If the wielder is at full HP, it will survive any attack. OHKO moves will fail.
Shell Armor
Prevents critical hits.
Weak Armor
Boosts Speed by 1 stage and lowers Defense by 1 stage when hit by a physical move.
Type Tier
Bug / Rock RU
Level 100 Statistics (see level 5, 50, 100)
Min- Min Max Max+
- 281 344 -
203 226 289 317
257 286 349 383
149 166 229 251
167 186 249 273
113 126 189 207


Crustle is a crooked looking Pokemon, but don't let its looks deceive you. Its base Defense is one of the highest in the RU tier, and with access to both Stealth Rock and Spikes, Crustle becomes an excellent team supporter. Crustle's Attack stat isn't too shabby either; its access to Shell Smash and a decent physical movepool only increases its sweeping potential. The downside to using Crustle is its poor typing. Crustle is weak to common Water- and Rock-type moves, and its STAB moves don't provide excellent type coverage. Crustle's Speed is nothing short of horrible, and this doesn't help its ability to set up entry hazards, or its ability to sweep for that matter. By no means is Crustle a bad Pokemon though; it's an excellent Spiker and can greatly aid your team.

Name Item Ability Nature


Leftovers Sturdy Impish
Moveset EVs
~ Spikes
~ Stealth Rock
~ Stone Edge / Rock Blast
~ X-Scissor / Toxic
224 HP / 252 Def / 32 SpD

With this set, Crustle uses its base 125 Defense stat to abuse entry hazards such as Stealth Rock and Spikes. Crustle's base 70 HP isn't amazing, though it's just enough to handle some powerful, unboosted hits. Thankfully, Crustle only has two weaknesses, so it has plenty of time to switch in and set up entry hazards for your team. Stone Edge and X-Scissor are reliable STAB moves, and they ensure that Crustle isn't complete set up bait while also giving it something to do should it get Taunted. Rock Blast is an interesting alternative to Stone Edge; it has lower Base Power on average, but its accuracy is higher and it can be very useful against opponents that use Focus Sash or Substitute. Toxic is another viable option in the last slot, as it cripples bulkier Pokemon who Crustle can't break through with its STAB moves, such as Poliwrath and Golurk.

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Name Item Ability Nature

Shell Smash

White Herb / Life Orb Sturdy Adamant
Moveset EVs
~ Shell Smash
~ Stone Edge
~ X-Scissor
~ Earthquake
252 Atk / 4 Def / 252 Spe

Shell Smash is one of the most amazing stat boosting moves in the game. Unfortunately for Crustle, its Speed is still pretty low after a Shell Smash boost, meaning that Choice Scarf users can still outrun it. Stone Edge and X-Scissor provide it with reliable STAB moves, but most Steel-types wall the combination. Luckily, Crustle can utilize Earthquake to dispose of them; Earthquake hits Fire- and Rock-types pretty hard as well. Sturdy is the chosen ability; providing Crustle is at full health when it switches in, Sturdy ensures that it will always be able to pull off a Shell Smash, surviving the opponent's attack with a minimum of 1 HP. White Herb is used to restore Crustle's defensive stats after a Shell Smash, allowing it to survive priority moves such as Absol's Sucker Punch and Hitmonlee's Mach Punch. Life Orb can be used for more power, but it isn't recommended due to the recoil.

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Name Item Ability Nature

Custap Lead

Custap Berry Sturdy Adamant
Moveset EVs
~ Stealth Rock
~ Spikes
~ Rock Blast / Stone Edge
~ X-Scissor / Earthquake
204 HP / 252 Atk / 52 Spe

Sturdy and Custap Berry are the main sellers of this set, as they let Crustle set up one entry hazard, take a heavy hit, activate Custap Berry the next turn, and set up another entry hazard. Crustle is also one of the very few Pokemon that possesses both Stealth Rock and Spikes, making multiple layers of entry hazards very simple to set up. Base 95 Attack is what separates Crustle from Smeargle; Smeargle is typically shut down completely by Taunt, whereas Crustle doesn't mind it as much and can deal some heavy damage with its STAB moves. Rock Blast permits Crustle to KO Focus Sash users such as Accelgor and Aerodactyl (granted that Rock Blast hits at least 3 times). You can opt to use Stone Edge for more consistent damage, but its shaky 80% accuracy can make it a liability and it can't KO Focus Sash users. X-Scissor is Crustle's next STAB move, which gives it the power to hit Psychic-, Dark-, and Grass-types for super effective damage, in particular taking out the popular Regenerator core of Slowking and Tangrowth. Earthquake is another viable option to hit Steel-types and common Pokemon such as Emboar, Lanturn, and Manectric for super effective damage.

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Other Options

Crustle is effective at what it does, but it also has a variety of other options than those in the sets listed. It has access to a variety of stat boosting moves, such as Rock Polish, Curse, Hone Claws, and Swords Dance, but most of the time it's outclassed by another Pokemon in the tier. Block is viable option to use alongside Toxic and Spikes, though if you use it against the wrong Pokemon, Crustle is as good as dead. Counter is a rather gimmicky option to bounce back physical attacks, but it works pretty well with Crustle's decent HP, massive Defense stat, and Sturdy. Other physical options include Night Slash, Aerial Ace, Shadow Claw, and Smack Down, though most of them are poor in terms of coverage, and their Base Powers aren't great either.

Checks and Counters

Steelix is probably the biggest counter to Crustle; it has massive Defense, resists Crustle's STABs, and has access to Roar to erase any stat boosts. Bulky Ghost-types, such as Golurk and Rotom, are good choices too, as they have access to Will-O-Wisp to lower Crustle's Attack stat, and their typing means that Crustle's STAB moves won't be doing much to them. Lastly, Water-types who have a decent Defense stat, such as Poliwrath and Quagsire, can switch into Crustle's STAB moves with little trouble, and begin firing off powerful STAB moves of their own. Trick users will generally screw up Crustle's strategy, so Pokemon such as Choice Scarf Rotom and Uxie are great checks. All in all, Crustle isn't difficult to counter as long as you beat it before it has chance to set up.