When afflicted with status, the enemy is afflicted also. Can pass nature to wild Pokemon.
Magic Bounce
Bounces back certain non-damaging moves.
Type Tier
Psychic OU
Level 100 Statistics (see level 5, 50, 100)
Min- Min Max Max+
- 271 334 -
149 166 229 251
140 156 219 240
266 296 359 394
203 226 289 317
230 256 319 350


At first, Espeon might seem completely out of place in the Ubers metagame. Aside from its Special Attack and Speed its other stats are pitiful, as base 65 / 60 / 95 defenses make Espeon very vulnerable to the powerful attacks thrown around in the tier, especially priority ones. It also has a barren movepool, making it one-dimensional and easy to play around. Being Pursuit weak is another undesirable quality, making Espeon easy pickings for Tyranitar and Scizor. To top it all off, its only form of recovery, Morning Sun, is near useless in the rain-infested metagame.

However, it's Espeon's phenomenal ability, Magic Bounce, that makes it worth using in Ubers. This coveted ability allows it to deflect all forms of entry hazards, ensuring that dangerous sun sweepers, such as Ho-Oh and Kyurem-W, don't go down prematurely. Magic Bounce also allows Espeon to ward off other support moves such as Will-O-Wisp, Thunder Wave, Toxic, Roar, and Whirlwind, giving stall team headaches, as they usually rely on these moves to stall out their opponents. Espeon also happens to be capable of stopping Forretress and Skarmory, two common hazard setters, in their tracks and KO them. When thinking of a team supporter that can perform these roles, Xatu might come to mind first due to its immunity to Earthquake, reliable recovery, and slightly higher Defense. Unlike Xatu, however, Espeon can deal a fair amount of damage, preventing it from becoming setup bait. Espeon cannot be used recklessly though; it needs a good deal of team support to get its job done. One slight misprediction could result in Espeon's demise.

Name Item Ability Nature

Focus Sash Attacker

Focus Sash Magic Bounce Timid
Moveset EVs
~ Psyshock / Shadow Ball
~ Yawn / Psyshock
~ Grass Knot
~ Hidden Power Fire
4 Def / 252 SpA / 252 Spe

As Espeon is fast, frail, and fairly powerful, a Focus Sash set immediately comes to mind. Being able to stop most defensive hazard setters—and even some offensive ones—this set can make way for powerful teammates that are troubled by entry hazards. Psyshock is preferred in the first slot as it is Espeon's better STAB move, allowing it to OHKO Tentacruel and Terrakion after Stealth Rock. Shadow Ball is another viable option to hit Deoxys-S and KO heavily weakened Mewtwo, Giratina-O, and Ghost Arceus on the switch. Yawn prevents Espeon from being setup bait for the likes of Arceus and Mewtwo. Grass Knot is important, as it is Espeon's best move against Kyogre, Groudon, and Tyranitar, 2HKOing all of them after Stealth Rock. Lastly, Hidden Power Fire hits Skarmory and Forretress, two common hazard setters, for super effective damage.

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Other Options

A dual screens set has merits, as Espeon is not stopped by Taunt and isn't setup fodder for entry hazard setters, but Deoxys-S pulls this off better thanks to higher Speed and makes up for its vulnerability to Taunt with access to the move itself. A set with Trick and a Choice Scarf or Choice Specs can allow Espeon to outpace or hit opposing Pokemon hard, while being able to cripple a wall—but again, Deoxys-S outclasses it in this role.

Checks and Counters

Hard-hitting priority users, such as Arceus, Giratina-O, and Scizor, will quickly dispatch of Espeon due to its frailty, although Scizor will have to watch out for Hidden Power Fire. Speaking of Scizor, it can also Pursuit trap Espeon if it decides to switch out. Tyranitar does this job even better, as it is at best 2HKOed by Hidden Power Fighting or Grass Knot after Stealth Rock. Ho-Oh can easily take anything bar Psyshock and OHKO back. Like a lot of Pokemon, Espeon can be preyed upon by revenge killers, as almost any Choice Scarf user in the tier can outpace and KO Espeon with the appropriate move. The most prominent of these is Genesect, which easily OHKOes it with U-turn after Espeon's Focus Sash is broken.