Marvel Scale
Defense is increased by 50% when afflicted with status.
Cute Charm
Can infatuate Pokemon of opposite gender when struck.
Type Tier
Water UU
Level 50 Statistics (see level 5, 50, 100)
Min- Min Max Max+
- 170 202 -
72 80 112 123
89 99 131 144
108 120 152 167
130 145 177 194
90 101 133 146
  • Underused


The UnderUsed tier is filled to the brim with bulky Water-types, and all of them fill some sort of niche the others lack; Blastoise has the valuable Rapid Spin, Slowbro and Slowking boast Fighting-type resistances and nearly endless recovery with Regenerator, Suicune has more overall bulk than all its competitors, and Empoleon and Swampert have unique typings and access to Stealth Rock. It's getting harder to see the niche Milotic holds, but it alone has access to instant recovery and spectacular Special Defense with a pure Water typing. This mean that it fills a role similar to Slowking's, but it trades Regenerator for a neutrality to Heracross's Megahorn, Yanmega's Bug Buzz, and most importantly, Chandelure's Shadow Ball. Also, unlike many bulky Waters-types, it has a decent base Speed. Despite having a rather weak Defense, Milotic can still be used on any team needing a check to several of the tier's top threats, but if you're looking for a hard counter, you should look elsewhere.

Name Item Ability Nature

Physically Defensive

Leftovers Marvel Scale Bold
Moveset EVs
~ Scald
~ Recover
~ Ice Beam
~ Haze / Dragon Tail
248 HP / 252 Def / 8 Spe

Despite having a low base Defense, Milotic's pure Water typing, which gives it neutrality to almost all common physical attacks, makes it an acceptable choice for a physical tank. Scald provides Milotic with a useful STAB move while also packing the burn chance that can cripple almost any physical attacker (Pokemon with the Guts ability being the exception). Once burned, even the strongest physical attackers, such as Mienshao, struggle to break Milotic. Recover is another vital move; it allows Milotic to stall any burned physical attacker and heal damage taken from switching into powerful physical attackers such as Darmanitan. Ice Beam lets Milotic check several important physical attackers, specifically Flygon and Tornadus, and also deals super effective damage to Grass-types that switch into it. However, the high Special Defense of UU's Grass-types and Milotic's uninvested Special Attack mean the overall effectiveness of the hit is low. Haze makes Milotic a good counter to some setup sweepers, such as Bulk Up Scrafty and Swords Dance Bisharp. Dragon Tail can be used instead to increase passive damage taken by entry hazards and phaze Pokemon that try to force Milotic out, but its low Base Power means that Milotic can no longer reliably check Substitute sweepers.

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Other Options

Milotic can run an offensive set as it has good Special Attack and Speed, but it faces competition from Suicune, which can boost its stats with Calm Mind, and Slowbro, which has worse Speed but better coverage. Refresh eliminates any status crippling Milotic without need for team support, but it's hard to fit into a moveslot and Milotic often doesn't get a chance to use extra moves, as it must often heal to be of any use to its team. Dragon Pulse can check bulky Substitute Kingdra that can tank a Dragon Tail, but Haze already does that. Hidden Power Electric allows Milotic to hit Empoleon, but it doesn't do enough damage to be worth the moveslot. Hypnosis can essentially be an OHKO move, but it's very risky due to its low accuracy. Light Screen can provide team support, but without Light Clay, the effect doesn't last very long.

Checks and Counters

Roserade fears nothing from Milotic; even a Scald burn can be healed with Natural Cure. Once it's in battle, it can start unleashing its powerful STABs or use the opportunity to set up layers of Spikes to damage Milotic's team. Shaymin is even bulkier than Roserade, and it can use Leech Seed to start draining its counters of health or use Seed Flare and hope for a Special Defense drop. Abomasnow can set up a Substitute on Milotic and drain its health with Leech Seed, but it must be careful of Toxic and burns from Scald. Togekiss is a very effective stallbreaker: it can boost its Special Attack with Nasty Plot, heal damage with Roost, and even clear status with Heal Bell. Milotic can prolong the battle with Haze or Dragon Tail, but because it's on the defensive, it will eventually succumb to Togekiss. Raikou and Zapdos can both threaten Milotic with strong STABs, but they hate being burned by Scald and if entry hazards are on the field, Dragon Tail can increase passive damage. Virizion has a super effective Grass-type STAB, great Special Defense, and setup moves that it can use against Milotic, but physical variants must be mindful of Scald burns. The tier's great stallbreakers, Crobat, Sableye, Mew, and Swords Dance Heracross, can all break Milotic, but they all fear a Scald burn bar Guts Heracross. Snorlax can absorb hits with its high Special Defense and hit back with strong, neutral attacks, but offensive variants are crippled by Scald.