Run Away
Increases chances of successfully escaping a random battle.
Early Bird
Reduces sleep time.
Tangled Feet
Evasion increases when confused.
Type Tier
Normal / Flying LC
Level 100 Statistics (see level 5, 50, 100)
Min- Min Max Max+
- 211 274 -
185 206 269 295
113 126 189 207
95 106 169 185
95 106 169 185
167 186 249 273
  • Little Cup


Although it is outclassed in many areas by Taillow, Doduo still fills a useful niche in Little Cup. With a Choice Scarf and STAB Brave Bird, it can function as a very capable revenge killer, notable for its ability to deal with Dragon Dance Scraggy with ease, one of the biggest threats in the metagame. Despite poor defenses and falling just short of 19 Speed, Doduo can also opt to use Work Up to punch through enemies that usually give it trouble, such as Hippopotas or Bronzor. Overall, Doduo is a versatile offensive Pokemon that is a worthy consideration when teambuilding.

Name Item Ability Nature

Choice Scarf

Choice Scarf Early Bird Jolly
Moveset EVs
~ Brave Bird
~ Return / Double-Edge
~ Pursuit
~ Toxic / Roost
236 Atk / 236 Spe

With a Choice Scarf equipped, Doduo functions as a very potent revenge killer against many threats, including the very deadly Dragon Dance Scraggy. Brave Bird is undoubtedly the most important move on the set, as the raw power of the move allows Doduo to kill many sweepers not equipped with an Eviolite. Flying-type attacks also provide excellent coverage, in addition to hitting Fighting-types for super effective damage, which are a very prominent force in the metagame. Return provides a reliable STAB move, although Double-Edge can also be used for more power if Doduo's longevity is not a concern, or if Roost is being run. Pursuit is used to trap and finish off weakened Ghost-types such as Gastly. Due to Doduo's sparse movepool, the last slot goes to a non-attacking move. Toxic allows Doduo to cripple most physical walls, including Hippopotas and Slowpoke. Roost can be used on a predicted switch, allowing Doduo to stay around longer or fire off Brave Birds without worry.

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Name Item Ability Nature

Work Up

Life Orb Early Bird Naive
Moveset EVs
~ Work Up
~ Brave Bird / Drill Peck
~ Return / Double-Edge
~ Hidden Power Ground / Hidden Power Grass
236 Atk / 236 Spe

Running a mixed set allows Doduo to catch its regular counters off-guard, hitting them on their weaker Special Defense. Work Up allows Doduo to reach a respectable level of Special Attack, allowing it to reliably nail its checks. Brave Bird is Doduo's best STAB move, hitting like a truck after a Work Up. Drill Peck is a more consistent option, but is significantly less powerful. Return is the preferred Normal-type STAB move, as using both Brave Bird and Double-Edge on the same set will result in Doduo dying very quickly. Hidden Power Ground OHKOes Magnemite and Aron after a boost, but Hidden Power Grass is also an option for Rock-types, such as Omanyte, while also hitting Hippopotas for a good amount of damage.

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Other Options

While equipped with a Focus Sash, Doduo can use Endeavor and Quick Attack in order to kill any Pokemon barring Ghost-types, Pokemon that cause residual damage, faster Pokemon with priority moves, or Pokemon that can heal themselves while being outsped by Doduo. Double Hit allows Doduo to break Substitutes while still dealing damage, and can be used to disrupt Pokemon using Focus Punch. Steel Wing hits Rock-types that would normally wall Doduo, but most have the defenses to not be bothered by it. Rest with Early Bird allows Doduo to heal and avoid status, but Roost is generally the better recovery option. Pluck can be used to steal Oran Berries, but with the advent of Eviolite, Oran Berry is now less common, making Pluck rarely worthwhile. Steel Wing can be used to damage Rock-types, although they are rare in Little Cup, barring Dwebble, which takes neutral damage from Brave Bird, and usually have a high enough Defense stat to take the attack with little trouble. Thrash can be used with Tangled Feet in order to gain a free evasion boost after Doduo becomes confused, but being locked into a Normal-type move is not a good idea. Knock Off can be used to remove the opponent's item, as getting rid of Eviolite on a troublesome wall can prove to be very beneficial to the team. Mimic can be used to steal a move, but is illegal with Brave Bird and rarely worth the use.

Checks and Counters

Physical walls make life difficult for Doduo if it is not running a mixed set. Hippopotas can soak up Brave Birds effortlessly and KO back with Stone Edge or outstall Doduo with Slack Off until Brave Bird recoil kills Doduo. Snover threatens Doduo significantly as it can use a Choice Scarf to outspeed and OHKO Doduo with Blizzard, or use Ice Shard to kill it if Doduo uses a Choice Scarf of its own. The hail Snover brings to the field also shortens Doduo's lifespan as its health is worn down even more quickly. Steel-types in general are very difficult for Doduo to break through. Rock-types are even more threatening as they resist Doduo's STAB moves and can threaten to OHKO with their own. Additionally, they can take advantage of the forced switch and set up with Shell Smash or Rock Polish. Due to Doduo's frailty, most priority moves can pick it off with little prior damage.