Thick Fat
Fire- and Ice-type damage is reduced by 50%.
Heals status effects in rain.
Ice Body
Heals 1/16 maximum HP in hail.
Type Tier
Water / Ice NU
Level 50 Statistics (see level 5, 50, 100)
Min- Min Max Max+
- 165 197 -
81 90 122 134
90 100 132 145
81 90 122 134
103 115 147 161
81 90 122 134
  • Neverused


Dewgong hasn't changed much since Gen 4; its movepool has remained the same, and it's still a pretty average Pokemon. Hydration, Encore, and it decent defenses are the only reason to use Dewgong. With Hydration, Dewgong becomes a decent tank and status absorber in the rain, which warrants it a place on your team. Unfortunately, Dewgong was cursed with a secondary Ice typing, which means that it is weak to Stealth Rock, and common Rock-, Grass-, Electric-, and Fighting-type moves will all seriously maim it. Dewgong isn't very impressive, and you shouldn't be in a rush to use it, but it's somewhat unique in terms of its movepool.

Name Item Ability Nature

Rain Support

Damp Rock / Leftovers Hydration Timid
Moveset EVs
~ Rain Dance
~ Surf
~ Encore / Ice Beam
~ Rest
252 HP / 144 SpA / 112 Spe

This is the only reason to use Dewgong. With Rest and the rain set up, Dewgong becomes difficult to KO. Its defenses are high enough to take a hit or two, and an instant, single-turn recovery move allows it to tank for a long time. Not only that, but Hydration also turns Dewgong into a pseudo-status absorber for your team. Surf is used for STAB, as it gains an additional boost from the rain, and Encore is used to cripple Pokemon that attempt to set up. Ice Beam can be used in the third slot if you prefer the ability to hit Grass-types super effectively, but Encore is the only thing that sets Dewgong apart from Phione, Lapras, and Alomomola.

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Other Options

Dewgong's movepool isn't great, but there are a few moves it can utilize to some level of success. Perish Song can be used to break stall and force stat boosters to switch, and it also causes plenty of residual damage from opponents switching into entry hazards. Ice Body is available from Dream World; unfortunately there aren't any permanent hail inducers in the tier. A Choice Specs set can be used with Surf, Ice Beam, Hidden Power Electric and Ground, and Signal Beam, but Dewgong's attacking stats aren't great, and there are plenty of better sweepers in the tier. Stockpile can raise Dewgong's defenses and allow it to take hits easier, but Walrein is usually a lot better at this. Finally, Blizzard can be used for a more powerful STAB outside of rain, but its low accuracy is off-putting.

Checks and Counters

Lickilicky and Audino are probably one of the biggest counters to any of Dewgong's special sets. Their great defensive stats, access to Toxic and Heal Bell, and reliable recovery all make them very difficult to break through. Ludicolo isn't afraid of either of Dewgong's STABs and can threaten it out with Giga Drain. Regice also gets an honorable mention as it takes little damage from any of Dewgong's attacks and it can beat Dewgong one on one. Storm Drain Cradily can take on sets without Ice Beam, but it must beware of Encore. Gurdurr, Sawk, Primape, and Throh can wipe Dewgong out with their STAB attacks, and they can all take a hit as well. Most Water-types can take on Dewgong as they resist its STAB and the majority of them have a decent coverage move. Lapras can hit Dewgong with Thunderbolt, while Alomomola can poison Dewgong with Toxic and stay healthy with Wish. Electric-types, such as Rotom-A, Eelektross, and Electabuzz, and Grass-types, such as Roselia, Vileplume, and Tangela, can hit Dewgong super effectively, just watch out for rain-boosted Surf and Ice Beam, respectively. Finally, Taunt users really cripple Dewgong's strategy, while weather changing Pokemon can put an end to its torrential downpour.