Hyper Cutter
The wielder's Attack cannot be lowered.
Shell Armor
Prevents critical hits.
Sheer Force
Increases power of moves with secondary effects by 30%, but removes the effects.
Type Tier
Water NU
Level 50 Statistics (see level 5, 50, 100)
Min- Min Max Max+
- 130 162 -
135 150 182 200
121 135 167 183
63 70 102 112
63 70 102 112
85 95 127 139


Kingler is an interesting Pokemon to use in the VGC 2012 metagame. It manages to hit pretty hard thanks to its base 130 Attack, and in conjunction with a decent physical movepool, it can be a surprise threat to some teams. However, due to its base 75 Speed stat, numerous threats such as Thundurus, Zapdos, and the Rotom formes outspeed it. Thanks to its middling base 75 Speed, Kingler is a good Trick Room sweeper as it has an edge over many of its common checks. Kingler can also be a good sweeper under the rain, but it usually finds itself outclassed by other common physical attackers found on rain teams, such as Toxicroak and Kingdra.

Name Item Ability Nature

Physical Attacker

Life Orb / Focus Sash Hyper Cutter Adamant
Moveset EVs
~ Crabhammer
~ X-Scissor / Superpower
~ Rock Slide / Guillotine
~ Protect
4 HP / 252 Atk / 252 Spe

This set is probably the best set you're going to be able to get out of Kingler. Crabhammer is the best STAB move in Kingler's arsenal, hitting many common threats in the metagame, such as Tyranitar, Terrakion, and Infernape for tons of damage. X-Scissor is for coverage in the second slot, hitting Psychic- and Dark-types such as Reuniclus and Slowking for super effective damage. It also hits Water-types such as Politoed and Rotom-W for neutral damage. Superpower provides the same coverage, although it is ineffective against Psychic-types; however, the Attack and Defense drops can be annoying as they pretty much force you to switch or treat Kingler as death fodder for the rest of the match. The third slot is all filler due to Kingler's lack of a better movepool. However, these options are still worth using in a battle. Rock Slide surprises Flying- and Ice-types, such as Zapdos and Abomasnow, that think they can tank a Crabhammer. However, due to Rock Slide's low offensive output, Guillotine can actually be a solid option to use. Even though it has god-awful accuracy, it can net surprise KOes every now and again. Protect helps Kingler stay safe for a turn from possible threats, such as Zapdos and Rotom-W, while a partner takes care of them with moves of their own. Protect can also be used to prevent being hit by the common Fake Out.

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Other Options

Kingler has a few other cool options that it can use. Even with a low base 75 Speed, when equipped with a Choice Scarf, Kingler can outspeed base 120 Speed Pokemon such as Weavile and Swellow. However, a base 75 Speed is still fairly low, making Trick Room a viable option for Kingler. Sadly, Crawdaunt completely outclasses Kingler at running a Trick Room set, due to its lower Speed, better special bulk, and useful secondary STAB. Flail with Focus Sash can be used, but with the barrage of spread moves that you'll find in doubles, Kingler may find setting up difficult. Other attacking moves such as Return and Brick Break can be used for slightly better neutral coverage, but they have lower Base Power. Wide Guard can be used to provide teammates with protection from moves such as Discharge, Surf, and Blizzard. Finally, Sheer Force can be used, but sadly Kingler has too poor a movepool to make use of this amazing ability.

Checks and Counters

Even though the rain can be Kingler's friend, it attracts a lot of its threats that take advantage of rain and can beat Kingler one-on-one, such as Ludicolo, Ferrothorn, Rotom-W, and Zapdos. Choice Scarf Abomasnow can easily outspeed Kingler and OHKO it with Giga Drain. Sun can make Kingler completely useless by halving the power of Crabhammer, with most Pokemon commonly found on sun teams resisting or only taking neutral from Kingler's coverage moves. Strong special attackers such as Chandelure, Thundurus, and Latios, can easily break through Kingler's awful special bulk and OHKO it with their powerful STAB moves. In general, most Electric-types, such as Rotom-W and Thundurus, that can outspeed Kingler can quickly take it out with their STAB moves.