Thick Fat
Fire- and Ice-type damage is reduced by 50%.
Attack is increased by 50% when afflicted with status.
Sheer Force
Increases power of moves with secondary effects by 30%, but removes the effects.
Type Tier
Fighting RU
Level 100 Statistics (see level 5, 50, 100)
Min- Min Max Max+
- 429 492 -
248 276 339 372
140 156 219 240
104 116 179 196
140 156 219 240
122 136 199 218


Hariyama is a tough threat to deal with, as its combination of base 120 Attack, Guts, and good coverage make it very difficult to switch into. Hariyama excels at wearing down foes, and it is one of the only Fighting-types in RU that can consistently wear down Psychic-types such as Slowking and Uxie. This is especially useful for aiding teammates on an offensive team as Hariyama will enable them to clean up the opposing team with ease. Hariyama will usually be unable to sweep on its own as it has a pitiful base 50 Speed and will be worn down easily from its status Orb, but its ability to break walls makes up for it. Often overlooked is its base 144 HP and Thick Fat ability, which allow Hariyama to successfully run a defensive set to wall and phaze common threats such as Typhlosion, Magmortar, and even Kabutops. Overall, Hariyama can be used as a powerful attacker or defensive phazer, but play carefully around the offensive set, since even though it can be worn down easily, it will leave a dent.

Name Item Ability Nature

All-Out Attacker

Toxic Orb Guts Adamant
Moveset EVs
~ Close Combat
~ Facade
~ Fake Out
~ Stone Edge / Bullet Punch
252 Atk / 172 Def / 84 Spe

Hariyama's Attack goes through the roof with a Guts boost. It should usually be sent in after a teammate faints or on a predicted Toxic, as this set doesn't have the longevity of a bulkier set. Fake Out should usually be used right off the bat if Hariyama is not inflicted with a status condition, as this will allow Toxic Orb to activate safely. There are certain cases in which Fake Out should not be used, such as when the opponent has a solid switch-in like Sigilyph. Using Fake Out will give them a free switch in, so it would be better to use something like Close Combat or Stone Edge if you are predicting a switch. Being reckless with Fake Out will result in a weakened Hariyama. After Toxic Orb is activated, Hariyama will be used to wear down opposing Psychic-types and other walls for a teammate, usually another Fighting-type, as it can put them in KO range. This set should be used as a wallbreaker rather than a sweeper, as it doesn't have enough Speed to sweep through a team. Close Combat is the most powerful move on this set, even 2HKOing defensive Tangrowth after Stealth Rock with the Guts boost. Facade is very useful for Pokemon that resist Fighting, mainly Amoonguss, Slowking, and Uxie, who all get 2HKOed after Stealth Rock. Stone Edge is used for Ghost-types, such as Rotom, and Flying-type switch-ins like Sigilyph and Moltres. However, Bullet Punch is useful for revenge killing foes such as Cinccino, Sceptile, and Lilligant, and it forms a good double priority strategy with Fake Out.

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Name Item Ability Nature


Leftovers Thick Fat Careful
Moveset EVs
~ Whirlwind
~ Force Palm
~ Rest
~ Sleep Talk
12 HP / 244 Def / 252 SpD

This set focuses more on team support and prolonging Hariyama's longevity. Whirlwind allows Hariyama to function as a reliable phazer, racking up hazard damage on the opponent. Force Palm is a STAB move that also has a high chance of paralysis. This deters Pokemon like Sigilyph and Moltres from switching in directly because they do not want to risk getting paralyzed and losing a good deal of effectiveness. Rest keeps Hariyama healthy, allowing it to tank multiple hits from moderately powerful attackers such as Manectric. Sleep Talk prevents Hariyama from being dead weight while asleep and can bypass Whirlwind's negative priority, but does have a risk factor to it. In addition to team support and prolonging longevity, this set also takes advantage of Hariyama's good bulk. This set helps Hariyama check threats such as Typhlosion, Magmortar, and Cryogonal.

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Other Options

A SubPunch set is possible for Hariyama to use, but Hariyama has difficulties maintaining a Substitute because of the powerful special attackers, such as Moltres and Sigilyph, found in RU. Hariyama has access to Bulk Up, but is not recommended, as Hariyama is too slow and has trouble finding time to pull it off. A set based around Hariyama's Dream World ability, Sheer Force, using Rock Slide, the elemental punches, or Iron Head has merit, but is outclassed by the status Orb set. A Choice Band set is always plausible, but only hits as hard as the status Orb set without giving Hariyama the freedom to switch moves. Life Orb is a viable alternative to Toxic Orb, as it prevents Protect users such as Alomomola from letting Hariyama die from residual damage.

Checks and Counters

The offensive set will be worn down easily by Toxic damage and common attacks. The best thing to do if you're facing it and dealing with other strong physical attackers is to try to keep a Psychic-type such as Slowking healthy, and wear Hariyama down by picking switch-ins that resist its moves instead. Rotom is immune to 3/4 of the offensive set's moves, and can stall it out with Substitute or finish it off with Thunderbolt. Alomomola can also let Hariyama kill itself off by using a combination of Wish + Protect. This may not work for offensive teams, however, so sacrificing something that you don't really need, such as a weakened lead Smeargle, then sending in an appropriate revenge killer will work. Moltres, Sigilyph, Braviary, and Mesprit can all work, as they can hit Hariyama super effectively or force a switch. Bulkier Pokemon such as Slowking, Uxie, and Misdreavus can also work, but they will lose quite a bit of HP in the process of checking Hariyama. Bulky Psychic- and Ghost-types work better when dealing with the RestTalk set.