Snow Cloak
Evasion increases 25% in hail.
Cursed Body
The wielder has a 30% chance to disable any move that hits it.
Type Tier
Ice / Ghost BL
Level 100 Statistics (see level 5, 50, 100)
Min- Min Max Max+
- 281 344 -
176 196 259 284
158 176 239 262
176 196 259 284
158 176 239 262
230 256 319 350


Froslass is the only Ghost-type with Spikes, allowing her to spinblock her own entry hazards. This trait, combined with Taunt, Destiny Bond, Cursed Body, and the ability to get past Xatu and Espeon, make her a great suicide lead for offensive teams. However, Froslass is very frail, which means that most attacks will 2HKO her and that you will often have to predict correctly if you want to stop opposing setup and lay down your own Spikes. Furthermore, Froslass is very weak to Tyranitar and Scizor, two of the most common Pokemon in the BW2 metagame, which can limit her to one layer of Spikes or even to none if you want to prevent Tyranitar from setting up Stealth Rock. Lastly, due to Froslass's predictability, the opponent will always know how to react when they see her in team preview and they will know that she will always lead. All in all, Froslass has all the tools to do her job effectively, and as long as she sticks to this role she will be a decent choice.

Name Item Ability Nature

Suicide Lead

Focus Sash Cursed Body Timid
Moveset EVs
~ Spikes
~ Taunt
~ Shadow Ball / Ice Beam
~ Destiny Bond / Ice Beam
4 HP / 252 SpA / 252 Spe

Spikes are the focus of the set and the main reason to use Froslass in the first place. Cursed Body enhances Froslass's role as a Spikes setter, disabling moves from Choice-locked Pokemon, such as Scizor's Bullet Punch and Jirachi's Iron Head, 30% of the time, giving her a free turn to set up more Spikes. Taunt prevents any kind of setup, protecting Froslass's team from entry hazards and dangerous sweepers. Shadow Ball 2HKOes Starmie, Espeon, and Xatu, Pokemon that get in the way of Froslass's job. On the other hand, Ice Beam deals with Breloom, which can otherwise prove to be a difficult match-up for Froslass; if Froslass uses Taunt as Breloom uses Bullet Seed, Froslass gets KOed without setting up Spikes (if Bullet Seed gets three hits or more), while if Froslass uses Spikes as Breloom goes for Spore, Breloom gets a free turn. Ice Beam is also useful to OHKO Landorus-T and Garchomp, both common leads, and deals with unboosted Dragon-types if Froslass happens to be alive at mid- or late-game. In the last slot, Destiny Bond is used to force switches and help Froslass get more Spikes up or a KO after Spikes have been set up. Ice Beam can be used over Destiny Bond if the coverage granted by the combination of Shadow Ball + Ice Beam is appreciated and Pokemon such as Breloom, Garchomp, Starmie, Espeon, and Landorus-T are problematic for the rest of the team.

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Other Options

Icy Wind is a viable alternative over Ice Beam on the last slot and allows Froslass to lower the Starmie's Speed in order to OHKO it the next turn or ensure that one of her teammates can easily outspeed Starmie and force it out, protecting the entry hazards that Froslass set up. It also works well against setup sweepers that boost their Speed, and lets Froslass deal with them even after they set up, assuming that Froslass used Spikes on the first turn. An offensive set with max Special Attack and Speed and a moveset of Blizzard / Thunderbolt / Hidden Power Fire / Spikes is viable for hail teams and can take advantage of her good Speed, coverage, and access to Spikes, turning her into a Spikes setter with good offensive presence. Thunder Wave and Confuse Ray are moves that allow Froslass to get more free turns to set up Spikes, but are general unreliable and inferior move options.

Checks and Counters

Although there isn't anything that counters Froslass in the strict meaning of the word, there are some Pokemon that give her trouble. Scizor and Tyranitar are the best answers to Froslass, as they can both limit her to one layer of Spikes at most (Scizor will fail 30% of the time though due to Cursed Body). Any faster Pokemon that can 2HKO Froslass works too, such as Choice Scarf users, Starmie, and Jolteon. While spinners can't remove the Spikes that Froslass sets up as long as she is alive, they can remove them after she dies, which happens really fast, as Froslass is a suicide lead. Xatu and Espeon can also put a lot of stress on Froslass and force her to predict right if she wants to set up Spikes, as if Froslass attacks to hit them on the switch and they don't come in, Froslass will get set up on or severely damaged. Cloyster can OHKO Froslass with Rock Blast if she uses Taunt and set up with Shell Smash if she uses Spikes, making it a troublesome Pokemon. Finally, Breloom can force Froslass into the same mind game if Froslass lacks Ice Beam, as one wrong move and Froslass will fall without accomplishing anything or will get set up on.