Flash Fire
Grants immunity to Fire-type moves and increases the power of Fire-type moves by 50% when hit by a Fire-type move.
Flame Body
30% chance to burn when struck by a contact move. Halves the number of steps required to hatch Eggs.
Type Tier
Fire / Steel OU
Level 50 Statistics (see level 5, 50, 100)
Min- Min Max Max+
- 166 198 -
99 110 142 156
113 126 158 173
135 150 182 200
113 126 158 173
87 97 129 141


Heatran is capable of running a number of vastly different sets, which is only one of the factors that makes it an excellent addition to most teams. On top of its excellent typing and ability, which give it immunities to Poison- and Fire-type attacks and several resistances, Heatran also has decent bulk and a good Special Attack stat, as well as two Fire-type spread moves: Eruption and Heat Wave. However, Heatran's terrible weaknesses to Ground- and Fighting-type attacks severely main it given the predominance of Earthquake and the ever-present Hitmontop.

Name Item Nature

Offensive Tran

Fire Gem / Charcoal Modest
Moveset EVs
~ Heat Wave
~ Earth Power
~ Dragon Pulse / Substitute
~ Protect
4 HP / 252 SpA / 252 Spe

This is Heatran's signature set in Doubles, dealing powerful hits with Heat Wave, the STAB move of choice on this set. Thanks to its great power but average Speed, Heatran is best used on Tailwind teams or alongside a fast After You user such as Lopunny or Cinccino. Earth Power is used for coverage against opposing Heatran and Chandelure, and also for Fire-resistant Pokemon, such as Kingdra, when using Substitute over Dragon Pulse. Dragon Pulse rounds out Heatran's coverage, hitting Dragon-types, such as Latios, Latias, Kingdra, and Hydreigon, for super effective damage. However, Substitute lets Heatran take advantage of an opponent's switch to an Earthquake user to be sure that Heatran can still use a powerful Heat Wave without fainting. Protect is essential, as it will allow Heatran to survive spread moves from both allies and opponents. Using Protect correctly helps Heatran stick around throughout the match and might make an opponent waste a turn trying to knock it out while Heatran's partner sets up Trick Room, Reflect, or simply KOes the Pokemon that was threatening to damage Heatran on the prior turn.

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Name Item Nature


Charcoal / Fire Gem Quiet
Moveset IVs
~ Eruption
~ Heat Wave / Fire Blast
~ Earth Power
~ Protect
0 Spe
252 HP / 252 SpA / 4 SpD

The ultimate Doubles destroyer, this set utilizes the strongest spread attack available: boosted Eruption. If Heatran manages to set up, even Kingdra with its 4x resistance to Fire and decent Special Defense will come close to being KOed. Eruption Heatran needs a lot of support to succeed, however. Trick Room and Sunny Day support, the latter of which can be supplied from either Ninetales's Drought or a support teammate of choice, as well as Helping Hand and Flash Fire support are all crucial for Heatran to succeed. The trick is to start setting up Trick Room while Heatran uses Protect, allowing it to escape that turn unharmed. The best partners for this are Dusclops and Mental Herb Dusknoir, which each have their pros and cons: extreme bulk in the case of the former and a defense against Taunt in that of the latter. If you aren't using Mental Herb Dusknoir, never start off with this tactic, as a Taunt user will just ruin your strategy and proceed to disrupt your team to the point where you will most likely lose.

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Name Item Nature


Chople Berry / Leftovers Modest
Moveset EVs
~ Substitute
~ Protect
~ Heat Wave / Fire Blast
~ Earth Power
252 HP / 52 Def / 200 SpA

This Heatran set's forte is survivability. The strategy is to alternate between using Substitute and Protect to survive hits, and then when the opponent lets Heatran's Substitute survive, Heatran can deliver strong hits with Heat Wave and Earth Power, though Fire Blast can be used over the former if you're afraid of Wide Guard or want to deal greater damage to a single target. Earth Power lets Heatran deal with opposing Chandelure and Heatran; this is even more useful because opposing Heatran might not be able to KO back with Earth Power.

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Other Options

The most useful other option for Heatran is Air Balloon, which will allow it to avoid all Ground-type attacks until it is hit by another type of attack. This is extremely helpful when dealing with Landorus-T, other Heatran, and Volcarona. Heatran's movepool is decent, and it has a lot of options to consider for all of its sets. First of all, it can run Hidden Power Grass to deal with Gastrodon, one of its main counters in Doubles. It will also help finish off a Politoed in rain. Heatran also has access to Flash Cannon, which is useful to deal with Tyranitar, but other than that, it's mainly a useless move. Heatran also has access to several useful support options. It can run Taunt to shut down Trick Room users and Sunny Day to boost its own and its teammates' attacks. Heatran can also run Will-O-Wisp, especially on more defensive sets, to ruin its main counters: Fighting-types and Earthquake users. Single-target moves, such as Flamethrower and Overheat, can also be used for their reliability and sheer power, respectively. Heatran also has access to Flame Charge, but it's generally better to use a partner with Tailwind to help overcome Heatran's lackluster speed. Heatran can run AncientPower to deal with Volcarona, a common check, but the move is otherwise useless. Lastly, Heatran is able to run a Choice Scarf set to dish out fast spread attacks, or a Choice Specs set coupled with a fast After You user such as Jirachi, which will let Heatran quickly spam moves without investing in Speed.

Checks and Counters

All common Ground- and Fighting-types threaten Heatran greatly; this includes Landorus, Landorus-T, Excadrill, Garchomp, Gastrodon, Quagsire, Hitmontop, Scrafty, and Conkeldurr. One Earthquake or Earth Power, and Heatran is usually gone. Wide Guard users, such as Hitmontop, shut down most offensive Heatran variants, as it usually chooses to run Eruption or Heat Wave for its STAB move of choice. Terrakion also threatens Heatran greatly, as it can KO Heatran with Close Combat or damage it severely with Rock Slide. Gastrodon threatens Heatran with Earth Power, Muddy Water, or Surf in the rain, taking very little damage from any attack Heatran has to damage it with, bar the rare Hidden Power Grass, which often forces Gastrodon to switch out. Water-types in general will take little damage from Heatran, and all of them will obliterate it under rain. It's common to see Heatran running away from Politoed, Manaphy, and Ludicolo, all of which can seriously dent and KO it. In general, rain will render Heatran useless.


Heatran's Dream World ability is Flame Body. This might be useful on some defensive sets in order to buff up Heatran's Defense. In addition, Flame Body prevents the rare, but incredibly annoying, Trace Gardevoir and Porygon2 from setting up on it. However, Flash Fire is usually the better option, as otherwise, Heatran would be taking neutral damage from Fire-type attacks. The more resistances, the better.