Prevents paralysis.
Speed increases when an item is used or lost.
Moves that do not deal direct damage have their priority increased by one level.
Type Tier
Dark NU
Level 5 Statistics (see level 5, 50, 100)
Min- Min Max Max+
- 22 26 -
13 15 18 19
9 11 14 15
13 15 18 19
9 11 14 15
15 17 20 22


One thing that catches your eye immediately after one look at Liepard's stats is that lime green bar amongst a plethora of reds and oranges: Liepard's blazing base 106 Speed stat. With this, Liepard occupies the position of NU's second fastest Dark-type, losing only to Sneasel. Combined with a fantastic typing and extensive support movepool, along with access to boosting moves such as Nasty Plot and the ability Prankster, Liepard becomes a very underrated threat. It also has two other great abilities in Limber and Unburden, allowing it to function in a variety of roles. Base 88 Special Attack, which seems mediocre at best, is quite threatening when used in conjunction with Nasty Plot; however, here is where Liepard's seemingly impressive resumé comes to a screeching halt. Paper-thin 64 / 50 / 50 defenses make it unable to take any strong attack it doesn't resist. Liepard also lacks any reliable recovery outside of Rest, meaning it will have trouble supporting the team for long periods of time. Fellow Dark-types Skuntank, Cacturne, and even Mightyena outclass Liepard offensively due to higher attacking stats. However, while its stats may not make it look the part, Liepard is a versatile Pokemon that is able to fill many positions and should be considered when building your team.

Name Item Ability Nature


Leftovers Prankster Timid
Moveset EVs
~ Swagger
~ Thunder Wave / Encore
~ Foul Play
~ Substitute
80 HP / 8 Def / 252 SpD / 168 Spe

At first sight, if you find this Liepard on a rival team, you might think this is at most a gimmicky and ineffective set. After a couple of turns, however, once you see what it can do to your poor unprepared team, you'll start feeling true fear and pain. Foul Play severely damages numerous physical attackers, such as Zangoose, Swellow, and Ursaring, even before they've been hit by Swagger, and Liepard can deal with many NU threats such as Misdreavus, Haunter, Sneasel, and itself. It can also check Psychic-types fairly well, such as Kadabra and Musharna, as long as it can avoid Signal Beam. Thanks to Prankster, Liepard boasts priority Thunder Wave, Swagger, and Substitute, allowing it to play mindgames and cripple the opposing team with relative ease. Special attackers, such as Gardevoir and Ampharos, will generally need either boosted or super effective attacks such as Focus Blast to OHKO it, but others are able to easily dispatch it with their powerful attacks, such as Life Orb Samurott and Rotom-S. At the very least, this set will trouble sweepers and spread paralysis. At its best, with some skill and luck, it will show its true might, sweeping the entirety of unsuspecting teams. It's the only NU Dark-type other than Sneasel that outspeeds Haunter as well as other base 90s such as Zangoose. SubDisable and other non-Choice Scarf variants of Haunter are forces to be reckoned with in NU; thus, outspeeding and 2HKOing is important in order to deal with them before they use Destiny Bond, finishing your Prankster party too early. Although it's weak to Fighting-types, Liepard might not only survive against but deal with Gurdurr and other Fighting-types, tanking Mach Punch from behind a Substitute and proceeding either to defeat them with Foul Play or Substitute stall and wait for confusion damage, should you predict a switch in and use Swagger. It is worth noting that Liepard's Substitute is faster than Mach Punch. You can choose to use Encore instead of Thunder Wave to facilitate Substitute and Swagger setting, making the opponent stuck behind a Substitute or forced into repeating a status move, subsequently granting you free turns.

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Name Item Ability Nature

Nasty Plot Sweeper

Life Orb / Leftovers Prankster Modest
Moveset EVs
~ Nasty Plot
~ Encore / Taunt
~ Dark Pulse
~ Hidden Power Fighting
4 HP / 252 SpA / 252 Spe

While Liepard's mediocre base 88 Special Attack may not seem appealing at first, a single Nasty Plot boost raises Liepard's Special Attack to a whopping 604, from which point Liepard has no trouble sweeping. Running Prankster is the best choice for this set, as it can squeeze in a Nasty Plot before Murkrow Taunts it, winning the Prankster priority war thanks to its higher Speed. With Encore, Liepard can also switch into a weather sweeper or other set-up sweepers, lock them into their set up move, and then proceed to set up and sweep, getting at least one guaranteed boost while the opponent switches out. Taunt can also be used for similar reasons, but Encore is preferred due to the almost guaranteed switch.

Dark Pulse is the primary STAB move in this set, with a solid 80 Base Power and, as an added bonus, a 20% flinch rate. Hidden Power Fighting is used to hit Steel-types which otherwise wall Liepard and put an end to its fun. Also, with Dark Pulse and Hidden Power Fighting, Liepard has perfect coverage in NU, hitting every Pokemon for at least neutral damage.

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Name Item Ability Nature

Weather Supporter

Heat Rock / Damp Rock Prankster Sassy
Moveset IVs
~ Sunny Day / Rain Dance
~ Thunder Wave
~ Encore / Taunt
~ U-turn
0 Spe
252 HP / 4 Def / 252 SpD

Prankster is arguably the best ability Liepard has; the +1 priority on Liepard's extensive support movepool makes it a great choice for setting up weather and crippling opponents. Liepard is the fastest Pokemon in NU with access to Prankster, and it utilizes this well. It can lock an opponent, such as Shell Smash Gorebyss, into a set up move with Encore. It can also run Taunt if you don't want to risk a bad prediction situation, but Encore is preferred. Thunder Wave is used to cripple sweepers, and is also there to nullify other threats. With three-fourths of this set's moves at +1 priority, Liepard needs no Speed EVs. In fact, it is running a negative Speed nature and IV spread to capitalize on its last move, U-turn, to its fullest extent. Liepard will almost always go last when using U-turn, allowing its replacement to get a free switch-in while also dealing a bit of damage. However, if you are worried about it getting hurt, you can switch out normally to something that can take the hit.

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Other Options

Liepard is a really versatile Pokemon, filling a variety of roles. With its high Speed, a Choice item set looks good, but a poor attacking movepool squashes this idea. Liepard can try to utilize one of its other abilities, Unburden, with a Dark Gem-boosted Dark Pulse, to hit for decent damage. However, this gets rid of Prankster, which is best suited for Liepard due to its extensive support movepool. For sweeping, Liepard can use Hone Claws and Sucker Punch to go the physical route, but is usually better off with Nasty Plot. Foul Play is a strong STAB move that can punish the likes of Armaldo, Braviary, and Beartic. Liepard has a very good support movepool, though; it can run Yawn to force switches, Fake Tears to help an incoming sweep, or Knock Off to render Eviolite Pokemon useless, though it should be noted that Liepard doesn't get Prankster priority on Knock Off.

Checks and Counters

Liepard is by no means unbeatable. Pokemon faster than Liepard, such as Tauros, Electrode, and Swellow, can outspeed and proceed to OHKO it, though they risk being hit by Thunder Wave. Liepard will also get wrecked by any Fighting-type, namely Gurdurr and Sawk, who will OHKO or 2HKO Liepard with Close Combat or Drain Punch. Liepard also takes super effective damage from Armaldo's STAB X-Scissor. While Liepard is not specifically weak to any hazards, it is vulnerable to all of them, and this can be used against it. Specific walls to Liepard include Probopass, Bastiodon, Regirock, Regice, and Lickilicky, due to their massive bulk and ability to take a super effective Hidden Power Fighting.