Boosts power of Bug-type moves by 50% when at 1/3 HP or less.
Shell Armor
Prevents critical hits.
Grants immunity to damage from weather effects.
Type Tier
Bug / Steel RU
Level 100 Statistics (see level 5, 50, 100)
Min- Min Max Max+
- 281 344 -
275 306 369 405
221 246 309 339
140 156 219 240
221 246 309 339
68 76 139 152


Escavalier's Bug / Steel typing is nothing new; sadly, the only other Bug / Steel type it outclasses is Wormadam-S. However, in the depths of RU, Escavalier is a force to be reckoned with. Its massive base 135 Attack and 70 / 105 / 105 defenses make it the perfect Choice Band user. Escavalier can tank multiple hits and demolish almost everything with a Choice Band-boosted STAB Megahorn coming off its incredible Attack stat. Megahorn even has the possibility of becoming stronger, as Escavalier's Swarm ability will activate if Escavalier happens to have less than 1/3 of its HP. Other than this, Escavalier is quite the straightforward Pokemon. Its typing is great in RU, as Steel-types are lacking, and its high defenses allow it to take quite a few physical and special hits; however, Escavalier lacks reliable recovery, so it can be worn down easily. Escavalier's movepool is quite simple as well: Megahorn, Iron Head, Pursuit, and Return is about all it gets for offensive moves. However, with the rise of Escavalier in the RU metagame, the use of lures with Fire moves have increased, making it dangerous for Escavalier when facing Pokemon that can use Fire moves and KO it. Finally, Escavalier's abysmal base 20 Speed is its only other major downside, but that can be changed under Trick Room. That's about all there is to Escavalier.

Name Item Ability Nature


Choice Band Swarm Adamant
Moveset EVs
~ Megahorn
~ Iron Head
~ Pursuit
~ Return / Sleep Talk
172 HP / 252 Atk / 84 Spe

This set is fairly straightforward, as Escavalier's offensive movepool is severely lacking. Basically, Escavalier can use its good typing and bulk to come in on a resisted hit, and then use Megahorn to tear apart and weaken the opposing team. Should the opponent have a Pokemon which resists Megahorn, either Iron Head or Return can be used. Iron Head dents the pesky Rock-types that stand in Megahorn's way, such as Rhydon and Aggron, as well as Golurk. Return is Escavalier's only option to hit opposing Fire-types, which resist both of Escavalier's STAB moves. Pursuit is extremely useful for trapping fleeing foes such as Cryogonal, Jynx, Roselia, Rotom, Sigilyph, and Slowking. Finally, Sleep Talk can be used instead of Return, as Escavalier makes for a great sleep absorber; it can take on the likes of Tangrowth, Lilligant, Jynx, and Smeargle provided the former two lack Hidden Power Fire. However, Sleep Talk is quite situational, and the ability to hit Fire-types is tough to give up.

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Name Item Ability Nature


Leftovers / Chesto Berry Swarm Careful
Moveset EVs
~ Megahorn
~ Iron Head
~ Toxic
~ Protect / Pursuit / Rest
248 HP / 8 Atk / 252 SpD

Escavalier's awesome Bug / Steel typing and base 105 defenses allow Escavalier to take on many common attacks. It puts a stop to lots of special attackers including Lilligant (if it lacks Hidden Power Fire), Mesprit, Tangrowth, Slowking that lack Fire Blast, and Jynx. Megahorn and Iron Head are still strong STAB moves despite only having minor Attack investment, and they can hit all of the aforementioned threats super effectively. Toxic can wear down opposing walls such as Sandslash, Quagsire, and Lanturn, and works great in tandem with Protect. Protect also helps Escavalier gain HP back through Leftovers, as it will be protected from attacks for a turn. Pursuit is also an option in the last slot, as it traps Ghost- and Psychic-types such as Uxie, Rotom, and Slowking. The final option, Rest, is sadly Escavalier's only form of recovery outside of Leftovers. This can, however, increase Escavalier's longevity and ability to take additional hits. Should Rest be chosen, a Chesto Berry can be used so Escavalier can wake up immediately and get right back into action.

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Other Options

Escavalier's movepool is extremely shallow, and most other options are situational. Escavalier can use Swords Dance, but it is way too slow to sweep. It can also use a set with Reversal or Rock Smash to do better against Steel-types such as Steelix. Speaking of Steelix, Focus Blast can be used to hit it harder, but Escavalier's pitiful Special Attack means that it won't get much use out of the move. Knock Off can be used to rid opponents of their items, but is generally only useful on the defensive set. Finally, Escavalier can use Rain Dance to support a rain team; it also weakens Fire-type attacks which will help Escavalier take a hit or two.

Checks and Counters

Fire-types are the best counters, as they resist both of Escavalier's STABs. The two that stand out are Moltres and Emboar, as they 4x resist Escavalier's most powerful move, Megahorn. Other Fire-types such as Entei, Magmortar, and Typhlosion will also do a number on Escavalier, but must be careful of Return. Aside from Fire-types, Steelix is probably the best counter to Escavalier; with its mammoth base 200 Defense and resistance to every move that Escavalier would commonly use, Escavalier can't touch Steelix. Poliwrath resists both of Escavalier's STABs as well, and can retaliate with Scald. Aggron resists Megahorn and can OHKO with Head Smash, but it must be careful of being worn down by Iron Head. Magneton traps Escavalier and resists all of Escavalier's moves, but Escavalier is so powerful that it can 2HKO Magneton with Megahorn.

Aside from the aforementioned counters, burn is Escavalier's next biggest fear. Bulky Pokemon with Will-O-Wisp, namely Ghost-types such as Rotom who resist Megahorn, can burn it. Bulky Water-types such as Lanturn and the aforementioned Poliwrath resist Iron Head and can burn it with Scald. Aside from these Pokemon, faster Pokemon with Fire-type moves can revenge kill Escavalier, such as Heat Wave Sigilyph, Fire Blast Slowking, Hidden Power Fire Lilligant and Cryogonal, and Fire Blast Absol. Finally, as Escavalier lacks reliable recovery, entry hazards wear it down. Remember that even though it has a stellar typing and great defenses, it can't keep taking hits forever.