Iron Barbs
Deals 1/8% damage when the opponent makes contact.
Type Tier
Grass / Steel OU
Level 50 Statistics (see level 5, 50, 100)
Min- Min Max Max+
- 149 181 -
102 114 146 160
135 151 183 201
66 74 106 116
122 136 168 184
36 40 72 79


Ferrothorn is one of the best tanks in the VGC 2012 metagame, with defensive stats superior to most Pokemon legal in the VGC 2012 metagame. Ferrothorn's strong defenses are backed up by its superb typing, Grass / Steel, which leaves it weak to just two types of attacks, Fighting and Fire. More importantly, it resists many attacking types commonly used in the VGC 2012 metagame, including Water, Rock, Electric, and Dragon. This allows Ferrothorn to switch in with relative ease and set up Leech Seed. Ferrothorn is at its best against teams based around rain, as it walls many common threats to rain teams. Ferrothorn is not without its weaknesses, however. Its 4x weakness to Fire-type attacks make it extremely vulnerable to a number of common Pokemon in the VGC 2012 metagame, and one must be very careful when playing with Ferrothorn to avoid getting caught off guard by one. Lastly, Ferrothorn's paltry base 20 Speed makes it one of the slowest pokemon in the VGC 2012 metagame. This can be taken advantage of with Trick Room, or you can just accept that Ferrothorn will move last every turn.

Name Item Nature


Leftovers Relaxed
Moveset IVs
~ Leech Seed
~ Protect
~ Power Whip
~ Gyro Ball
0 Spe
252 HP / 148 Def / 108 SpD

This moveset takes advantage of Ferrothorn's capabilities by focusing on its defensive potential while still allowing it to threaten opposing Pokemon. Your main plan with Ferrothorn should be to Leech Seed your opponent's Pokemon and stall with Protect. Power Whip's damage potential is not to be underestimated, as Ferrothorn has a reasonable base 94 Attack and receives STAB on the attack. Ground / Water-type Pokemon, such as Gastrodon and Swampert, are common in the VGC 2012 metagame, and Power Whip scores a 4x super effective hit on both of them. Gyro Ball takes advantage of the STAB bonus in addition to Ferrothorn's low Speed stat, but unfortunately does not have good coverage.

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Other Options

Other move options include Substitute, Toxic, Thunder Wave, and Explosion. Substitute is preferable in Trick Room, as it will allow Ferrothorn to use the move before potentially being hit by a status move, one of its prime downfalls. Toxic is an option for more passive damage, but it should be noted that Poison- and Grass-types, Poison Heal Breloom, and other Ferrothorn are immune to both Toxic and Leech Seed. If you use Thunder Wave, Gyro Ball should be replaced with Iron Head because it will be much weaker due to the opponent's lower Speed. Explosion allows Ferrothorn to go out with a bang, but make sure that its teammate either resists or is immune to the move. A more offensive set is possible; with 244 Attack EVs and a Brave nature, Gyro Ball will OHKO a number of common Pokemon, including Toxicroak. This setup can catch an opponent off guard, but Ferrothorn will not be able to take hits as well. One possible way to enjoy the best of both worlds would be to set up Trick Room, enabling Ferrothorn to move before Pokemon that threaten it and knock them out with a powerful Gyro Ball or Power Whip. As for items, Occa Berry is an option to help Ferrothorn survive one Fire-type attack, but Leftovers offers more long-term sustainability.

Checks and Counters

Zapdos counters Ferrothorn very well, taking minimal damage from its attacks and 2HKOing it with Heat Wave. Fire-type Pokemon such as Chandelure, Ninetales, and Infernape threaten to OHKO Ferrothorn and are unafraid of it as well. Salamence and Togekiss are other special attackers that have access to Heat Wave, and the move is always an option on them if you feel that Ferrothorn is a threat to your team. Hitmontop has a 68.75% chance to OHKO the standard Ferrothorn with Fighting Gem-boosted Close Combat and does not take significant damage from Ferrothorn in return. Hidden Power Fire is an option on any special attacker to deal with Ferrothorn easily, but is not recommended unless your team has a significant weakness to Ferrothorn. Pokemon packing sleep-inducing moves can keep Ferrothorn in check for a time, as they will almost assuredly outspeed it and put it to sleep before it can move. However, most Pokemon that commonly carry sleep moves in VGC 2012 cannot deal significant damage to Ferrothorn, so it is unwise to rely solely on them.