Alerts the wielder to certain dangerous moves.

Dry Skin
The wielder absorbs Water-type moves and has a weakness to Fire-type moves. Heals in rain and is damaged by sun.
Poison Touch
The wielder has a 30% chance to poison the opponent when it uses a contact move.
Type Tier
Poison / Fighting LC
Level 100 Statistics (see level 5, 50, 100)
Min- Min Max Max+
- 237 300 -
142 158 221 243
104 116 179 196
142 158 221 243
104 116 179 196
122 136 199 218
  • Little Cup


One of the many Fighting-types in Little Cup, Croagunk is the preeminent utility Pokemon. It has an amazing typing and ability, giving it an immunity to Water and resistances to key attacking types in Fighting and Rock. That Fighting resistance lets it check the dominant Fighting-types in the metagame, such as Mienfoo, Scraggy, Riolu, and Timburr, and hard counter Tirtouga. Croagunk can also beat many common Pokemon on balanced teams, including Chinchou, Lileep, and most Staryu. With its huge movepool, it can act as a solid revenge killer, a general utility check, and even as a bulky setup sweeper, potentially all in one set. However, Croagunk's weakness to Flying is a huge drawback with Murkrow as the best Pokemon in the metagame. It also does poorly against Ghost-types like Drifloon and bulky Ground-types, such as Hippopotas and Sandshrew. Additionally, its attacking stats aren't overly impressive so it can lack some power. Overall, Croagunk excels as the glue for a team, filling gaps and acting as a fail-safe, but can not carry the team on its own.

Name Item Ability Nature


Eviolite Dry Skin Quiet
Moveset EVs
~ Drain Punch
~ Vacuum Wave
~ Shadow Ball
~ Knock Off / Fake Out
212 HP / 28 Atk / 36 Def / 108 SpA / 116 SpD

Croagunk makes for a fantastic check to Fighting- and Water-types, most importantly to Scraggy, whose two STABs Croagunk resists. Drain Punch is a reliable STAB attack, has reasonable power behind it, and provides some healing. Vacuum Wave is a secondary Fighting STAB and is exceptionally useful; it allows Croagunk to reliably revenge kill Scraggy, Snover, Tirtouga, Omanyte, Shellder, and Pawniard. Sucker Punch is a decent option here to hit Misdreavus more powerfully, but it is unreliable and Misdreavus can use Will-O-Wisp or Substitute, switch out, or even just take the hit, as it almost always does only 45%. Shadow Ball gives perfect coverage along with Croagunk's Fighting STAB and lets it hit Ghost- and Psychic-types hard on the switch. It's also handy in mirror matches against other Croagunk with its chance to drop Special Defense. Dark Pulse has a handy flinch chance, but Croagunk is so slow that it will rarely outspeed anything it wants to flinch. Knock Off is the primary move in the last slot, as it is the premier support move in Little Cup, where removing an Eviolite or a Choice Scarf is very often the difference between a win and a loss. However, Fake Out is also viable, assisting Croagunk in revenge killing, but it is quite weak and quite predictable.

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Name Item Ability Nature

Bulk Up

Eviolite Dry Skin Adamant
Moveset EVs
~ Bulk Up
~ Drain Punch
~ Sucker Punch
~ Payback / Knock Off / Vacuum Wave
212 HP / 28 Atk / 116 Def / 116 SpD / 36 Spe

With a Bulk Up set, Croagunk can function as a setup sweeper, and this set highlights many of Croagunk's draws in Little Cup, including the ability to set up on the ubiquitous Fighting- and Water-types. It even beats Bulk Up Timburr without resorting to a low-utility move like Hidden Power Psychic. Bulk Up is required to increase Croagunk's Attack and Defense, letting it serve as a threat after a boost or two. Drain Punch gives good healing to a slow setup Pokemon. It's a pretty powerful STAB with an excellent offensive typing. Sucker Punch gives Croagunk a priority attack and with Drain Punch, gives neutral coverage on everything but opposing Croagunk. It has high power for a priority attack and prevents Croagunk from being revenge killed by frail Pokemon such as Choice Scarf Snover and Drifloon. Payback is a solid option in the last slot for hitting Ghosts using status moves, like Substitute Misdreavus, or Ghosts switching in. Knock Off can be used over Payback purely for its incredible utility, but should only be used if you have a way to deal with Misdreavus with Taunt or Substitute. Vacuum Wave is very much in the same boat as Knock Off, but isn't all that powerful without significant investment, so it should only be used if absolutely required.

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Other Options

Croagunk has one of the widest effective movepools in Little Cup. First and foremost, Croagunk can run a Nasty Plot set with Vacuum Wave, Shadow Ball, and Sludge Bomb, using Focus Blast over Sludge Bomb if preferred. Ice Punch is always a solid choice to hit Murkrow, Foonguss, and Shroomish effectively at the cost of flexibility. Rock Slide is again handy to hit Murkrow, but it also hits Larvesta and Ponyta meaning Croagunk needs to rely less on a bulky Water-type teammate to handle them. Earthquake can be used for its neutral coverage but it's redundant alongside Croagunk's Fighting STAB and you'd be losing a lot of utility. Pursuit is hilariously weak but it can checkmate highly weakened Misdreavus. Taunt can be a decent option to attempt to prevent setup, but with such low Speed, the opponent is almost always guaranteed at least one turn of setup. Focus Punch can be used with Substitute as a very powerful STAB attack but running it has a huge opportunity cost. Finally, Croagunk's Poison-type STAB in the form of Poison Jab and Gunk Shot can be used, as they're pretty powerful, but they have mediocre-at-best coverage and Gunk Shot is depressingly inaccurate.

Checks and Counters

Ironically, Croagunk's best counter is itself (unless it's running Hidden Power Psychic), resisting its own STAB. Psychic-type attacks are its bane. Abra in particular almost always runs Protect to block Fake Out and will easily KO with Psychic. Shadow Ball will deal a great deal of damage to Abra, however, and some Croagunk run Sucker Punch, so Abra users must be cautious. Staryu with Psychic makes an excellent lure for Croagunk. Flying-types including Murkrow, Drifloon, Vullaby, and Mantyke will deal huge damage with their STAB attacks and take a pittance from Drain Punch. Misdreavus and Drifloon are immune to Drain Punch and can burn Croagunk or KO with Acrobatics, respectively, but must beware of Shadow Ball, Payback, and Sucker Punch. Frillish can burn it and just heal repeatedly with Recover.

Larvesta is an excellent counter to Croagunk as it resists Fighting, takes a puny amount of damage from Sucker Punch, and threatens to retaliate with Will-O-Wisp or Flare Blitz. Ponyta can't switch in as easily nor stay in as easily, but again can burn it or smack it with a powerful attack. Ground-types, such as Hippopotas, Drilbur, and Sandshrew, threaten Croagunk immensely with Earthquake and are quite bulky. Bulk Up Timburr can set up on and beat Croagunk lacking Bulk Up or Hidden Power Psychic. Residual damage will wear down Croagunk, and switching in on powerful attacks such as Snover's Blizzard cuts down its lifespan greatly.