30% chance to paralyze when struck by a contact move.
Vital Spirit
Prevents sleep. Increases wild encounters with higher level Pokemon.
Type Tier
Electric LC
Level 5 Statistics (see level 5, 50, 100)
Min- Min Max Max+
- 21 24 -
10 12 16 17
9 10 13 14
11 13 16 17
10 12 15 16
14 16 19 20
  • Little Cup


Elekid has all the traits that a Pokemon needs to succeed in Little Cup. As the tied fastest unboosted Pokemon in the tier, with solid offensive stats and a wide movepool, Elekid has a lot going for it. However, as has always been the case for its older sibling Electabuzz, excellence on paper does not always translate to excellence in practice. The transition to BW brought with it the introduction of Eviolite, which is a perpetual middle finger to Elekid. Wide super effective coverage is not the same as powerful neutral coverage, which is something that almost every self-respecting offensive Pokemon has in some form or another. Because of Elekid's lack of overall power, it cannot break many of the walls that it could in DPP thanks to their shiny new Eviolites. 35 / 37 / 55 defenses are downright pitiful, ensuring that Elekid's deadly circuitry is blasted apart by all but the most feeble of attacks. Despite these downfalls, Elekid can stand tall with its numerous offensive options and Speed stat that towers over the entirety of Little Cup.

Name Item Nature

Physical Attacker

Life Orb Jolly
Moveset IVs
~ Wild Charge
~ Ice Punch
~ Cross Chop
~ Fire Punch / Hidden Power Grass
0 HP
252 Atk / 236 Spe

This set takes advantage of all of Elekid's strengths: its excellent Speed, decent Attack, and stellar coverage. Before you are tempted to play Elekid like a stereotypical glass cannon, note that it is kind of lacking in the cannon department. As such, leaving Elekid in on a defensive Pokemon is not the way to go because they will set up entry hazards on it, status it, or simply just attack it. Rather, you want to utilize VoltTurn and double switching to get Elekid in against the frail offensive Pokemon it can demolish. Wild Charge is fairly powerful, OHKOing most frailer Pokemon. Ice Punch does have some overlaps in coverage with both Fire Punch and Wild Charge, but it hits Dragon-types super effectively and provides a recoilless option to hit Murkrow and other Flying-types. Fire Punch is used to hit Snover and Steel-types super effectively. Between Ice Punch and Fire Punch, most of the Grass-types in Little Cup not named Lileep have trouble switching into Elekid. The moveset is wrapped up by Cross Chop, which is vital to hit Scraggy and Porygon.

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Other Options

Elekid can effectively run a Choice Scarf set, as it can outspeed Choice Scarf Murkrow and pretty much every boosted Pokemon in Little Cup, in addition to being able to use Volt Switch to scout. However, this only worsens Elekid's offensive inferiority complex, as the lack of Life Orb makes its lack of attacking power much more obvious. A mixed set, a signature relic of DPP, is also usable, with an EV spread of 96 Atk / 160 SpA / 240 Spe, a Jolly Nature, a Life Orb, and a moveset of Thunderbolt, Hidden Power Ice, Cross Chop, and Substitute. However, the previous metagame did not contain mixed Murkrow, which is superior to Elekid in every way due to having more power, better coverage, similar Speed, priority, and usable bulk.

Checks and Counters

Elekid is one of those Pokemon that doesn't require specific counters for it alone. It cannot break any of the commonly seen bulky Pokemon in Little Cup that carry an Eviolite. Some examples include Misdreavus, Chinchou, Croagunk, Hippopotas, and Dwebble. Any Choice Scarf user that is faster than unboosted Elekid, such as Murkrow and Porygon, can easily revenge kill it. Under sand, Drilbur and Sandshrew outrun Elekid and can force it out with the threat of Earthquake. Priority moves, such as Murkrow's Sucker Punch and Croagunk's Vacuum Wave, hit Elekid hard due to its frailty. Compared to other threats in Little Cup, Elekid is relatively frail and weak, easily checked by many common Pokemon.