Tells which of the opponent's moves has the highest Base Power.
When afflicted with status, the enemy is afflicted also. Can pass nature to wild Pokemon.
Does not take damage from allies' attacks.
Type Tier
Psychic NU
Level 100 Statistics (see level 5, 50, 100)
Min- Min Max Max+
- 373 436 -
131 146 209 229
185 206 269 295
225 250 313 344
203 226 289 317
84 94 157 172


Musharna is often overlooked in the RU tier despite having many unique features with which to distinguish itself from other Psychic-types. Thanks to its great mixed bulk and pure Psychic typing, Musharna makes for an excellent all-purpose Fighting-type counter, taking on many of the deadly Fighting-types in RU such as Medicham, Hitmonlee, and Hariyama. Musharna also has a decent movepool, but not a lot of it is usable because of its poor Speed and inability to use physical attacks effectively. However, this does not stop Musharna from doing its job effectively. As an added advantage, it makes good use of Synchronize, which means the opponent will have to think twice before using Toxic to wear Musharna down. Despite these qualities, Musharna is stopped cold by Dark-types, so you should be especially cautious when they are spotted in Team Preview.

Name Item Ability Nature

Calm Mind

Leftovers Synchronize Bold
Moveset EVs
~ Calm Mind
~ Stored Power / Psychic
~ Moonlight
~ Baton Pass
240 HP / 252 Def / 16 Spe

Exceptional natural bulk and reliable recovery make Musharna an excellent user of Calm Mind provided Dark-types can be removed from the opponent's team first. Calm Mind is the ideal setup move for a slow and bulky Pokemon with decent offenses like Musharna. Stored Power is generally the superior STAB move of choice on this set, as it will be more powerful than Psychic after just two Calm Minds . However, setting up two Calm Minds is not always possible in a fast-paced match, so Psychic can be used to reliably wear down a particular threat that can stop Musharna from sweeping. Then, once the threat is weakened, it can begin to set up with Calm Mind. Moonlight is absolutely essential on Musharna, allowing it to act as both a wall and bulky sweeper at the same time. Reliable recovery is invaluable, as it can let Musharna set up multiple times throughout a match. Dark-types wall this set indefinitely, and there are no shortage of those in RU. Spiritomb, Drapion, and Crawdaunt all get decent usage and can switch into this set without fear. For this reason alone, Baton Pass is the best option for the last moveslot. It allows Musharna to work around its regular checks by using Baton Pass as they switch in, and then switching to an appropriate check or counter. This allows Musharna to indirectly wear down or remove its counters, and sweep later on. Secondly, Baton Pass can be used to pass Calm Mind boosts to a teammate, which can potentially lead to a sweep.

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Other Options

Boasting a diverse movepool, Musharna has a number of usable options. Barrier can be used alongside Calm Mind, and can make Musharna virtually untouchable, boosting Stored Power's strength even more. It also has a number of useful support options such as Toxic and Thunder Wave, making an all-purpose walling set viable. However, Slowking will generally do this better, thanks to the added bonus of Regenerator. Musharna can also run Trick Room, but again Slowking does this better. Light Screen and Reflect are interesting options that can provide useful team support, especially when Musharna is holding Light Clay. Musharna gets a number of other support moves, such as Rain Dance, Yawn, and Magic Coat, which can all come in handy depending on what your team requires.

Checks and Counters

Spiritomb is a full stop to every Musharna set that doesn't run Shadow Ball, and even then Spiritomb will almost always come out on top. Drapion and Skuntank can switch in on any move apart from Hidden Power Ground, Taunt Musharna to stop it from using Calm Mind or Moonlight, and follow up with a STAB Pursuit or Crunch. Crawdaunt can switch in using its immunity to Psychic-type attacks and KO with Crunch, but it must be wary of Hidden Power Fighting. Aggron can do a similar job, just with a resistance to Psychic-type attacks instead of an immunity. Toxic Spikes are an excellent way to wear down Musharna, and Drapion does this excellently thanks of its Dark typing. If Musharna doesn't run Hidden Power Fighting then Ferroseed, Steelix, and Klinklang can all switch in and either set up or Roar Musharna away.