Abilities that hinder attacks are nullified.
Type Tier
Dragon / Ice OU
Level 100 Statistics (see level 5, 50, 100)
Min- Min Max Max+
- 391 454 -
338 376 439 482
212 236 299 328
248 276 339 372
194 216 279 306
203 226 289 317


Kyurem-B is the black sheep... erm... dragon among the big and bad Dragon-types that dominate the Uber metagame. Teravolt lets Kyurem-B ignore Multiscale, Wonder Guard, and Sturdy, making Kyurem-B look even more unstoppable. The addition of Fusion Bolt to Kyurem's physical repertoire helps it out a lot by allowing it to smash Pokemon such as Ho-Oh, Kyogre, Lugia, and Skarmory without resorting to either a lock into Outrage or constant reliance on Focus Blast's questionable accuracy and Hidden Power Fire's dependency on sunlight. Not all is glorious for the bastard Pokemon, though, as Fusion Bolt is the only notable physical move that Kyurem-B received upon its introduction. Freeze Shock at least gives Kyurem-B a physical Ice-type attack, but it does have the disadvantage of being a two-turn attack. Still, considering that electrifying base 170 Attack and modest 120 Special Attack coupled with the strongest Outrage in the game, Kyurem-B is more than capable of placing massive dents into Pokemon that don't resist its attacks. Its typing is questionable, but does give it the ability to check Kyogre and Scarf Palkia locked into Water- or Electric-type attacks. The mixed set being able to handle Groudon and Kyogre without forcing a lock into Outrage or a severe Special Attack drop from Draco Meteor is also significant for differentiating Kyurem-B from other Dragon-types. Best of all, its base 95 Speed gives it the jump over its fusion counterpart, Zekrom. Kyurem-B faces stiff competition for a teamslot from Kyurem-W, but its raw physical power does provide it with some advantages.

Name Item Nature

Choice Band

Choice Band Adamant / Jolly
Moveset EVs
~ Outrage
~ Dragon Claw
~ Fusion Bolt
~ Freeze Shock / Sleep Talk
40 HP / 252 Atk / 216 Spe

Possessing the strongest Outrage in the game, Kyurem-B has enough juice to always 2HKO Support Groudon provided that Stealth Rock is in play. When using an Adamant nature, it doesn't even need Stealth Rock support to achieve this. It can do at least 45.1% - 53.2% to max HP / min Def Ferrothorn, which is amazing considering Ferrothorn not only resists the attack but has good Defense as well. Dragon Claw is for consistent Dragon-type coverage and still does a number to Pokemon neutral to it. With Stealth Rock damage alone, even bulky Pokemon, such as max HP Dialga, are cleanly 2HKOed.

Fusion Bolt is Kyurem-B's best option against Skarmory, Manaphy, Ho-Oh, and Kyogre. All of them are easily OHKOed by it. Water Arceus and Lugia will take a massive hit, 84.5% - 99.5% for the former and 66.8% - 78.8% for the latter. However, Kyurem-B must be cautious when trying to take out Lugia because it can stall out Fusion Bolt with Roost. Since Kyurem-B does force a lot of switches, Freeze Shock is not outright useless, considering that it's a 140 Base Power STAB that has no real immunities to it and a 30% chance of paralysis as an added effect. Freeze Shock also OHKOes every Groudon and standard Ferrothorn, which could switch in to stop Kyurem-B. Sadly, Freeze Shock is unreliable most of the time and can be neutralized via Protect, so Sleep Talk can be used to allow Kyurem-B to take a Dark Void. With Sleep Talk, almost nothing is a safe switch-in to this behemoth. The nice thing is Sleep Talk selecting Outrage won't lock Kyurem-B into it.

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Name Item Nature


Life Orb Lonely
Moveset EVs
~ Outrage
~ Fusion Bolt
~ Ice Beam
~ Focus Blast / Hidden Power Fire
84 Atk / 208 SpA / 216 Spe

If the Choice Band set's sheer power does not impress you, Kyurem-B can also opt for a more roundabout way of getting around its counters so it can smash everything else with its STAB Outrage and underrated STAB Ice Beam. Since this Kyurem-B is a good wallbreaker, it can work nicely with stall teams since they often lack an offensive push to bust other stall teams. One must always keep in mind the reason to use this set over other mixed attackers, such as Zekrom and Rayquaza is its unique movepool, stat distribution, and incredibly powerful Outrage. It is one of the few mixed attackers not bothered by Ho-Oh thanks to Fusion Bolt.

Fusion Bolt handles Kyogre, Skarmory, Manaphy, Ho-Oh, and Water Arceus easily, as they are all 2HKOed at worst. Lugia can also be taken out with Fusion Bolt as long as it is slower. With the given EVs, Ice Beam is a guaranteed OHKO on max HP Groudon, and Stealth Rock is not required. It also allows Kyurem-B to trash most Dragon-types without needing the use of Outrage. For example, even physically defensive Giratina still takes a good chunk of damage (62% - 73.2%) and standard mixed attacker Giratina-O is OHKOed after Stealth Rock. Also, in case you're worried about not being able to OHKO Giratina, Outrage does a massive 78.7% - 93%, an OHKO with Stealth Rock and two layers of Spikes.

Focus Blast is Kyurem-B's best option for hitting Ferrothorn, Dialga, and Tyranitar without locking Kyurem-B into Outrage. Ice Beam + Focus Blast does 90.9% damage at a minimum to Ferrothorn, so Stealth Rock and two layers of Spikes is required to 2HKO. However, if Ferrothorn has Protect, then a third layer is required for the guaranteed KO. Defensive Dialga takes 63.9% - 75.2% from Focus Blast, which Kyurem-B can follow up with Ice Beam for 37.6% - 44.6%, which is a 2HKO with Stealth Rock. Ice Beam + Outrage also will 2HKO Defensive Dialga easily. Defensive Tyranitar on the other hand takes 78.2% - 93.1% from Focus Blast if it isn't holding a Chople Berry, so Stealth Rock and a layer of Spikes is necessary to OHKO. Hidden Power Fire is another option when supported with sunlight as it can trash Ferrothorn and Forretress. 2HKOing Steel Arceus and Excadrill is pretty slick too. The Speed EVs give Kyurem-B the jump on neutral base 90 Speed Pokemon that invest in Speed. If you're using Hidden Power Fire, take 4 EVs out of Attack and place them into Speed.

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Name Item Nature

Choice Scarf

Choice Scarf Adamant
Moveset EVs
~ Outrage
~ Dragon Claw
~ Fusion Bolt
~ Freeze Shock / Sleep Talk
176 Atk / 168 SpD / 164 Spe

Kyurem-B can also function as an effective revenge killer thanks to its extremely high base Attack and passable Speed. Unlike most Choice Scarf users, Kyurem-B can go bulky as it has a naturally high Attack stat and can afford to invest in bulk instead. With Choice Scarf, usual checks will be demolished if they are not using a Choice Scarf of their own. For example, non-Choice Scarf and Haban Berry Palkia is cleanly OHKOed by Dragon Claw before it can move.

Just like the previous sets, Outrage is the main sweeping move as it is Kyurem-B's only real powerful attack, strong enough to 2HKO max HP Arceus. Thanks to this set's high Speed, revenge killing it while it is stuck using Outrage becomes harder. Dragon Claw is great for picking off weakened foes as it does not lock Kyurem-B into Outrage although the power can be disappointing at times. Fusion Bolt will always 2HKO Lugia after Stealth Rock damage, and Kyurem-B always outspeeds it with this set. Besides Lugia, Fusion Bolt is also your strongest attack against Kyogre, Manaphy, and Ho-Oh, cleanly 2HKOing all at worst. For the last slot, Freeze Shock is the best option because Kyurem-B really lacks any other useful moves. Freeze Shock's extremely high Base Power allows it to OHKO Ground Arceus and Grass Arceus, preventing them from stalling out Outrage with Recover. If you hate Darkrai, Sleep Talk is an acceptable alternative as it allows Kyurem-B to freely take Dark Void. As a bonus, Sleep Talk will not lock Kyurem-B into Outrage when it is selected.

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Name Item Nature

Hone Claws

Life Orb Lonely / Hasty
Moveset EVs
~ Hone Claws
~ Outrage
~ Fusion Bolt
~ Blizzard
252 Atk / 4 SpA / 252 Spe

This set may seem gimmicky at first, but Kyurem-B's sky-high Attack and Ice typing make it a very powerful wallbreaker in the Ubers metagame. After a boost from Hone Claws, Kyurem-B's Outrage destroys virtually everything, even resists. For example, even with Leech Seed and Protect, standard Ferrothorn will be hard-pressed to take repeated +1 Outrages from Kyurem-B, as it takes 57.67% - 67.90% from the move. Fusion Bolt has excellent coverage alongside Outrage, as it swats aside Skarmory and Lugia without much trouble. The last move is what really sets Kyurem-B apart from other Attack boosters such as Zekrom—STAB Blizzard easily OHKOs physical walls such as Groudon and Gliscor, Pokemon that plague many physical attackers. Although Blizzard's accuracy is subpar under normal conditions, a single Hone Claws accuracy boost raises it to a much more usable 93%.

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Other Options

Haban Berry allows Kyurem-B to take at least one Dragon-type attack and sack the opposition with its own STAB Dragon-type attacks. Kyurem-B has the bulk to pull it off, but Stealth Rock being cleared from the field is a must as otherwise those STAB Dragon-type attacks will KO Kyurem-B even through Haban Berry. Roost can be used in the event that Stealth Rock is hard to clear off the field, but is not recommended due to Kyurem-B's offensive nature. As hilariously stupid as it sounds, Rock Smash can be used to 2HKO Ferrothorn switch-ins on the Choice Band set with Spikes support, guaranteed if a Defense drop occurs. Blizzard is an option but should only be used on the Hone Claws set. Freeze Shock can be used alongside Power Herb for a powerful initial attack. Substitute protects Kyurem-B from status, but is not as good as on some Pokemon because Kyurem-B really needs all the coverage moves it has. Endeavor can be used on the Choice Scarf set since, if you adjust Kyurem-B's HP stat correctly, it can be used as a last ditch attack if the only damage Kyurem-B took was Stealth Rock. Just be aware that it's not the most effective way to damage Pokemon that have access to recovery or are completely immune to it. Icy Wind can help Kyurem-B catch faster Pokemon off-guard, but that's about the only real use for it because of its low Base Power and imperfect accuracy. Sadly, Kyurem-B cannot learn Ice Punch or any other physical Ice-type move besides Freeze Shock.

Checks and Counters

Kyurem-B does not have many counters due to its sheer power and acceptable coverage. Steel Arceus is at the top of the list as it can near endlessly switch into Kyurem-B as it resists both of its STABs and Kyurem-B lacks any real method of clearing it aside from the inaccurate Focus Blast, the weak Rock Smash, and the sun dependent Hidden Power Fire. Choice Band Outrage is a possible 2HKO, but Judgment is likely OHKOing Kyurem-B if it has taken Stealth Rock or other passive damage. Choice Band Fusion Bolt can still do significant damage, rocking at 63.5% - 74.8%, so make sure Steel Arceus is healthy before trying to take the assault. As for Steel Arceus's options, it can also Will-O-Wisp Kyurem-B and continuously Calm Mind while recovering the damage.

Ferrothorn can be a major thorn in Kyurem-B's side. While Choice Band Outrage and Ice Beam + Focus Blast can 2HKO, and Hidden Power Fire in the sun can OHKO, Ferrothorn can take just about anything else Kyurem-B has to launch at it and either hit Kyurem-B hard with STAB Gyro Ball or set up entry hazards to bother Kyurem-B later on if it switches out. Forretress is in a similar vein except it is not weak to Focus Blast but has worse Special Defense. Choice Band can be pretty difficult to counter due to its immense power unless you revenge kill it. Packing Pokemon faster than Kyurem-B and forcing it to use Outrage with bulky Pokemon such as Arceus is probably the best way to handle it. Skarmory can easily take repeated Dragon Claws and Outrages thanks to its great Defense and access to Roost, but will fall to Fusion Bolt. The Choice Scarf set is a little easier to handle since it is a lot weaker. Skarmory can step into every attack other than Fusion Bolt and can take one Freeze Shock (71.3% - 84.4%). Skarmory can Roost most of the damage off, set up its own Spikes, or phaze Kyurem-B out with Whirlwind. If the option exists, Skarmory can Brave Bird Kyurem-B, though be careful as the recoil will be a little more significant than usual with Kyurem-B's high HP. Lugia is similar to Skarmory in stopping Kyurem-B, but does not resist Dragon so Reflect is mandatory to guarantee the win.

Stealth Rock is pretty important for limiting Kyurem-B's survival, and just as important is a spinblocker to prevent Stealth Rock from disappearing on Kyurem-B's side. Dialga, Deoxys-S, and Groudon are notable for being able to set up this essential hazard, while the Giratina formes and Ghost Arceus can spinblock effectively. In general, Outrage is Kyurem-B's double-edged sword. While Outrage can do significant damage to the majority of the Uber tier, it also leaves Kyurem-B susceptible to being revenge killed in the process due to its average Speed. Scarf Outrage is a little harder to revenge kill, admittedly, but it is also easier to wall.