30% chance to paralyze when struck by a contact move.
Motor Drive
Grants immunity to Electric-type moves and boosts Speed by 1 stage when hit by an Electric-type move.
Type Tier
Electric / Flying NU
Level 50 Statistics (see level 5, 50, 100)
Min- Min Max Max+
- 130 162 -
85 95 127 139
72 80 112 123
85 95 127 139
72 80 112 123
110 123 155 170
  • Neverused


Cute Electric rodents have always been useless in the competitive scene, and Emolga continues that tradition; it is both weak offensively and extremely frail defensively. Its only saving grace is its good Speed, which allows it to pull off a barely decent support set that makes use of Tailwind. Emolga is a bad Pokemon, and you should always consider other options, such as Rotom-S, before using it.

Name Item Ability Nature

Tailwind Support

Leftovers Motor Drive Timid
Moveset EVs
~ Tailwind
~ Encore
~ U-turn
~ Air Slash / Taunt
4 Def / 252 SpA / 252 Spe

This is the only set Emolga can perform well, although it still isn't very good. Tailwind only requires one turn to set up, meaning that it is the best support option Emolga has. Tailwind gives slow but powerful teammates the chance to sweep due to their boosted Speed. Emolga's frailty allows it to die and bring in a teammate safely after setting up Tailwind. Encore gives Emolga setup opportunities against Electric-type, Ground-type, and status moves that can't touch it. U-turn lets Emolga get out after setting up Tailwind and is used over Volt Switch because nothing is immune to it. Air Slash is used mainly to avoid being Taunt bait, as well as allowing Emolga to deal some last minute damage before dying. Taunt can also be used over Air Slash to beat opposing Taunt users that are slower than Emolga.

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Other Options

Toxic can be used to wear down certain bulky threats such as Regirock and Regice. Discharge can be used to allow Emolga to spread paralysis, but Air Slash hits more targets than Discharge and also carries a nice flinch chance. A Charge Beam set can be used to attempt a sweep, but Emolga is too frail to afford the turns it needs to set up. A paraflinch set could be used, but it is luck-based and done better by Rotom-S, which has better bulk and access to Confuse Ray. A full Baton Pass set is usable, but Emolga does not have many useful boosts to pass, and the likes of Ninjask and Volbeat can pass the same boosts more effectively. Electro Ball can be used with Thunder Wave, but this is a very unreliable strategy and is done better by Electrode if, for some reason, you want to use it. A Life Orb set is also plausible, but any kind of offensive set is outclassed by Emolga's fellow Electric-types, such as Rotom-S and Electabuzz.

Checks and Counters

Preventing Emolga from getting up Tailwind is difficult, as its high Speed makes it hard to Taunt. However, killing Emolga itself is extremely easy. By constantly hammering its teammates with attacks, one can prevent Emolga from switching in because it is KOed by most powerful moves. Most bulky Pokemon, such as Regirock and Regice, can tank hits from Emolga and KO in return. Most Pokemon that are faster than Emolga can easily destroy it; for example, Tauros and Choice Scarf users can do so easily. However, remember that they are all outsped under Tailwind.