Mr. Mime

Unaffected by sound moves.
Reduces damage from super effective hits by 1/4.
Increases the Base Power of moves with 60 or less by 50%.
Type Tier
Psychic NU
Level 100 Statistics (see level 5, 50, 100)
Min- Min Max Max+
- 221 284 -
113 126 189 207
149 166 229 251
212 236 299 328
248 276 339 372
194 216 279 306


Mr. Mime's niche in RU, apart from holding the position as the most creepy Pokemon available, is its fantastic combination of tools to make it one of the better Baton Pass users in the tier. While Mr. Mime faces competition with Volbeat in the Special Attack boosts-passing department, it holds a lot of advantages over Volbeat, including a much higher Special Attack stat to make use of the Special Attack boosts, higher base Speed, much more special bulk, a better typing, and rare abilities in Filter and Soundproof. Mr. Mime fits very well on both full Baton Pass teams and standard teams, where on the latter Mr. Mime fulfills the roles of a short passer, supporter, and backup sweeper. Always beware the threat of Encore when Mr. Mime switches in, and always remember that Mr. Mime might end up being the least of your worries; a +2 Moltres is probably the most terrifying thing to ever grace the battlefields of RU.

Name Item Ability Nature

Baton Pass

Leftovers Filter Timid
Moveset EVs
~ Baton Pass
~ Nasty Plot / Calm Mind
~ Encore / Substitute
~ Psychic
252 HP / 4 SpD / 252 Spe

This is the only set Mr. Mime should be running in the current metagame, and for good reason. While it has a wide boosting movepool along with Substitute, Baton Pass, and a great ability, Mr. Mime cannot utilize these well on any other set without being outclassed. Along with Baton Passing these boosts, Mr. Mime can also utilize them itself to possibly sweep. Baton Pass is the most important move on this set as it passes boosts to a teammate, along with allowing it to escape Pursuit from the likes of Spiritomb and Absol. In the second slot, one of two boosting moves in Nasty Plot and Calm Mind can be run. Nasty Plot is usually the preferred option as it allows Mr. Mime to get an instant +2 boost to its Special Attack, which it can Baton Pass off to a teammate. Calm Mind is a good alternative as it boosts Mr. Mime's Special Defense alongside its Special Attack, allowing it to set up on the various special attackers in the metagame. Nasty Plot is usually better on normal teams, where the instant +2 boost lets special attackers wreak havoc, whereas Calm Mind is better on more dedicated Baton Pass teams. In the third slot, Encore can be run to lock Pokemon into an unfavorable move, granting Mr. Mime setup opportunities. Substitute allows Mr. Mime to Baton Pass to offensive Pokemon without the fear of them being KOed, essentially granting it a free switch-in. It also works well in conjunction with Calm Mind, as Mr. Mime's Substitutes become harder to break as it boosts its Special Defense.

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Other Options

Focus Blast is a coverage option that hits Steel-types as well as Dark-types for super effective damage, but Mr. Mime usually needs its other moves and cannot spare a moveslot for it. Shadow Ball can be used to hit Psychic- and Ghost-types, such as Slowking, Gallade, Medicham, and Rotom, for super effective damage, but as said earlier, Mr. Mime cannot spare a moveslot for it. Mr. Mime can choose to use an all-out attacker set with Nasty Plot, but this is outclassed by Jynx, who sports both higher Special Attack and a secondary Ice STAB. Healing Wish is an interesting option, but Mr. Mime is better off passing boosts with Baton Pass.

Checks and Counters

Dark-types like Absol and Spiritomb are great counters to Mr. Mime, with the latter being able to severely damage Mr. Mime with STAB Shadow Sneak before it can even use Baton Pass. Drapion makes for an excellent counter as it is faster, can Taunt Mr. Mime, hit it with Crunch, trap it with Pursuit, and can even phaze Mr. Mime with Whirlwind if it decides to Baton Pass out to a teammate. Pokemon that can get rid of Mr. Mime's boosts and do not take much damage from Psychic, such as Haze Cryogonal and Roar Steelix, are great counters as well. Priority users in general, such as Entei, Gallade, and Spiritomb, can strike its weaker Defense stat before it can Baton Pass. Mandibuzz is also a good counter, as it can tank any hit and phaze Mr. Mime out. Bug-types such as Escavalier and Durant can OHKO it even through Filter, with the former also being able to Pursuit trap it, while both resist Psychic-type moves due to their dual Steel typing. Crawdaunt is immune to Psychic and can set up a Substitute if Mr. Mime decides to Baton Pass to scout the switch-in. Pokemon like Cinccino, Klinklang, and Crustle can break Mr. Mime's Substitutes with multi-hit moves such as Tail Slap, Gear Grind, and Rock Blast, respectively, and deal heavy damage, with Crustle being able to severely damage it with STAB X-Scissor as well. Finally, other physically-based Pokemon, such as Aerodactyl and Choice Scarf Emboar, can easily OHKO Mr. Mime, but the latter cannot come in on a Psychic.