If the wielder is at full HP, it will survive any attack. OHKO moves will fail.
Shell Armor
Prevents critical hits.
Weak Armor
Boosts Speed by 1 stage and lowers Defense by 1 stage when hit by a physical move.
Type Tier
Bug / Rock RU
Level 50 Statistics (see level 5, 50, 100)
Min- Min Max Max+
- 145 177 -
103 115 147 161
130 145 177 194
76 85 117 128
85 95 127 139
58 65 97 106


With poor Speed and average Attack, Crustle seems destined to fall to the bottom of the VGC barrel. However, access to boosting moves in Swords Dance and Shell Smash allows Crustle to boost its Attack to obscene levels, and with the right support, Crustle can rip apart unprepared teams. Crustle also receives a great ability in Sturdy, which acts as a built-in Focus Sash. This allows Crustle to almost always get off its boosting move, and proceed to wreck opposing teams.

Name Item Ability Nature

Trick Room Sweeper

Rock Gem / Lum Berry Sturdy Brave
Moveset IVs
~ Rock Slide / Rock Blast
~ X-Scissor
~ Swords Dance
~ Protect
0 Spe
252 HP / 252 Atk / 4 SpD

With base 45 Speed, Crustle is perfect for Trick Room. Sturdy allows Crustle to use Swords Dance once, and if Trick Room is set up, Crustle can outspeed and heavily damage most of the metagame. Rock Slide is Crustle's main STAB move and, in addition to hitting both opponents, it has a flinch chance. With a Swords Dance boost and Rock Gem, Rock Slide does a great deal of damage to most Pokemon. Rock Blast, however, OHKOes Chandelure through Focus Sash, something that should be considered. It also KOes Thundurus through Substitute in two hits, so it is not nearly as risky as one might think. X-Scissor is Crustle's other STAB move, hitting Pokemon that resist Rock Slide such as Krookodile for super effective damage. X-Scissor is also useful when facing opposing Trick Room teams, denting Psychic-types such as Musharna and Reuniclus. Protect allows Crustle's partner time to set up Trick Room, and also shields Crustle from a threatening Pokemon, giving Crustle's teammate time to eliminate the Pokemon. Swords Dance doubles Crustle's normally average base 95 Attack, allowing it to dish out powerful Rock Slides.

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Name Item Ability Nature

Shell Smash

White Herb / Lum Berry Sturdy Jolly / Adamant
Moveset EVs
~ Shell Smash
~ Rock Slide / Rock Blast
~ X-Scissor
~ Protect
4 HP / 252 Atk / 252 Spe

Shell Smash boosts Crustle's Attack, Special Attack and Speed by two stages at the cost of lowering Crustle's Defense and Special Defense by one stage. A White Herb, however, allows Crustle to keep the boosts and restores its defenses, making Shell Smash into one of the best moves in the game. After a Shell Smash, Crustle reaches 212 Speed, which outspeeds all Pokemon lacking Choice Scarf in the metagame. Rock Slide is used again for STAB, though if you want the ability to OHKO Chandelure and Thundurus through a Focus Sash and Substitute, respectively, Rock Blast should be used. Crustle's second STAB move comes in the form of X-Scissor, hitting Pokemon that resist Rock Slide such as Scrafty. Protect is a great utility move in VGC, letting Crustle stall out Trick Room or give time for Crustle's ally to KO a threat.

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Other Options

Earthquake complements Rock Slide well coverage-wise, although an immune partner should be used to avoid hurting Crustle's team. If you would rather hit one Pokemon instead of two, Stone Edge could be used instead, but hitting two Pokemon is such a great utility that Rock Slide should almost always be used. Crustle receives Curse, although it takes time to set up, and more than one turn dedicated to set up is not wise in VGC. Night Slash hits Ghost-types such as Cofagrigus and Golurk for super effective damage, though it is not usually worth a slot over one of Crustle's other moves.

Checks and Counters

Mienshao is a great counter to Crustle, utilizing Fake Out to neutralize Sturdy and resisting both of Crustle's STABs. Conkeldurr and Golurk are good counters to Crustle, resisting both of its STABs. Amoonguss checks Crustle, putting it to sleep with Spore while, without a boost, Crustle struggles to do much damage to it. Jellicent outspeeds and OHKOes Crustle with a super effective Water Spout.