Move power depends on gender of the opponent.
Mold Breaker
Abilities that hinder attacks are nullified.
Prevents the foe from consuming its held Berry item.
Type Tier
Dragon NU
Level 100 Statistics (see level 5, 50, 100)
Min- Min Max Max+
- 273 336 -
243 270 333 366
158 176 239 262
104 116 179 196
122 136 199 218
153 170 233 256


While most Steel-types are stuck in OU to help check the overpowering Dragon-types there, Dragon-types in UU can often run through teams with their virtually unresisted Dragon-type STAB. Fraxure is a great offensive Dragon Dance user with base 117 Attack, just enough Speed to outspeed key threats such as Azelf and Weavile after a boost, and decent bulk with an Eviolite. Despite the greater versatility and coverage of other Dragon-types, such as Kingdra and Altaria, the sheer power of Fraxure's Outrage makes up for its lesser movepool.

Name Item Ability Nature

Dragon Dance

Eviolite / Life Orb Mold Breaker Jolly / Adamant
Moveset EVs
~ Dragon Dance
~ Outrage
~ Dragon Claw
~ Taunt / Swords Dance
4 HP / 252 Atk / 252 Spe

Dragon Dance is a great set up move for Fraxure, boosting its above average Attack to huge levels in an attempt at a sweep. Outrage is the main and only move Fraxure will commonly need to sweep, being a 120 Base Power STAB attack with practically perfect neutral coverage. Dragon Claw is a secondary STAB option that does not lock Fraxure into the move and will not cause confusion. Taunt is usable in the last slot, allowing Fraxure to set up on certain walls, but Swords Dance is also viable, as it gives Fraxure the ability to smash through almost any Pokemon, and whole teams if it can grab both boosts.

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Other Options

Fraxure has a few other options, but all have very situational usage, making them generally useless. Substitute can be used over Taunt to ease prediction while also protecting against status, while Dual Chop may be used over Dragon Claw to break Substitutes from Pokemon like Mismagius. Reversal can be used to hit Steel-types for super effective damage, but it is very weak unless Fraxure is low on health. Aerial Ace is usable to ensure an OHKO on Choice Scarf Heracross that come in to revenge, while X-Scissor can get a super effective hit on Weavile without locking yourself into Outrage. Dig, although it takes two turns, hits Steel-type Pokemon hard, and with Mold Breaker, levitating Pokemon such as Mismagius are not immune to the move.

Checks and Counters

Steel-type Pokemon are the greatest counters to Fraxure, being able to sponge its STAB attacks with ease. Registeel, Empoleon, Durant, Cobalion, and Escavalier can all easily take an Outrage, and either status, phaze, set up on, or outright kill Fraxure respectively. Outside of Steel-types, physically bulky Pokemon such as Slowbro and Tangrowth can avoid the 2HKO from +1 Eviolite Outrage and status Fraxure in return, rendering it useless. Hail is a massive threat to Fraxure, limiting its ability to switch in while Pokemon spam perfectly accurate Blizzards. Weavile is a great threat to Fraxure as well, with its STAB priority Ice Shard, although it will fail to OHKO a full health Fraxure even with a Choice Band.