Run Away
Increases chances of successfully escaping a random battle.
Early Bird
Reduces sleep time.
Tangled Feet
Evasion increases when confused.
Type Tier
Normal / Flying NU
Level 50 Statistics (see level 5, 50, 100)
Min- Min Max Max+
- 135 167 -
117 130 162 178
81 90 122 134
72 80 112 123
72 80 112 123
108 120 152 167


Although Dodrio has a decent base 100 Speed and an impressive base 110 Attack, its poor defenses and typing deny it a chance to shine in the VGC 2012 metagame. Dodrio is also unfortunately outclassed by the likes of Straptor, which has the exact same typing as it as well as a higher Attack stat. However, with access to Brave Bird, Dodrio is able to KO some of the most common Pokemon, including Hitmontop, Abomasnow, Volcarona, and Ludicolo. Despite the fact that Dodrio has poor defenses and only average offensive stats, when partnered correctly, it can get some surprising KOs.

Name Item Ability Nature

Physical Attacker

Flying Gem Early Bird Jolly
Moveset EVs
~ Brave Bird
~ Return
~ Quick Attack / Taunt
~ Protect
4 HP / 252 Atk / 252 Spe

This set's goal is to hit as hard as possible with two of Dodrio's strongest STAB attacking moves, Brave Bird and Return. Brave Bird KOes Hitmontop, Toxicroak, Abomasnow, and Ludicolo without rain before they are able to hit Dodrio. Return gives Dodrio more coverage, allowing it to hit Electric-types harder and not take any recoil damage. Quick Attack is excellent, finishing off Focus Sash users along with Pokemon that are close to fainting. It also allows Dodrio to deal some quick damage before getting KOed. However, Taunt can also be used to stop the likes of Cresselia and Amoonguss as Dodrio outspeeds them. Protect is necessary to increase Dodrio's longevity while its partner takes out common threats.

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Other Options

Unfortunately, Dodrio's movepool is incredibly limited, and it doesn't have access to many other good moves. Steel Wing can hit Rock-types such as Tyranitar for decent damage, but Rock-types other than Tyranitar and Terrakion aren't so common. Toxic allows Dodrio to shut down walls such as Cresselia before it is KOed, but runs into the risk of being ruined by either Lum Berries or Rest. Sunny Day can be used to support a sun team, for obvious reasons. Drill Peck is an alternative option to Brave Bird; however, because Dodrio is already not very strong, Drill Peck will not get as many KOs as Brave Bird. The recoil damage is often insignificant as Dodrio will go down to a hit or two regardless. Focus Sash can be used to ensure that Dodrio gets one attack off before getting KOed, but as Brave Bird is often the main attack, it will just KO Dodrio after being used.

Checks and Counters

Because Dodrio's defensive stats are rather poor, it is easily OHKOed by strong STAB attacks. Examples include Zapdos's Thunderbolt and Tyranitar's Rock Slide. Electric-, Steel-, and Rock-type Pokemon, such as Zapdos, Thundurus, Metagross, and Tyranitar, all wall Dodrio, leaving it helpless. Dodrio also does not fare well against defensive walls that can soak hits, such as Cresselia. Sableye threatens to burn Dodrio with Will-o-Wisp and can use Trick to steal its Flying Gem.