Vital Spirit
Prevents sleep. Increases wild encounters with higher level Pokemon.
Adds a chance of finding an item after each in-game battle.
Run Away
Increases chances of successfully escaping a random battle.
Type Tier
Normal LC
Level 50 Statistics (see level 5, 50, 100)
Min- Min Max Max+
- 120 152 -
72 80 112 123
58 65 97 106
40 45 77 84
58 65 97 106
67 75 107 117
  • Little Cup


While it may be outclassed in its role by Eevee and (to a lesser extent) Rattata, Lillipup still has the makings of a good offensive Normal-type. It boasts good Attack and Speed stats, allowing it to dish out some hurt thanks to its good base 60 Attack. Lillipup has an interesting ability in Vital Spirit, allowing it some free switches in and an immunity to sleep, both of which are great for sweeping. Access to STAB Return is a great boon, and with good coverage moves in Crunch and Wild Charge, Lillipup is not be trifled with. However, it must be emphasized that Lillipup is not the best at what it does, though it is certainly usable and worth a teamslot.

Name Item Ability Nature

Life Orb

Life Orb Vital Spirit Jolly / Adamant
Moveset EVs
~ Return
~ Wild Charge
~ Fire Fang
~ Crunch / Ice Fang
200 Atk / 236 Spe

This is basically the best set that Lillipup can run. Lillipup has a decent 15 Attack with a Jolly nature, and with a Life Orb, STAB Return is going to sting a little if you're not a Ghost-, Rock-, or Steel-type. Wild Charge can easily take care of any incoming Water-types, including Frillish aiming to take advantage of Return. Fire Fang allows Lillipup to hit Steel-types hard, the most important of which is Ferroseed, which completely walls this set otherwise. Lastly, Crunch allows Lillipup to hit Ghost-types, including the aforementioned Frillish. Ice Fang is another coverage option that enables Lillipup to hit Dragon-types for huge damage.

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Other Options

Lillipup has some other options, though they really aren't anything to write home about. It has access to Howl, allowing it to run a boosting set, though it really needs all the coverage it can get, so using Howl is usually a waste of a moveslot. Reversal can be used on the set; however, it is both risky and somewhat redundant. Yawn, Thunder Wave, Roar, and Toxic can be used as fillers or as the main moves of their own set, though other Pokemon run these moves better and Lillipup just doesn't have the space on a moveset for it. Lillipup also has a fairly extensive special movepool, though it unfortunately really can't use it due to its terrible base 25 Special Attack.

Checks and Counters

Fighting-types can lay down the hurt on Lillipup, though most will take a number from Return if they come in on it. Anything that is faster than Lillipup and takes little damage from one of its moves can be called checks if they can dispose of it easily. Good examples include Houndour and Chinchou, getting a free switch in on a Fire Fang or Wild Charge. In short, anything faster with a powerful attack can easily take out Lillipup, as its defenses aren't anything to write home about.