Leaf Guard
Prevents status effects in sun.
Speed doubles in sun.
Type Tier
Grass NU
Level 100 Statistics (see level 5, 50, 100)
Min- Min Max Max+
- 271 334 -
230 256 319 350
266 296 359 394
140 156 219 240
149 166 229 251
203 226 289 317


Whether as a defensive or offensive Pokemon, Leafeon ends up being outclassed in most roles by its fellow Grass-types. With a mediocre movepool, poor special bulk, and weaknesses to common types such as Fire and Flying, it has trouble fitting on most teams. Leafeon does have a niche as a bulky support Pokemon that has decent offensive presence, making a Baton Pass set its most effective set. It also reaches an important Speed benchmark, allowing Leafeon to Speed tie with unboosted Primeape, Sawsbuck, and Jynx. Despite competing with, and being walled by, its fellow Grass-types, Leafeon works wells as an offensive support Pokemon.

Name Item Ability Nature

Substitute + Swords Dance

Leftovers Chlorophyll Jolly
Moveset EVs
~ Swords Dance
~ Substitute
~ Baton Pass
~ Leaf Blade
136 HP / 120 Atk / 252 Spe

This set makes the most of Leafeon's decent physical bulk to set up on common defensive threats such as Seismitoad and Alomomola. Swords Dance is a potent move for this set, as it either enhances Leafeon's decent offensive power or allows a teammate to sweep more effectively. Substitute protects Leafeon from status as well as buffering Leafeon from weak attacks. Baton Pass allows Leafeon to give a teammate either a powerful boost or a shield against an attack. Even without having either a Swords Dance boost or a Substitute, Leafeon can use Baton Pass to scout your opponent's team and maintain your team's momentum. Leaf Blade rounds out this set by giving Leafeon a powerful STAB move that allows it to make use of Swords Dance boosts if you choose not to Baton Pass immediately.

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Other Options

The most notable alternatives make use of Leafeon's good utility moves in Wish, Heal Bell, and Roar. Unfortunately, there are usually better Pokemon for these roles on stall teams, while balanced teams have little need for these moves. Yawn is a usable move that can act as a phazing move, but Leafeon rarely has room for it. Bullet Seed is an alternative STAB move that can hit Golem through Sturdy and possibly break frail Substitutes, but its utility is limited otherwise. X-Scissor hits opposing Grass-types super effectively; the problem is that some common Grass-types have secondary types that resist Bug-type moves, such as Roselia and Jumpluff, while others, such as Tangela, are too bulky for Leafeon to beat. Leafeon can set up Sunny Day well due to its decent physical bulk, but it lacks coverage compared to other Chlorophyll sweepers such as Sawsbuck and Victreebel. Toxic can cripple physical walls such as Misdreavus, but Leafeon would rather Baton Pass or manually switch out instead. Curse is an alternative boosting move, but wastes one of Leafeon's best traits in its good Speed.

Checks and Counters

Being a Baton Pass user, Leafeon is difficult to counter as it can simply escape battle while supporting its incoming teammate. Weezing is the perfect counter to Leafeon, as it can easily take any move Leafeon uses, threaten Leafeon with its Poison-type STAB moves, and remove any accumulated boosts with Haze. Golbat and Mandibuzz are also good counters to Leafeon, and they have Taunt and/or Whirlwind to stop Leafeon from reliably supporting its team. Misdreavus can tank a boosted Leaf Blade and either retaliate with Foul Play or Taunt Leafeon. Faster Taunt users can prevent Leafeon from setting up or using Baton Pass, and a few can easily take Leaf Blades from it. Roar and Whirlwind users, notably Bastiodon and Grumpig, can phaze Leafeon out; Leaf Blade wears them down quickly however. Haze users such as Wartortle can neutralize Swords Dance boosts, but cannot remove Substitute. Encore users, including Liepard and Volbeat, can lock Leafeon into one of its setup moves and give their teammates a free turn.

There are many Pokemon that can wall Leafeon, though they usually cannot prevent Leafeon from Baton Passing to its teammate. Most Poison-types such as Garbodor and Muk can wall Leafeon's attacks and threaten it with their STAB moves. Fire- and Flying-types such as Charizard, Rapidash, and Braviary can tank a couple of hits from Leafeon and threaten it out; many can also outspeed Leafeon and can possibly prevent it from using Baton Pass. Bug-types, such as Pinsir and Scolipede, can tank any hit from Leafeon, set up on it, and threaten it with their STAB moves. All three of these types do not appreciate the rare Roar, as they are vulnerable to Stealth Rock. Steel-types, such as Klang and Metang, wall Leafeon and can use it to set up safely. Dragon-types, such as Fraxure and Altaria, also wall Leafeon and can threaten it out, set up against it, or possibly Taunt it in Fraxure's case. Sap Sipper Pokemon, most notably Miltank and Sawsbuck, receive an Attack boost from Leafeon's STAB moves, can set up on it, and threaten Leafeon and its teammates with their STAB Normal-type moves. Bulky Grass-types have little trouble tanking Leafeon's attacks, but they rarely can do much damage to Leafeon in return. If all else fails, Leafeon without a Substitute can be revenge killed before it can use Baton Pass, especially if the Pokemon is specially offensive, such as Choice Scarf Jynx, Kadabra, or Tauros.