Speed doubles in sun.
Own Tempo
Prevents confusion.
Leaf Guard
Prevents status effects in sun.
Type Tier
Grass RU
Level 5 Statistics (see level 5, 50, 100)
Min- Min Max Max+
- 23 26 -
10 12 15 16
12 14 17 18
15 17 20 22
12 14 17 18
13 15 18 19


Lilligant is one of four Pokemon to receive the Chlorophyll ability this generation. Although it's a pure Grass-type in a tier with many common Flying-types, it can do surprisingly well with Sunny Day support, even with its below average defenses. Keeping it alive is the biggest problem, though, as Lilligant can't take many hits. A decent base 90 Speed, high base 110 Special Attack, and access to Chlorophyll are Lilligant's strong points, so you'll find that with the right support, Lilligant can be a deadly foe.

Name Item Ability Nature

Special Attacker (Sun)

Life Orb Chlorophyll Modest
Moveset EVs
~ SolarBeam / Leaf Storm
~ Hidden Power Rock
~ Sleep Powder
~ Protect / Quiver Dance
4 HP / 252 SpA / 252 Spe

This set is meant to be used with Sunny Day support. Leaf Storm and SolarBeam are the strongest STAB choices for Lilligant, and in the sun, SolarBeam does not require a charge turn. SolarBeam is usually preferred as Leaf Storm will lower Lilligant's Special Attack two stages, but if Sunny Day support is unavailable, Leaf Storm becomes the primary option. Hidden Power Rock hits the Flying-type Pokemon that resist Lilligant's STAB attacks, and also nails Chandelure for super effective damage. Sleep Powder allows Lilligant to support its team by putting opponents to sleep, and, in the sun, Lilligant can outspeed nearly every Pokemon and put it to sleep before it can attack.

The choice between Protect or Quiver Dance is one between security and power. Protect is usually preferred to allow Lilligant to shield itself from blows that could KO it while its teammates take out the threat; many of the common Pokemon in VGC 2011 can OHKO Lilligant. Additionally, with Lilligant's weaknesses, it will have few opportunities to set up a Quiver Dance. However, Quiver Dance allows Lilligant to set up after Sleep Powder. After a Quiver Dance, Lilligant can OHKO Pokemon that normally counter it, such as Tornadus, Thundurus, and Chandelure, with Hidden Power Rock.

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Other Options

Another possibility for Lilligant's STAB move would be Giga Drain. Although it has less power, the restored HP can really help Lilligant survive longer. Hidden Power Rock can allow 4 Speed EVs to be invested in HP instead. Hidden Power Ice can also be used over Hidden Power Rock; It still hits Flying-type Pokemon hard, and scores super effective damage on Hydreigon, but Lilligant will then be helpless against Chandelure. Teeter Dance also deserves a mention, being able to confuse all Pokemon on the field. A partner with either Protect or Wide Guard is needed if Teeter Dance is going to be used, however, to keep Lilligant's partner from being confused too. With 100% accuracy and a 50% chance of the foe hurting itself in confusion, Teeter Dance could be considered more viable than Sleep Powder. Confusion from Teeter Dance either forces a switch or the opponent has to risk a 50% chance of hurting itself, which can ruin unprepared teams.

Checks and Counters

With Lilligant's below average defenses, most Fire- and Flying-type moves can OHKO it. The extremely common genies and Chandelure are definite threats that can easily take out Lilligant before it deals any damage. Amoonguss walls Lilligant, has access to Spore, and even with a Quiver Dance, Lilligant can only 3HKO physically defensive Amoonguss with Hidden Power Rock. Virizion can counter Lilligant lacking Hidden Power Ice, and even after a Quiver Dance, Lilligant can manage only a 2HKO on Virizion. Without Hidden Power Ice, Lilligant is also walled by Hydreigon, but a +1 Hidden Power Ice has a 92.3% chance to OHKO 4/0 Hydreigon. The low accuracy of Sleep Powder makes it hard for Lilligant to survive more than one hit from anything if Sleep Powder misses.