Thick Fat
Fire- and Ice-type damage is reduced by 50%.
Can hit Ghost-types with Fighting- and Normal-type moves.
Sap Sipper
Grants immunity to Grass-type moves and boosts Attack by 1 stage when hit by a Grass-type move.
Type Tier
Normal NU
Level 100 Statistics (see level 5, 50, 100)
Min- Min Max Max+
- 331 394 -
176 196 259 284
221 246 309 339
104 116 179 196
158 176 239 262
212 236 299 328


Miltank has basically been doing the same job since her first appearance: supporting her teammates with her great supportive moves. In BW RU, Miltank's mission has barely changed, as she is still one of the best supportive Normal-types down in the lower tiers. With access to Heal Bell and Stealth Rock, Miltank can provide valuable entry hazard and cleric support to almost any team in need of it. Miltank also has great stats to work with, boasting 95 / 105 / 70 defenses that allow her to take on a huge variety of offensive threats in the tier. Miltank has access to a reliable recovery move in Milk Drink to further increase her defensive capabilities as well. Her great base 100 Speed is also a great aid, as it allows her to outspeed key threats such as Absol and Emboar with minimal EV investment, and either restore her health or attack the opponent before taking a hit. It doesn't stop there. Miltank is one of the few Pokemon blessed with three great abilities, each with their pros and cons. Thick Fat makes Miltank resist Fire- and Ice-type moves, which is great for teammates who struggle with Fire- and Ice-types. Sap Sipper makes Grass-types and Smeargle easier to deal with, as Miltank can now absorb any incoming Grass-type move and receive an Attack boost in return, making her hit a little harder at the same time. Miltank has access to Scrappy as well, another great ability, but the benefits from the other two abilities are more beneficial for Miltank than the ability to hit Ghost-types with her STAB moves. Despite her great defensive traits, Miltank still has her fair share of letdowns. A Normal typing is not the best defensive typing, as it doesn't give Miltank any useful resistances other than Ghost, while she has a crippling Fighting-type weakness. Her abilities do give extra resistances and immunities to Fire-, Ice-, and Grass-type moves, respectively, but not all three at once. Miltank also faces stiff competition from Clefable in the supportive role, as Clefable has access to the same moves, as well as Magic Guard and Wish on top of that. Despite this, Miltank still pulls off her defensive role with great success, and while she does face competition from other Normal-types, Miltank has her own advantages. Miltank isn't limited to going on the defensive, as with Sap Sipper and great natural bulk, she can put a hurting on the opposing team with her decent Attack stat and powerful moves.

Name Item Ability Nature


Leftovers Sap Sipper / Thick Fat Careful
Moveset EVs
~ Stealth Rock
~ Milk Drink
~ Body Slam
~ Heal Bell / Earthquake
252 HP / 192 SpD / 64 Spe

With the prevalence of dangerous Fire-types such as Moltres and potent special attackers such as Sceptile, specially defensive Miltank is the most useful despite her higher Defense stat. This is due to her great abilities that give her resistances or an immunity to some of the most common special moves in the tier, which Pokemon such as Clefable would die for. Stealth Rock is the most vital move that Miltank brings to the table, as it is a great move to wear down incoming Pokemon for any team; what sets her apart from Clefable is her higher Speed stat, and with that, higher insurance of getting Stealth Rock up on the field. Milk Drink gives Miltank her much needed recovery move, while Body Slam is a great offensive move for Miltank to use; not only does it prevent Miltank from becoming completely shut down by Taunt, it also has a nice 30% chance to paralyze the foe, basically eliminating the need for Thunder Wave completely. The last move of choice basically comes down to what the team needs. If status is a major hindrance for your team's sweepers and other defensive Pokemon, Heal Bell is another great support move to use to remove any unwanted status. If there is minimal need of cleric support from Heal Bell, Earthquake is a useful move for Miltank to use against Pokemon such as Entei, Aggron, Lanturn, Magneton, and Emboar; with Earthquake, some of these Pokemon become much easier to deal with for Miltank, as Body Slam might not cut it most of the time.

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Name Item Ability Nature


Life Orb Sap Sipper Jolly
Moveset EVs
~ Double-Edge / Return
~ Earthquake
~ Milk Drink
~ Heal Bell / Fire Punch / Stealth Rock
4 HP / 252 Atk / 252 Spe

While Miltank is often seen on the defensive, she is no slouch on the offensive. Her great Speed stat combined with Sap Sipper and high-powered moves make Miltank a potent threat. With Grass-type moves such as Spore, Sleep Powder, and Leech Seed being very common in the tier, gaining an Attack boost is not a hard task. Miltank also sits at a comfortable base 100 Speed stat, allowing her to outspeed Pokemon such as Moltres, Sigilyph, and Adamant Entei, while she Speed ties with Typhlosion and other base 100 Speed Pokemon. Double-Edge is Miltank's best choice when it comes to a STAB move, as the high Base Power of the move makes Miltank hit extremely hard after a boost. However, Double-Edge has a drawback in that recoil damage will wear Miltank down faster, making Return a good substitute if you want Miltank to last longer. Earthquake rounds out Miltank's coverage well, hitting the Steel- and Rock-types that resist her STAB move for super effective damage, with the exception of Aerodactyl, Archeops, Rotom, and Misdreavus. Milk Drink works great in tandem with Miltank's natural bulk and the fact that it will recover all recoil damage she receives from Double-Edge and Life Orb.

When it comes to Miltank's last move, it really should be tailored to what your team needs or what Miltank's teammates can cover for her. Heal Bell keeps Miltank free from crippling status such as burn and paralysis, which would otherwise make her offensive presence more or less non-existent. At the same time, she is keeping her teammates free from status as well. Fire Punch is great offensive option to widen Miltank's coverage, making the two offensive monsters Escavalier and Durant much easier to deal with. Escavalier is 2HKOed by Fire Punch without an Attack boost, while it is OHKOed by Miltank at +1. Durant is OHKOed regardless. Fire Punch is mostly used to handle Escavalier as Durant is faster than Miltank, but Fire Punch can nail it on a predicted switch. Stealth Rock is a viable option if your team is in need of a fast setter, or if the team is pressed for a slot for the move. Both Heal Bell and Fire Punch are more helpful for Miltank herself as they cover one huge obstacle for her each, so Stealth Rock should only be considered if you really need it.

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Other Options

The first thing that comes to mind when one looks at Miltank's other options is the combination of Curse and Scrappy. Curse boosts Miltank's Attack and Defense, and Scrappy allows her to hit Ghost-types with her STAB moves. While this might look good on paper due to the combination of Curse, Milk Drink, and Heal Bell making her impossible to take down without a strong special attack, it is not in practice. The amount of support Miltank will need for this set to work is huge, and the amounts of boosts she will need to be threatening are hard to obtain and it is not hard to stop her from setting up. In short, Curse + Scrappy Miltank is way too situational to be worth the trouble. Rock Slide is a nice move for the Mootility set to instantly KO Moltres after it has taken Stealth Rock damage; otherwise, it is a 2HKO. However, it will be hard to find room for Rock Slide as the moves already mentioned above are far more usable than a move for one specific threat. When it comes to the Moofensive set, Double-Edge and Return will get the same job done. Miltank also has several other physical moves available to her, such as Zen Headbutt and ThunderPunch, but most of them are redundant in coverage while Double-Edge will do more damage most of the time. Much like other supportive Pokemon, Miltank has access to Rain Dance and Sunny Day and can effectively give weather support to a team. In combination with Stealth Rock and Heal Bell, it will be very useful support for most weather-based teams, but for those types of teams only. Block is a very, very gimmicky option that can help in trapping a frailer opponent for a Pursuit user to KO. Counter is another gimmick, but can definitely catch physically offensive beasts such as Aggron and Escavalier for a surprise KO. However, it can't be stressed enough how situational these two moves are compared to the more useful moves that have been mentioned. Counter can't even be used with Sap Sipper either. Much like any other Normal-type, Miltank's movepool is filled with strong special moves such as Thunderbolt, Shadow Ball, and Focus Blast. Miltank even has Work Up to boost its Special Attack; however, Miltank's Special Attack lies at a pitiful base 40, which makes a special attacking set impossible to pull off.

Checks and Counters

When it comes to taking Miltank down, there are several good candidates despite her solid traits (Speed and bulk); however, some Pokemon can only handle one of Miltank's two sets. Fighting-types are the biggest threats to both defensive and offensive Miltank. The likes of Gallade, Hitmonlee, and Medicham have no trouble OHKOing the Mootility set with their Fighting-type moves. The Moofensive set, however, is a tougher nut to crack for the Fighting-types. Due to Miltank's high Speed stat, no Fighting-type in the RU tier can outspeed her without the aid of a Choice Scarf. To make matters worse, Miltank can OHKO the frailer Fighting-types, such as Gallade and Hitmonlee, with Double-Edge even without a boost most of the time. Medicham and Emboar, who often wield a Choice Scarf, can outspeed and OHKO Miltank with ease though, and the same applies for Hitmonlee who has activated Unburden. Other, faster Pokemon with strong Fighting-type moves can also threaten Miltank in a similar manner. Special attackers such as Sceptile and Typhlosion can use Focus Blast to 2HKO any defensive version of Miltank, while easily OHKOing offensive ones. Misdreavus and Rotom give any Miltank trouble, as their typing and ability make them immune to the combination of Body Slam / Double-Edge / Return + Earthquake, which means Miltank can't touch them (without Scrappy). While Miltank can hit them with Fire Punch, bulky versions of Rotom are only 3HKOed while Misdreavus is only 4HKOed at +1. On top of that, they both have access to both Will-O-Wisp and Pain Split, making it impossible for Miltank to beat them. Spiritomb functions in a similar way, except it can be hit by Earthquake. However, despite being hit by Earthquake, Spiritomb's bulk and access to Will-O-Wisp make taking it down a hard task for Miltank, as it can't do anything but 3HKO the defensive versions if it can avoid being burned. Choice Band versions of Spiritomb can even Trick their item to Miltank, shutting down Mootility versions completely.

Durant is a huge threat to all Miltank as well. Durant's Superpower will OHKO both the specially defensive version and the offensive version of Miltank; Durant is faster than Miltank as well, so Miltank can't hit it first either. However, Durant must be careful of Fire Punch, as offensive versions of Miltank can OHKO it on a predicted switch or if Durant tries to set up with Hone Claws and Miltank stays in. Escavalier will also give Miltank trouble. Miltank can barely scratch Escavalier without Fire Punch, even with Earthquake. However, if Miltank does carry Fire Punch, Escavalier will need to make sure Miltank has taken damage beforehand as Escavalier does 95% at most with a Choice Band-boosted Megahorn; otherwise, it will get 2HKOed by Fire Punch. Aggron is another offensive behemoth that gives Miltank trouble. Its Choice Band-boosted Head Smash can OHKO specially defensive versions of Miltank after Stealth Rock, while the rare physically defensive ones are 2HKOed. What Aggron needs to watch out for is Earthquake, as Miltank can 2HKO it, meaning Aggron needs to be careful switching in. Moltres is another huge threat to Miltank. Despite Miltank's specially defensive nature, a Life Orb-boosted Hurricane can still easily 2HKO her if it hits. Flamethrower won't be much of a nuisance, especially if Miltank has Thick Fat, while Moltres needs to be wary of paralysis from Body Slam and stray Rock Slides. Substitute + Calm Mind Uxie can easily take advantage of defensive Miltank's lack of power and set up with Calm Mind without any trouble. However, if Miltank does use Seismic Toss, it will be more troublesome for Uxie to set up on her. The offensive version of Miltank has trouble with certain physically bulky threats. While Miltank can take advantage of Tangrowth's Grass-type moves, Miltank still has a hard time against it. Double-Edge can barely 2HKO Tangrowth with Stealth Rock on the field, resulting in 3HKOs more often than 2HKOs. The same premise applies to Alomomola as well, except it doesn't have any moves that Miltank can take advantage of and Alomomola can even burn her with Scald. Steelix is another troublesome foe, despite Miltank's access to Earthquake. Miltank can only 3HKO Steelix at +1 with Earthquake, while Steelix has no trouble wearing Miltank down with Gyro Ball and Life Orb recoil and can even resort to phazing Miltank out. Poliwrath, while 2HKOed by Double-Edge at +1, is still a solid answer, as it can phaze Miltank out with Circle Throw. If Miltank lacks a boost from Sap Sipper, the four aforementioned Pokemon will outright beat Miltank.