Increases the chance that the opponent will flinch when the wielder attacks. Decreases wild encounter rate.
Sticky Hold
The wielder's item cannot be removed. Increases chance of encountering Pokemon while fishing.
Poison Touch
The wielder has a 30% chance to poison the opponent when it uses a contact move.
Type Tier
Poison NU
Level 5 Statistics (see level 5, 50, 100)
Min- Min Max Max+
- 27 30 -
15 17 20 22
12 14 17 18
11 13 16 17
14 16 19 20
9 11 14 15


Muk is pretty solid as far as Poison-types go, especially among the ones that can absorb Toxic Spikes. Its solid Attack and Special Defense as well as good movepool allow Muk to tango with some of the most powerful special attackers in the tier. It has a unique ability which causes its contact moves to be capable of inducing poison, which is not only great for inflicting chip damage on opponents, but it's also hilarious when your Ice Punch poisons someone. What separates Muk from other slow Poison-types is Shadow Sneak, which turns it into a good offensive check to Jynx. However, Muk is slow and easy to wall as its coverage moves aren't quite strong enough to get the job done against bulkier opponents, and common weaknesses in Ground and Psychic hold it back. However, Muk still holds its own well in the NU metagame, and anything that can poison you while smacking you at the same time shouldn't be taken lightly.

Name Item Ability Nature


Black Sludge Poison Touch Adamant
Moveset EVs
~ Poison Jab
~ Shadow Sneak
~ Ice Punch / Fire Punch
~ Memento / Curse
252 HP / 252 Atk / 4 Def

Poison Jab is your main STAB and has a nice 30% chance to poison, while Poison Touch stacks another 30% chance. To put it into perspective, that's a 51% chance to add a free 12% damage over time effect with your main move, and 30% chance for its other attacks, which is pretty cool no matter how you look at it. Shadow Sneak is Muk's priority and despite being pretty weak, it is important to hit Jynx, Haunter, and Kadabra which otherwise harass or threaten Muk. Ice Punch has great coverage, hitting Ground-types such as Golurk and Flying-types such as Mandibuzz and Golbat for decent damage. On the other hand, Fire Punch nails Metang and Scolipede, the latter of which can use Muk as easy Spikes fodder otherwise. The last move depends on what you want Muk to do: Memento helps a teammate to set up on the crippled opponent when Muk is running low on HP or has outlived its usefulness; Curse allows Muk to set up itself, using its good bulk and Toxic immunity to harass defensive teams and providing the power to break through.

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Name Item Ability Nature

Choice Band

Choice Band Poison Touch Adamant
Moveset EVs
~ Poison Jab / Gunk Shot
~ Shadow Sneak
~ Ice Punch / Fire Punch
~ Explosion
252 HP / 252 Atk / 4 Def

Choice Band gives Muk extra power, especially when you consider its Poison-type STAB can threaten two of the bulkiest physical walls in the tier: Tangela and Alomomola. Poison Jab is reliable STAB and has a ridiculous chance to inflict poison, but Gunk Shot can 2HKO Alomomola, especially if poison is taken into account, but at the cost of not having Poison Touch's benefit nor good accuracy. Shadow Sneak is for priority and can take out frail Psychic-types and Ghost-types, with its power being more pronounced thanks to Choice Band, such as nabbing the clean OHKO on Jynx. Ice Punch is for hitting Ground-types and bulky Flying-types, though Gunk Shot does more damage against the majority of Flying-types. Fire Punch is an option to hit Scolipede and Metang, especially the former which could otherwise use Muk as an easy setup opportunity. Finally, Explosion lets Muk go out with a bang when it is almost down, taking most opponents down with it.

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Other Options

Sticky Hold is a decent option, but there aren't a lot of Trick users, much less those which can survive Muk's onslaught comfortably enough to even think about Tricking the Black Sludge onto something else; the extra poison chance is great against offensive teams. Destiny Bond is usable as it allows Muk to bring down an opponent it cannot otherwise beat, but Muk would much rather blow itself up than wait for the opponent to KO it and risk playing around Destiny Bond; it is also too slow to make use of it properly. ThunderPunch hits Alomomola harder than Poison Jab, but Poison Jab and poison damage does more damage over time and can't be passively healed off as easily, plus it's even more useless against Ground-types. Muk has some interesting special attacking options such as Giga Drain, Thunderbolt, and Flamethrower, but a low Special Attack stat makes them inferior, and even then Seviper and Weezing do this better. Dig's main purpose is to hit Poison-types, but giving them a free turn to do anything and switch out to a resist or Flying-type hardly makes this worthwhile.

Checks and Counters

Muk is a bit trickier to counter safely when you consider Poison Touch and its decent matchup against most Psychic-types. Fellow Poison-types such as Garbodor, Scolipede (although it has to watch out for Fire Punch), Arbok, Weezing, Golbat, and even Skuntank can all take on Muk as it has no practical way of hurting them and Poison Touch is ineffective against them; they can proceed to beat down and / or set up all over Muk or, in Weezing's case, cripple Muk with Will-O-Wisp. Not even Curse can help Muk much against them, as they can either use Clear Smog, Taunt, or boost alongside Muk and outdamage it with Earthquake. Steel-types such as Metang, Probopass, and Bastiodon are in much the same boat due to their Poison immunity, though they have to confirm Muk's coverage move before getting comfortable. Ground-types like Seismitoad, Golurk, Torterra, and Piloswine all threaten with their STAB Ground-type attacks, though Golurk and Torterra have to watch out for Ice Punch. Rock-types such as Golem, Carracosta and Regirock do well too, taking little damage from most, if not all of Muk's attacks, though those that take longer to beat Muk are at a greater risk of Poison Touch poisoning them. Regirock and Metang aren't even affected by Memento due to Clear Body and also wall Muk, though Metang can be worn down with Fire Punch while Regirock can succumb to poison. Misdreavus takes little from Shadow Sneak and can burn Muk to cripple it, though it risks being poisoned by Poison Touch when attempting to do so. Musharna can tank non Choice Band-boosted hits and retaliate with its Psychic-type attacks.