughly the same physical durability as Lugia.

Cresselia's main flaws are its inability to phaze like Lugia, laughable offensive stats (especially by Uber standards), and vulnerability to Toxic. Cresselia's weaknesses to Dark- and Ghost-types also hamper its tanking ability. Lugia overshadows Cresselia for the most part, due to the latter's limited movepool, overall inferior stats, and the need for sun support in order to have reliable recovery in the form of Moonlight. The inability to counter Extreme Killer Arceus also hampers Cresselia's usability as a physical wall.

Name Item Nature

Dual Screens + Lunar Dance

Light Clay Calm
Moveset EVs
~ Trick Room / Safeguard / Thunder Wave
~ Light Screen
~ Reflect
~ Lunar Dance
252 HP / 160 Def / 96 SpD

Cresselia's fantastic defensive stats make it a very reliable Trick Room user. While its weaknesses to common Dark- and Ghost-type attacks somewhat hamper its walling capacity, Cresselia can actually survive even super effective hits. The combination of Trick Room and Lunar Dance on this set is unique to Cresselia and is something Lugia cannot do. Additionally, Cresselia's lower Speed compared to Lugia becomes an advantage under the effects of Trick Room.

Cresselia is extremely bulky, so it can utilize dual screens and Trick Room effectively to support an entire team based on Trick Room. Cresselia can turn the tables on common Pokemon who love to come in on it, such as Forretress, and use them as setup bait. You can switch Cresselia in on a Pokemon who can do little to harm it, particularly Blissey, Lugia, Giratina, Groudon, or even Forretress and Ferrothorn if your team doesn't mind entry hazards, then proceed to set up dual screens and Trick Room. Late-game, use Lunar Dance to fully heal one of your sweepers under the protection of dual screens. One must never use this Cresselia set as a physical wall, since the other set performs that role much better. Instead of utilizing a fast Cresselia to set up screens more quickly, one should focus on Cresselia's sheer bulk, since Cresselia isn't outspeeding anything significant even with max Speed.

Cresselia should be used alongside powerful sweepers who benefit from dual screen and Trick Room support, such as Calm Mind Giratina-O, Zekrom, Swords Dance Groudon, Kyogre, Reshiram, or Dialga. If your team doesn't need Trick Room support, feel free to drop it for another support move. Safeguard can be used if your team fears status, while Thunder Wave allows Cresselia to cripple a speedy threat such as Darkrai. If you are using this set in a Baton Pass team, Cresselia should be paired with Mew, as the dual screen protection can help it set up and pass the boosts to a late-game sweeper. Lunar Dance also enables Mew to Baton Pass boosts twice, as Mew often loses a lot of HP during the first Baton Pass. However, bear in mind that Baton Pass is a lot more unrealiable in today's metagame since Mew can only use one move in the last slot. If Mew uses Taunt, Dragon Tail totally ruins it; if Mew uses Substitute, Roar or Whirlwind will stop it cold; if Mew uses Dragon Tail, it is halted by Taunt and can no longer pass the boosts.

A few Pokemon can switch in on Cresselia and prevent it from setting up dual screens. Choice Specs Kyogre and Reshiram 2HKO with Water Spout or Blue Flare respectively, even if Light Screen is up, though bulky Cresselia can usually survive two Blue Flares at full health. Lunar Dance sacrifices Cresselia to fully heal a teammate, which is important for Trick Room teams to maintain the momentum. After your team has been weakened mid-game, Cresselia can switch in, set up dual screens and Trick Room, and then sacrifice herself to help another powerful teammate, such as Groudon, successfully sweep.

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Name Item Nature


Leftovers Bold
Moveset EVs
~ Moonlight
~ Reflect
~ Ice Beam
~ Toxic / Magic Coat / Thunder Wave
252 HP / 252 Def / 4 SpD

Cresselia's defenses are incredibly hard to break, so it is well suited to being either a physical or mixed wall. With the listed combination of moves, it can function as a decent counter to some of the top threats in the Ubers metagame, including Groudon, Rayquaza, Garchomp, Giratina-O, and Choice Scarf Palkia and Dialga. Cresselia is well-known as the best Groudon counter in the game, unless the Groudon carries Swords Dance and Shadow Claw for some odd reason.

Moonlight heals 2/3 of Cresselia's HP under the sun, which is better than Lugia's Roost. However, it has only 8 PP, while the other reliable recovery moves have 16 PP. Moonlight allows Cresselia to stall out Groudon with ease, as it can survive even a +4 Stone Edge from most Groudon. Reflect bolsters Cresselia's huge Defense to even greater heights, allowing Cresselia to take hits from most physical attackers and making it a decent team player. With Reflect, Cresselia can check Swords Dance Groudon, Rayquaza, and Garchomp a lot easier. No physical attack can OHKO Cresselia when it is safely behind the screen. Toxic damages bulkier threats such as Groudon and Arceus, while Thunder Wave cripples speedy Pokemon like Darkrai and Mewtwo. Magic Coat allows Cresselia to bounce back status and entry hazards at the opponent; this is exceedingly useful since Cresselia tends to attract Spikes users such as Ferrothorn.

Cresselia's lack of weaknesses to Ice-, Electric-, and Rock-type moves sets it apart from Lugia. Another advantage is that Cresselia can survive a Choice Band-boosted Bolt Strike from Zekrom; Lugia can still survive with a faster Reflect, but Cresselia can actually stall out Choice Scarf Zekrom, something Lugia cannot do. Terakion is effectively walled by Cresselia as well. Do take note that Cresselia is outclassed by Lugia otherwise, as Lugia has higher Speed, a better support movepool, and overall better stats.

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Other Options

If you desire more Speed, a faster Cresselia can be used to outspeed slow base 90 Speed foes, but this is generally an inferior version. Calm Mind is just awful even with Cresselia's defenses due to being outclassed by Lugia, who has better offensive stats and much higher Speed.

Checks and Counters

Dark-types, such as Darkrai, Dark Arceus, and Tyranitar, are the best ways to take Cresselia out. Dark Arceus makes Cresselia cry and can threaten to OHKO the entire stall team. Dark Arceus Judgments can easily fell Cresselia in two hits. Tyranitar can 2HKO Cresselia with Crunch, or even Pursuit the celestial duck as it switches. Kyogre and Dialga can freely set up on Cresselia with Calm Mind or Bulk Up. Choice Specs Kyogre and Reshiram can even OHKO Cresselia with their ridiculously powerful special attacks.

Spikes users, such as Skarmory, Forretress, Ferrothorn, and Deoxys-D, completely wall Cresselia and use it as setup bait. All of the aforementioned Pokemon laugh at Cresselia's weak Ice Beam, while the former three also boast an immunity to Toxic. Anything with Toxic can cripple Cresselia. Bug-types such as Heracross and Scizor can 2HKO Cresselia with their powerful STAB moves, although they don't really like to be paralyzed. Heracross loves Toxic since it activates Guts and enables Heracross to OHKO Cresselia with Megahorn. Blissey walls Cresselia completely and can status it or set up on it with Calm Mind. Chansey does the same, though it cannot utilize Calm Mind effectively. Anything with Taunt, such as Heatran and Skarmory, can stop all Cresselia sets completely since Cresselia lacks power.