Prevents paralysis.
Speed increases when an item is used or lost.
Moves that do not deal direct damage have their priority increased by one level.
Type Tier
Dark NU
Level 100 Statistics (see level 5, 50, 100)
Min- Min Max Max+
- 269 332 -
190 212 275 302
122 136 199 218
190 212 275 302
122 136 199 218
223 248 311 342


With a support movepool of great moves such as Encore and Thunder Wave, Liepard can be quite an annoyance on the battlefield. A contender for the title of most frustrating Prankster Pokemon to face, Liepard can stack the paralysis and confusion status effects from behind the safety of a heightened-priority Substitute. Liepard needs all the help it can get as it lacks decent bulk and will go down fairly quickly to anything if left open to attack, but even so, with proper support and a little luck, it can be a solid player in any battle.

Name Item Ability Nature


Leftovers Prankster Timid
Moveset EVs
~ Swagger
~ Thunder Wave / Encore
~ Foul Play
~ Substitute
144 HP / 56 Def / 60 SpD / 248 Spe

For those fortunate enough to have never run into this set, this Liepard takes advantage of Prankster to create a Substitute, then induce confusion with Swagger. Annoying but harmless enough, right? It would be if Liepard didn't have Foul Play. Foul Play uses the opponents' Swagger-raised Attack stats against them as they struggle to even damage Liepard back and avoid damaging themselves in their confusion. This strategy is very much luck-based, but if luck favors Liepard, it can easily sweep a team.

Thunder Wave and Encore both help Liepard stay behind a Substitute, as its defense stats are extremely bad. Thunder Wave stacks on top of Swagger to ensure opponents will be unlikely to attack anytime soon. Encore gives Liepard extra chances to set up at the cost of a secondary status. Foul Play, again, takes advantage of Swagger's Attack-raising effect, and also gives Liepard a needed option to handle Magic Bounce users.

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Other Options

To be generous, Liepard's offensive movepool is bad, so even though it has Nasty Plot, don't bother with it. Priority Yawn can be nice for forcing switches alongside Encore, but there are very few situations in which it's better than Thunder Wave as Liepard can already render Pokemon useless with Encore. Liepard also has the gimmick of priority Assist, but diving into Assist-based teams would take an entire article.

Checks and Counters

Liepard is very frail but deceptively hard to shut down thanks to priority Thunder Wave, Swagger, and Foul Play punishing anything that wants to KO it. Magic Bounce users will just be hit with Foul Play, so they're not practical counters. Bulky Landorus-T is one of the best checks to Liepard as it can just come in and U-turn on it, resetting all of Liepard's setup, but other defensive Ground-types work almost as well. Pokemon with low Attack and/or a Dark resistance that don't really mind paralysis such as Leftovers Magnezone, Forretress, specially defensive Rotom-W, and specially defensive Heatran work perfectly as checks to Liepard. The former three Pokemon can also break its Substitute with Volt Switch while bringing in another Pokemon to KO it, while Heatran can Roar Liepard out. Ferrothorn works well thanks to Iron Barbs, but Rocky Helmet Skarmory is even better thanks to Roost and Whirlwind.