Rock Head
Recoil moves deal no recoil damage.
When hit with an Electric-type move, Special Attack is boosted by one stage. All Electric-type attacks are drawn to this Pokemon.
Battle Armor
Prevents critical hits.
Type Tier
Ground NU
Level 5 Statistics (see level 5, 50, 100)
Min- Min Max Max+
- 22 25 -
12 14 17 18
15 17 20 22
9 11 14 15
12 14 17 18
9 11 14 15


Marowak is an offensive juggernaut, thanks to its signature item, Thick Club, which doubles its average Attack, increasing it to amazing levels. In combination with its signature move, Bonemerang, which hits twice, Marowak can prevent several common Stealth Rock users from setting up by bypassing their Sturdy ability. Its Ground typing is also an important attribute because it gives it an immunity to Electric-type moves and a resistance to Stealth Rock. Sadly, its weaknesses to common Water-, Ice-, and Grass-type moves and its low Speed hinder it. Marowak is also easily worn down due to its lack of recovery and mediocre special bulk. Additionally, it's only viable with its Thick Club, further limiting its options in the metagame.

Name Item Ability Nature


Thick Club Rock Head Adamant
Moveset EVs
~ Bonemerang
~ Stone Edge
~ Double-Edge
~ Stealth Rock / Substitute
200 HP / 252 Atk / 56 Spe

Marowak is unique in that it has access to Bonemerang, a powerful STAB attack that allows it to hit twice in one turn. This allows Marowak to break through Substitute, Focus Sash, and Sturdy users in a single turn, an invaluable attribute when facing opposing Stealth Rock users, as it can prevent many of them from setting up. Stone Edge rounds out Marowak's coverage, notably hitting the Flying-types that Bonemerang fails to hit. Double-Edge is a good option for hitting most opponents neutrally, which eases prediction on the player's part. With its typing and offensive presence, Marowak can force plenty of switches against Stealth Rock users and set up Stealth Rock for your team. The switches it forces against common Stealth Rock leads also give Marowak time to use Substitute, though it doesn't have many opportunities to set up outside of this. However, if your team already has a Stealth Rock user, then Substitute is a completely viable alternative move.

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Other Options

Marowak is a very potent threat on a Trick Room team with a Brave nature and 0 Speed IVs. Marowak is also able to use Swords Dance, but it is usually too slow to take advantage of it after setting up. Earthquake is a more accurate option over Bonemerang, but it lacks Bonemerang's ability to break through Sturdy, Focus Sash, and Substitute users, which is a major selling point. ThunderPunch and Fire Punch are options for extra coverage, but the additional damage output rarely makes a difference, as a super effective hit from them does the same amount as a neutral hit from Bonemerang. Toxic is a good option to hit walls such as Alomomola and Tangela on the switch, but Marowak generally prefers Toxic Spikes support instead. Knock Off is an option, but Marowak is meant to simply hit the opponent hard rather than messing with the opponent's item. Smack Down is an option for a Rock-type move to allow Marowak to hit Flying-type and Levitating Pokemon on the switch and then threaten them with Bonemerang. Rock Slide is a more accurate and reliable option for a Rock-type move, but the difference in power from Stone Edge is very noticeable. Marowak has several special attacks it can use with Lightningrod, but they deal pitiful damage because Thick Club does not boost Special Attack. However, a Marowak running a Naughty nature with 88 Special Attack EVs can 2HKO Torterra with Ice Beam. Finally, Sing and Perish Song are interesting support options, but Marowak is better off attacking most of the time.

Checks and Counters

Alomomola and Tangela are not fazed by anything Marowak throws at them, and they have super effective STAB moves to retaliate with. Seismitoad is a common Pokemon that can take anything Marowak uses and threaten it with powerful Water-type STAB moves. Torterra is also a great counter, as it can take any move Marowak has and then destroy it with Wood Hammer. Weezing is a good counter as it is only 3HKOed by Double-Edge after Stealth Rock damage, but it has a bit of trouble damaging Marowak in return if it has a Substitute up to block Will-O-Wisp. Exeggutor can take a hit from any single move Marowak has and then set up or retaliate back. Burn spreaders such as Misdreavus, Solrock, and Wartortle can cripple Marowak if it isn't behind a Substitute. Special attackers such as Samurott and Roselia cannot safely switch in, but they can easily threaten Marowak out due to its low special bulk and Speed. Piloswine is a Stealth Rock user that Marowak cannot OHKO, and it also threatens Marowak with its Ice-type moves. As Marowak is pretty slow, most faster Pokemon can revenge kill it unless it has a Substitute up. Trick and Knock Off can remove Marowak's Thick Club and render this orphan ineffectual.