Prevents paralysis.
The wielder transforms into the opponent when it switches in.
Type Tier
Normal NU
Level 100 Statistics (see level 5, 50, 100)
Min- Min Max Max+
- 237 300 -
118 132 195 214
118 132 195 214
118 132 195 214
118 132 195 214
118 132 195 214


Once only known as a joke Pokemon and a breeding machine, the Hidden Hollows have finally redeemed Ditto with access to its new amazing ability, Imposter. No longer does Ditto have to waste a turn using Transform, as Imposter does the work for the adorable pink amoeba the moment it switches in! Combine this with a Choice Scarf, and you have a dastardly little revenge killer that not only reveals the opponent's moveset to you, but also preys on offensive Dragons and sometimes even weakened sweepers to sweep on it's own!

It's not all sunshine and rainbows for Ditto though. Ditto's greatest strength ends up being its greatest weakness as well. While Ditto may be able to revenge Dragons and weakened sweepers such as Mewtwo, defensive Pokemon will usually laugh at Ditto's attempts of sabotage. Even worse is Ditto's difficulty with revenging the many Calm Mind users of the Ubers metagame. These kind of flaws can make Ditto a gamble of a team slot at times, as Ditto's performance so greatly depends on the opponent's team. This doesn't mean Ditto is a bad Pokemon though, because if you are willing to take the gamble, there's a good chance that you'll walk away with all the poker chips on the table if you play the cards you are dealt with well!

Name Item Ability Nature


Choice Scarf Imposter Relaxed
Moveset IVs
~ Transform
0 Spe
248 HP / 252 Def / 8 SpD

By far the most important aspect of using Ditto is paying attention to the team preview and coming up with a plan to make Ditto as useful as possible, because Ditto's play style is so dependent on the opponent's team. For example, if you see that your opponent has a Darkrai, you have the option of leading with Ditto. Ditto's Choice Scarf means that it can outspeed and can give Focus Sash Darkrai a taste of its own medicine with Dark Void (unless you miss it of course)! While it may be tempting to lead with Ditto when you see a Deoxys-S, this is a very risky maneuver, because if Deoxys-S has Magic Coat, Ditto will lose. Ditto itself can help scout the opposing team by revealing its moveset, so leading with Ditto can help when the opponent leads with an unpredictable Pokemon such as Dialga.

Ditto's most common job is to revenge kill a variety of sweepers. Only attempt to revenge kill them though, because if Ditto switches in as the Pokemon sets up, Ditto won't get the boosts and is likely to lose! When it comes in to revenge killing, the most obvious choices (in most cases) are the many offensive Dragons that infest the Ubers metagame. Just make sure that they aren't carrying a Choice Scarf, or else you will have a 50% chance of losing your Ditto! Ditto is particularly effective at revenge killing frail sweepers such as Darkrai, Rayquaza, and Terrakion. For the more bulky sweepers such as Mewtwo, Latias, and Normal Arceus, you shouldn't just switch in Ditto right away, or it's terrible HP stat and Choice Scarf will let it down. Generally, Ditto will only be useful against these kinds of bulky sweepers when using it on a very offensive team. The idea is to hit these bulky Pokemon as hard as possible while they set up, damaging them enough to the point where Ditto can turn the tables on the situation. Finally, in emergency situations, Ditto can revenge SmashPass recipients, a quality that few Pokemon share, and a useful quality for offensive teams.

When Ditto is unlucky enough to be facing a stall team, there are still some ways to salvage it. One strategy is to try and take out their Ghost-type Pokemon. When the stall team loses their Ghost-type, then you can transform Ditto into their spinner, and get rid of their hazards. Additionally, when you really want Spikes up yourself, you can switch in on Ferrothorn or Skarmory to at least get one layer of Spikes up. Be warned though, the opponent can use this as a time to set up their Spikes too, so only do this when you think the extra damage Spikes cause will help you win the game.

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Other Options

The only things resembling an "other option" for Ditto using a different item than normal. Life Orb can give Ditto a much better chance at sweeping, but you will have to rely on a risky Speed tie unless you have a lot of paralysis or Wobbuffet support. Focus Sash can be a nasty surprise vs many of the Dragons, but hazards will ruin this strategy.

Checks and Counters

Because of Ditto's identity stealing nature, it doesn't have any traditional counters per se. However, there are plenty of ways to deal with Ditto. The most reliable way of making a mockery of Ditto is using a Pokemon with Calm Mind, as most Calm Mind users in Ubers will not be revenge killed by Ditto. This is especially true for Calm Mind Arceus, because Ditto doesn't copy the Judgment type. Also, any Pokemon that uses Substitute will ruin Ditto's chance of revenge killing them, as Substitute makes Imposter fail. Depending on the kind of Pokemon Ditto has transformed into, it can also be revenged by Wobbuffet. Finally, Ditto struggles to be effective against defensive Pokemon, as being locked into a Choice Scarf and having a measly base 48 HP makes it easy to take advantage of.