Tells which of the opponent's moves has the highest Base Power.
When afflicted with status, the enemy is afflicted also. Can pass nature to wild Pokemon.
Does not take damage from allies' attacks.
Type Tier
Psychic NU
Level 50 Statistics (see level 5, 50, 100)
Min- Min Max Max+
- 191 223 -
67 75 107 117
94 105 137 150
114 127 159 174
103 115 147 161
44 49 81 89


With an ability perfectly suited for the VGC metagame, overall decent stats, and a very useful support movepool, one may question why Musharna is not used in nearly all VGC teams. The answer is simple: when looking for a dedicated team supporter, Cresselia is usually preferred due to its better bulk and arguably better ability. This should not lead one to think Cresselia is superior to Musharna, however. Musharna's ability, Telepathy, enables it to fearlessly boost all its partner's spread attacks, a feat that Cresselia finds difficult to accomplish. Unlike Cresselia, Musharna also maintains the ability to remain a threat even after being Taunted, courtesy of its base 107 Special Attack stat. Furthermore, Musharna's ability to stop Trick Room teams with Imprison, a move Cresselia lacks, makes it a good candidate for a Trick Room or anti-Trick Room team. Couple this with its base 29 Speed stat and you will find Musharna to be the perfect weapon for and against Trick Room teams.

Name Item Ability Nature


Mental Herb / Sitrus Berry Telepathy Sassy
Moveset EVs
~ Trick Room
~ Psychic
~ Helping Hand
~ Protect / Imprison / Light Screen
252 HP / 4 SpA / 252 SpD

With the item Mental Herb getting a buff, Trick Room teams are even harder to counter than they were last generation, and are nearly impossible to stop from setting up, which can be problematic for teams packing speedy and frail Pokemon. Musharna, along with a few select other Pokemon, gained the ability to completely shut down these devastating foes by using Imprison in conjunction with Trick Room. Musharna shines as the one of the only two users of this combination to also possess the ability Telepathy, and among those two, the one with much higher bulk.

Trick Room is the crux of the set, enabling Musharna to distort dimensions to suit its teammates. Psychic provides a reliable and powerful STAB, prevents Musharna from being helpless in the face of Taunt, and softens foes up for a teammate's attack. It is one of the only ways Musharna can get past Whimiscott without excessive team support, and enables it to dent Amoonguss, who otherwise has no trouble putting your team to sleep via Spore. Helping Hand works wonderfully with Telepathy, as it allows Musharna to boost the power of its partner's attacking move, such as Earthquake or Surf without fear of taking damage. The last slot can be difficult to decide on. Protect is a staple move in doubles, scouting and stacking passive damage against the opponent, while protecting Musharna from harm. Imprison enables Musharna to easily stop opposing Trick Room teams and prevents any enemy support Pokemon from using Helping Hand. Lastly, Musharna can use Light Screen to assist its partners and itself by easing the damage from all special attacks, rain-boosted Surfs and sun-boosted Heat Waves in particular. Protect may be used in conjunction with Imprison to cause massive disruption to the opponent and to stall Trick Room turns, but it generally is not recommended as Musharna already has enough trouble deciding which four moves to use.

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Other Options

Musharna has a slew of options that it can run, but it often has trouble finding a spare moveslot. Musharna can dual screens or Thunder Wave support but Cresselia is often preferred thanks to greater bulk and Levitate. Psyshock and Shadow Ball are other moves that Musharna can utilize if it wants to damage Taunt users. Musharna can utilize Telekinesis in conjunction with a partner that uses low accuracy moves, but more often than not the opponent will find himself getting a free turn instead of being KOed. Lucky Chant prevents critical hits, but they are too rare to make this tactic anything more than a gimmick. Musharna can use Safeguard and Magic Coat to bounce back status effects, but it is generally very difficult to find a spot for these two moves on a set. A Calm nature is preferred if Musharna is used in an anti-Trick Room team to help outspeed opposing Trick Room foes. Musharna utilizes Hypnosis well due to its defensive stats and Telepathy. However, Hypnosis's accuracy is too unreliable and Amoonguss is a better choice for sleep support. Lastly, Musharna receives Moonlight and can use it as a form of recovery, but not only is it too unreliable to use, it is also less useful due to the faster pace of the doubles metagame.

Checks and Counters

Whimsicott is arguably your best bet for preventing Musharna from using Trick Room: it packs priority Taunt and Encore to prevent Musharna without Mental Herb from setting up Trick Room, while Encore forces ones that do to restore the dimensions to their original state the subsequent turn, after Mental Herb has been broken by Taunt. Imprison Chandelure is also a handy annoyance; it is capable of stopping all Musharna's attempts to set up Trick Room through Imprison, and can quickly dispose of Musharna with STAB Shadow Balls. Tyranitar and Politoed are also annoyances as their abilities reduce the effectiveness of Musharna's only reliable recovery move, Moonlight; worse still, they can smack the dreamer with a powerful STAB move. Although Musharna's bulk is by no means shabby, it can be disposed of with multiple STAB attacks, and its lack of reliable recovery will prevent Musharna from recovering damage it takes.