Prevents sleep.
Super Luck
Critical hit rate is boosted by one stage.
Moves that do not deal direct damage have their priority increased by one level.
Type Tier
Dark / Flying NU
Level 50 Statistics (see level 5, 50, 100)
Min- Min Max Max+
- 135 167 -
94 105 137 150
55 62 94 103
94 105 137 150
55 62 94 103
99 111 143 157


Here in VGC, Murkrow finds a great niche with the Prankster ability, which only 6 other Pokemon get. Murkrow really stands out from the others, with its typing and movepool giving it advantages over other Prankster users. With the support moves it has, Murkrow has amazing potential to fit on nearly any team. However, Murkrow is not without its drawbacks. It has 60 / 42 / 42 defenses, meaning even with as much invested bulk as possible and an Eviolite, it won't be able to take many hits from the opposition. Its weaknesses to common spread moves in VGC, such as Discharge, Rock Slide, and Blizzard, can be a thorn in your side. This is no big problem though, as the benefits Prankster provides easily outweigh these downsides. Murkrow may seem a somewhat odd Pokemon, but when used correctly, it can wreak havoc upon the opposing team.

Name Item Ability Nature

Prankster Abuse

Eviolite Prankster Calm
Moveset EVs
~ Quash
~ FeatherDance
~ Thunder Wave / Tailwind
~ Protect / Taunt
252 HP / 4 Def / 252 SpD

Murkrow has all the right tools it needs to abuse Prankster to its fullest. Quash forces attacks such as Rock Slide and Earthquake to move last, and Murkrow is the only Prankster user to receive access to this excellent move. FeatherDance, essentially a double Intimidate, is another unique tool, lowering your opponents Attack stat by two stages. The third move can be a tough choice: Thunder Wave is very useful to cripple sweepers and prevent common speedy threats from sweeping your team, but Tailwind virtually guarantees that your team is faster than your opponent's, giving you a nice sweeping opportunity. The last move is also preferential. Protect is a staple in VGC play because it is useful on nearly anything; Protect enables Murkrow to avoid damage for a turn or Protect itself when the opponent might double target it while Murkrow's partner goes in for the KO. Taunt allows Murkrow to prevent Trick Room from being set up, ruins Amoonguss's attempts to Spore, and so on. Furthermore, Murkrow is one of the few Pokemon able to outspeed and Taunt Prankster Sableye.

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Other Options

For a special attacking option, you can run Snarl. While you lose priority in doing so, it allows Murkrow to mess with opposing special attackers. Confuse Ray is a decent choice if you feel lucky enough to use it. Perish Song is a cool option to force switches, but VGC battles are very fast-paced, making this less of an option than in standard play. Roost is another option, but Murkrow is very frail and might not be able to make much use of extra health. Focus Sash is also an option to help Murkrow with its frailty issues, but it might limit options for items on other team members, so Eviolite is usually better.

Checks and Counters

Murkrow is weak to many common spread moves, such as Rock Slide, Discharge, and Blizzard. Special attackers are good checks to Murkrow due to the fact that many aren't bothered by the tools Murkrow uses. Additionally, despite packing FeatherDance, Murkrow will likely still fall to powerful STAB Rock Slide from Pokemon such as Terrakion and Tyranitar. White Herb is quite annoying for Murkrow because it removes the Attack drop from FeatherDance. This causes Murkrow to waste a turn, which can cost the match in VGC. Finally, due to Clear Body, Murkrow can't do much to Metagross.