Hyper Cutter
The wielder's Attack cannot be lowered.
Sand Veil
Evasion increases by 25% in a sandstorm.
Poison Heal
Heals 1/8 HP per turn when poisoned.
Type Tier
Ground / Flying OU
Level 100 Statistics (see level 5, 50, 100)
Min- Min Max Max+
- 291 354 -
203 226 289 317
257 286 349 383
113 126 189 207
167 186 249 273
203 226 289 317


Respectable bulk, few weaknesses, resistances to Fighting and Bug, and key immunities to grounded entry hazards, status, and Ground- and Electric-type moves provide Gliscor with ample opportunities to come in and set up a Substitute or just threaten opponents with its STAB Earthquake from its very usable Attack stat. Poison Heal and Protect provide excellent passive recovery. As one of the premier Groudon counters in the game, Gliscor can also contribute excellently to a defensive core if necessary. Unfortunately, it is very weak on the special side, so in some scenarios Gliscor can turn out to be completely dead weight. However, if you play to Gliscor's strengths, it will prove to be a marvelous asset to your team.

Name Item Ability Nature


Toxic Orb Poison Heal Jolly
Moveset EVs
~ Substitute
~ Protect / Roost / Taunt
~ Toxic
~ Earthquake
252 HP / 40 Def / 216 Spe

Come in on Choice-locked Ground- or Electric-type attacks, Groudon, or something that Gliscor can force out with Earthquake, and set up a Substitute. Gliscor can then proceed to cripple the switch-in with Toxic, or just use Earthquake if they are immune to the status. The combination of Protect and Substitute provides a full 32 turns of undisturbed stalling, which means that anything with Life Orb, burn, poison, or Choice-locked into a low PP move will be forced to switch or die. Taunt is an excellent option over Protect, Toxic, or Earthquake, as without it this set is a sitting duck for Skarmory, Ferrothorn, and Forretress to set up on. Roost is an option worth considering as it gives Gliscor instant recovery, letting it wall certain threats far more reliably such as Terrakion and Rayquaza. Keep in mind though that Gliscor then loses its ability to scout, and will also lose its Flying typing for a turn. Taunt allows Gliscor to take on Chansey, Blissey, and Pokemon with healing moves attempting to heal off damage and poison. Unfortunately, removing any of the moves listed above for Taunt can pose severe problems to the set's overall effectiveness. The loss of Protect reduces Gliscor's healing capabilities and means that it can't scout as easily or PP and Toxic stall for 32 turns. Removing Earthquake leaves Gliscor vulnerable to being countered continually by any Steel- or Poison-type with Leftovers. Removing Toxic is also a bad idea, as even with Toxic Spikes up, Levitators, Flying-types, and Air Balloon users can all come in with impunity.

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Other Options

Gliscor has Baton Pass, Swords Dance, and Agility at its disposal, but it is generally inferior to Mew for Baton Pass sets, as it is easily dispatched by Kyogre, even when behind dual screens.

Checks and Counters

Manaphy with rain support is arguably the best Gliscor counter, with immunity to Toxic and high defenses to avoid taking heavy Earthquake damage; it is further aided by its excellent healing option in Rest, and STAB Surf with which to hit Gliscor's Water-type weakness. Defensive Kyogre with Rest, and Refresh Arceus and Latias variants can easily shrug off Gliscor's moves and set up Calm Mind. You should also be careful of Palkia, as it can fake a Choice Scarf with Lustrous Orb and ruin your attempts to switch in something else to take the hit. Ferrothorn is immune to Toxic and takes relatively little from Earthquake; it can retaliate with Power Whips and Gyro Balls that deal enough damage to easily break Gliscor's Substitute. Skarmory has to watch out for Taunt, but is immune to Earthquake and Toxic and can set up Spikes or Whirlwind Gliscor out. Bronzong, although less common, is also immune to both moves, but cares even less about Taunt. All of these Pokemon are also more than capable of PP stalling Gliscor as well if necessary.

A number of other things also resist the combination of Toxic and Earthquake, although they rarely if ever show up in Ubers. Crobat, Gengar, Weezing, opposing Gliscor, and Magic Bounce Xatu can halt Gliscor without the need for items, while any Poison- or Steel-type with Air Balloon, most notably Excadrill and Heatran, can switch in with impunity. Anything faster with Taunt or Substitutes that aren't broken by Earthquake can also be a problem for this set, although Toxic Spikes support can mitigate this issue somewhat.