30% chance to paralyze when struck by a contact move.
Vital Spirit
Prevents sleep. Increases wild encounters with higher level Pokemon.
Type Tier
Electric NU
Level 100 Statistics (see level 5, 50, 100)
Min- Min Max Max+
- 271 334 -
181 202 265 291
135 150 213 234
203 226 289 317
185 206 269 295
221 246 309 339
  • Neverused


Electabuzz faces a lot of competition from other fast Electric-types, such as Zebstrika and Electrode. Although both are faster, Electabuzz is more powerful, allowing it to hit harder while still gaining momentum with Volt Switch. Its superior coverage, most notably Focus Blast, gives Electabuzz an easier time against many of the Pokemon that threaten it. VoltTurn and offensive teams are where it feels at home. Unfortunately, Electabuzz is vulnerable to all entry hazards and has no reliable recovery, leaving it to be easily worn down. It also struggles to break through prominent special walls such as Lickilicky and Regice, while Ground-types can easily switch in on predicted Electric-type attacks. Despite its drawbacks, Electabuzz is great at gaining momentum and revenge killing.

Name Item Ability Nature


Eviolite Vital Spirit Timid
Moveset EVs
~ Volt Switch
~ Thunderbolt
~ Focus Blast
~ Hidden Power Ice
4 HP / 252 SpA / 252 Spe

In a metagame with prominent Water- and Flying-types, Electabuzz is a great choice for a teamslot. With a solid base 105 Speed and decent bulk, Electabuzz can switch into attacks from Braviary, Samurott, or Alomomola, and proceed to outspeed and dent them with a Thunderbolt. Electabuzz does particularly well against SubBU Braviary. It is a great choice if you are looking to add a momentum grabber to your team, thanks to its nice stats and coverage moves. Eviolite makes Electabuzz rather bulky so it can take some hits while hitting back hard. Thunderbolt and Hidden Power Ice give Electabuzz great neutral coverage, which is only resisted in NU by Piloswine and Rotom-F. Focus Blast takes care of both Pokemon while dealing super effective damage to special walls and tanks such as Lickilicky and Regice. This set is also a great check to Jynx; Vital Spirit makes Electabuzz immune to Lovely Kiss, and it can take any hit from Jynx and strike back with its own.

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Name Item Ability Nature

Choice Scarf

Choice Scarf Vital Spirit Timid
Moveset EVs
~ Volt Switch
~ Thunderbolt
~ Focus Blast
~ Hidden Power Ice
4 HP / 252 SpA / 252 Spe

Giving Electabuzz a Choice Scarf enables it to outspeed the entire unboosted tier as well as most other Choice Scarf users. With a super fast Volt Switch, Electabuzz can gain momentum for your team very easily. Unfortunately, the lack of recovery and vulnerability to entry hazards is very prominent on this set due to the lack of bulk without Eviolite. Regardless, this set hits every Pokemon in the tier, bar Shedinja, for neutral damage and is excellent for revenge killing. Thunderbolt offers a more reliable STAB move for when Electabuzz wants to stay in and keep attacking, while Hidden Power Ice is used to cover almost every Pokemon that its STAB does not. Focus Blast patches up the few holes in Electabuzz's coverage, hitting Thick Fat Piloswine and Rotom-Frost for super effective damage, as well as nailing most special walls and tanks such as Lickilicky and Regice.

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Other Options

Electabuzz has access to a few interesting coverage options that help deal with some troublesome Pokemon. One of the more prominent of the coverage moves is Signal Beam. This move hits all the threatening Psychic-types in the tier, such as Musharna, Jynx, and Gardevoir, for super effective damage, as well as most Grass-types that resist Electabuzz's STAB. Another option for a moveslot is Psychic. Psychic helps Electabuzz with Fighting-types like Sawk, Primeape, and Gurdurr while also dealing with Muk, which otherwise checks Electabuzz fairly efficiently. Charge Beam can be used in conjunction with Substitute for an interesting boosting set. Substitute in general is a useful move to use on Electabuzz, as using it on a switch eases prediction and enables Electabuzz to freely hit whatever your opponent brings. However, it means that Electabuzz will have to forfeit Volt Switch, one of the most useful moves for it to use. Focus Punch can also be used with Substitute as Electabuzz is the only Electric-type with access to the move in NU, but it doesn't hit very hard coming off of Electabuzz's middling Attack stat. A full-on physical set is an option that could be utilized with moves such as Wild Charge, Cross Chop, and Dual Chop, but again, Electabuzz's low base Attack stat leaves much to be desired. Life Orb might seem like a good choice for an item, as it boosts Electabuzz's power considerably, but Eviolite and Choice Scarf are generally more useful. Toxic can be useful to wear down opposing walls such as Electabuzz struggles to break through. Electabuzz can take special hits better by using Light Screen, which can also be used to raise the Special Defense of your teammates, giving them an easier time setting up, but this is a job best left to other Pokemon. Another cool support move is Thunder Wave, which opens up a potential sweep for a slower teammate. Rain Dance is a useful support move, but it has the disadvantage of losing Eviolite if it wants to use Damp Rock. Rain Dance also has the benefit of giving Electabuzz a 100% accurate Thunder.

Checks and Counters

Almost any decently powerful Ground-type move will do quite a bit to Electabuzz, if not OHKO it. Ground-types such as Piloswine or Golurk are immune to Electabuzz's STAB and can hit hard with Earthquake. These same Ground-type Pokemon prevent it from using Volt Switch and force the Electabuzz user to predict better. One of the best Electabuzz counters is Camerupt. It can take any hit Electabuzz has to offer and hit it back hard with its Ground-type STAB or set up Stealth Rock. Any specially bulky Pokemon, such as Roselia, Lickilicky, and Regice, will do well against Electabuzz. Gurdurr can tank any hit and retaliate with a Drain Punch, recovering most of the damage dealt. Mach Punch can also be used to finish off Electabuzz when it's at low health. Any strong STAB moves will do a good chunk of damage, as Electabuzz isn't particularly bulky, especially when it's holding Choice Scarf instead of Eviolite. For example, Sawk, Tauros, and Kangaskhan can do a lot of damage with their powerful STAB attacks. Paralyzing Electabuzz cripples it severely, hindering its great Speed. It isn't hard to wear Electabuzz down either due to its lack of recovery, so once its health is low enough, any decently strong priority move can finish it off with ease. Opposing pure Electric-types such as Eelektross and Ampharos can cause trouble for Electabuzz, as they can take any hit and hit back hard with Flamethrower or Focus Blast, respectively.