Rough Skin
Deals 1/8 damage when the opponent makes contact.
Sheer Force
Increases power of moves with secondary effects by 30%, but removes the effects.
Mold Breaker
Abilities that hinder attacks are nullified.
Type Tier
Dragon RU
Level 100 Statistics (see level 5, 50, 100)
Min- Min Max Max+
- 295 358 -
248 276 339 372
194 216 279 306
140 156 219 240
194 216 279 306
118 132 195 214


Don't let Druddigon's juvenile design fool you into thinking it can't pull its weight in a match; on the contrary, it is one of the most dangerous Pokemon in the tier. Druddigon resides in a select circle of viable Dragon-type Pokemon in RU, having the qualities needed to take full advantage of this rare trait. Its high Attack stat makes it capable of powering through many Pokemon with its powerful Outrage, a trait magnified by the limited number of Steel-types available in the tier; while the move's unsavory lock-in effect can occasionally prove inconvenient, Druddigon's ability to power through most Pokemon attempting to switch in means this drawback can often be ignored. The useful resistances that come with Druddigon's Dragon typing, complimented by its respectable 77 / 90 / 90 defenses, make it very capable of switching into and dismantling the Fire / Water / Grass cores that plague the metagame. Druddigon also retains two useful abilities in Rough Skin and Sheer Force, which it can use to either passively wear down Pokemon such as Entei or act as a potent lure in the form of a mixed set. Druddigon's movepool tailors to its needs quite well, granting it respectable STAB moves and coverage options to work with as well as an assortment of useful support options for it to take advantage of.

While Druddigon is a true force in the metagame, its low base Speed hinders its performance against most faster threats, forcing it to fall back on its bulk to take hits instead. Moreover, its lack of recovery beyond Leftovers and the unreliable RestTalk combination make Druddigon highly susceptible to being worn down. Notwithstanding, Druddigon remains a unique and dangerous threat, so be wary of underestimating it lest you invoke its wrath.

Name Item Ability Nature

Stealth Rock

Leftovers Rough Skin Adamant
Moveset EVs
~ Stealth Rock
~ Outrage / Dragon Claw
~ Earthquake
~ Sucker Punch
236 HP / 252 Atk / 20 Spe

Druddigon's respectable blend of bulk, typing, and Attack allow it to serve as an excellent offensive Stealth Rock user throughout the match. Outrage provides a powerful STAB attack capable of dealing large damage to anything that does not resist it. On the other hand, Dragon Claw provides a much safer attacking option that does not require Druddigon to lock itself in. Earthquake provides Druddigon with a powerful coverage move allowing it to hit Steel-types hard and also hit several common Pokemon, such as Aggron, Kabutops, and Entei, hard without having to lock itself into Outrage. Lastly, Sucker Punch offers Druddigon a moderately powerful priority attack that allows it to mitigate its poor Speed stat and pick off weakened Pokemon.

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Name Item Ability Nature

Choice Band

Choice Band Rough Skin Adamant
Moveset EVs
~ Outrage
~ Superpower / Earthquake
~ Sucker Punch / Fire Punch
~ Dragon Claw
236 HP / 252 Atk / 20 Spe

Druddigon's solid Attack stat, Dragon STAB, and numerous opportunities to switch in lend itself to being a potent Choice Band user. Outrage is Druddigon's primary STAB move and hits everything barring Steel-types for an impressive amount of damage. Superpower and Earthquake both offer Druddigon coverage options for combating Steel-types, with both providing their own benefits. Superpower allows Druddigon to hit Ferroseed hard, while also punishing incoming Normal-types, whereas Earthquake, while not offering any particular coverage against Steel-types that Superpower lacks, allows Druddigon to hit Fire-types it innately checks hard without having to lock itself into Outrage. Earthquake's lack of stat drops is also important, as it allows it to better handle Pokemon such as Steelix, which can otherwise 2HKO with Earthquake when taking into account Defense drops. Sucker Punch allows Druddigon to mitigate its poor Speed stat, picking off weakened or frail Pokemon that would otherwise threaten it. However, being Choice-locked into Sucker Punch is dangerous, so it should be used only in instances of absolute necessity. That said, Fire Punch offers Druddigon a feasible alternative, allowing it to hit Pokemon such as Escavalier, Durant, and Ferroseed hard. Dragon Claw grants Druddigon a "safe" Dragon STAB, allowing it to fire off Dragon-type attacks mid-game without giving Steel-types more than one free turn to work with or becoming too vulnerable to being taken out by a strong Ice- or Dragon-type attack.

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Name Item Ability Nature


Life Orb Sheer Force Lonely
Moveset EVs
~ Outrage / Dragon Claw
~ Flamethrower
~ Earthquake
~ Sucker Punch / Substitute
216 HP / 252 Atk / 20 SpA / 20 Spe

By utilizing its Sheer Force ability in conjunction with Life Orb, Druddigon is capable of luring in and KOing several of its usual checks and counters. Outrage remains as powerful as ever, dealing massive damage to all those that don't resist it. Dragon Claw can be utilized over this, as while the drop in power is very noticeable, it allows Druddigon more leniency in taking advantage of its STAB earlier in a match, as well as functioning better in conjunction with Substitute. Flamethrower is what makes this set tick, allowing it to safely and cleanly break through Pokemon such as Steelix, Tangrowth, and Escavalier, 2HKOing the former two and OHKOing the latter after Stealth Rock damage. Earthquake, while seemingly providing redundant coverage, is invaluable for hitting an assortment of Pokemon hard without resorting to locking Druddigon into Outrage, including but not limited to Aggron, Kabutops, and Omastar. Sucker Punch offers Druddigon a useful priority move to pick off faster threats such as Galvantula and Sceptile, among others. On the other hand, Substitute capitalizes on the switches Druddigon forces and the surprise value of the set, allowing it to safely hide behind a Substitute while also taking out Pokemon such as Steelix and Tangrowth effectively.

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Name Item Ability Nature


Leftovers Rough Skin Careful
Moveset EVs
~ Glare
~ Dragon Tail
~ Stealth Rock / Rest
~ Earthquake / Sleep Talk
252 HP / 4 Def / 252 SpD

Due to its plethora of useful resistances and respectable bulk, Druddigon makes for a very effective status platform and phazer. Glare offers a reasonably accurate paralysis move that affects nearly all of the tier, making it easy for Druddigon to cripple opposing Pokemon. Dragon Tail offers Druddigon a moderately powerful STAB move that doubles as a phazing move, allowing it to spread around paralysis and residual damage from entry hazards effectively. Druddigon, finding quite a few opportunities to set up Stealth Rock, makes for a very versatile user of the move. Earthquake allows Druddigon to hit Steel-types that resist Dragon Tail hard, preventing Pokemon such as Klinklang from setting up on it. Having access to a neutral priority attack is also useful, as Druddigon is capable of outpacing most of the unboosted tier should they be paralyzed, and can thusly KO Pokemon before they can attack back. On the other hand, considering how easily Druddigon is worn down, RestTalk can be used to effectively prolong its life.

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Other Options

Hone Claws is an interesting tool for improving Druddigon's Attack stat, though its low Speed prevents it from taking full advantage of the move outside of a dedicated Trick Room team. Druddigon has access to Taunt, which could be an interesting option for shutting down checks such as Alomomola, though Druddigon's poor Speed again prevents it from making good use of the move. Pursuit is an interesting move to carry, though for the most part Druddigon doesn't scare Ghost-types out particularly well, as most would rather attempt to burn it with Will-O-Wisp, and generally speaking without any form of boost from STAB or ability, Pursuit is rather weak.

Checks and Counters

In the most conventional sense, Steel-types are probably the most effective counters to Druddigon, resisting its STAB and generally not caring much about paralysis from Glare due to their characteristically low Speed, though they all need to be wary of its coverage moves. Steelix in particular is problematic for Druddigon, taking any two attacks from it barring the mixed set's Flamethrower by merit of its mammoth physical bulk. Pokemon such as Escavalier and Aggron can steamroll Druddigon with powerful Choice Band-boosted Megahorns and Head Smashes, respectively, and Durant can set up Hone Claws on a locked-in Druddigon. Pokemon with good natural physical bulk, such as Rhydon and Tangrowth, can take most of Druddigon's attacks well, though they struggle to takes hits from the Choice Band and mixed set. However, more often than not, exploiting Druddigon's lower Speed is the best method of checking it, as most Pokemon struggle to take multiple attacks. Fast Pokemon such as Accelgor and Aerodactyl are able to outpace it and put it out of commission after enough prior damage, and Pokemon such as Uxie can take a hit by merit of their bulk and KO after Druddigon has been worn down enough. Powerful Ice-types, such as Jynx and Cryogonal, are usually able to OHKO Druddigon with their powerful STAB attacks. Druddigon as a whole is very susceptible to being worn down and simply crumples from switching in on Pokemon such as Sceptile after switching into entry hazards and attacks enough. The support set, when utilizing RestTalk, falls prey to Substitute users, which are capable of avoiding Druddigon's Glare and phazing prowess.