When afflicted with status, the enemy is afflicted also. Can pass nature to wild Pokemon.
Early Bird
Reduces sleep time.
Magic Bounce
Bounces back certain non-damaging moves.
Type Tier
Psychic / Flying NU
Level 100 Statistics (see level 5, 50, 100)
Min- Min Max Max+
- 221 284 -
122 136 199 218
113 126 189 207
158 176 239 262
113 126 189 207
158 176 239 262


Magic Bounce has carved Natu an interesting niche in the NU metagame, allowing it to shut down several support Pokemon that rely on status, phazing, or entry hazard setting, such as Alomomola, Bastiodon, and Tangela, and can therefore single-handedly wall most stall-oriented teams; it also stops the lesser known but deadly Riolu phazing strategy. Furthermore, the utility Magic Bounce boasts prevents the opposition from obliviously laying entry hazards and spreading status around, an external support tactic no Pokemon but Natu can rightfully claim in NU. However, Natu is very underwhelming itself, as even with Eviolite and a generally maximized Defense stat, Natu is still hit quite hard by many relatively powerful physical attackers. Thus, a skilled user who excels in prediction is required to play completely to Natu's strengths, as switching Natu in on the wrong move or allowing the opponent to set up entry hazards will essentially make it a wasted slot. In essence, Natu is completely reliant on its ability and support moves to cause any kind of nuisances, which makes it a risky Pokemon to use and setup bait for a myriad of sweepers, such as Bulk Up Braviary, Nasty Plot Jynx, and Swords Dance Samurott.

Name Item Ability Nature


Eviolite Magic Bounce Bold
Moveset IVs
~ Roost
~ Toxic
~ Reflect
~ Night Shade
0 Atk
248 HP / 204 Def / 56 Spe

This is Natu's generic support set, which works effectively due to the fact that Natu cannot be shut down by Taunt thanks to its ability bouncing it right back at the opponent. When using Natu, the basic objective is to bring it in against any non-threatening support Pokemon, such as Audino, defensive Scolipede, and Mandibuzz, to keep entry hazards and status from hindering your team and instead reflect them all back towards the opponent.

Because Magic Bounce users typically need to stay alive for as long as possible due to the phenomenal support it provides, Roost is the primary move to ensure such longevity. It further helps Natu to potentially accommodate for three of its weaknesses to Rock-, Ice-, and Electric-type moves, as Natu would take neutral damage from slower Pokemon carrying moves of said types, such as Regirock and Piloswine. Toxic is Natu's best weapon to actually deal with the Pokemon it shuts down, as many bulky walls detest the poison status, such as Alomomola and Tangela. Reflect is a vital move on Natu because it provides it with the ability to withstand the many Rock- and Ice-type Stealth Rock setters, such as the aforementioned Regirock and Piloswine, as well as Golem. On top of that, it makes Natu and its teammates significantly harder to overcome by physical attacks for a few turns. Lastly, Night Shade is used to better handle other threats Natu switches into, especially against Toxic-immune Pokemon as seen in Bastiodon and Garbodor, as it does decent damage and also prevents Natu from being complete setup bait against boosting attackers.

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Other Options

Natu holds an extensive support movepool consisting of notable moves such as Haze, Light Screen, Wish, Trick Room, FeatherDance, Rain Dance, and Sunny Day, but each move is generally executed better by more reliable Pokemon and Natu just doesn't have the space to use them effectively. Calm Mind looks like a feasible option, but with Natu's poor defenses and underwhelming Special Attack, it's better done by the likes of Musharna and Gardevoir. Grass Knot can be useful against Seismitoad, Golem, and Regirock, but it's highly situational and Natu doesn't have the power to OHKO them.

Checks and Counters

As Natu typically shuts down bulky walls, there are specific methods to dealing with it. Pokemon with high offensive prowess, specifically special attackers to take advantage of Natu's poor Special Defense, work excellently. Jynx, Eelektross, and Regice, which pack STAB super effective attacks against Natu, are examples that easily dispose of it. Boosting sweepers that don't fear Toxic too greatly can set up and bypass Natu, such as Swords Dance Samurott, SubSmash Gorebyss, and Shift Gear Klang. Substitute users that block Toxic can also be effectively used. Braviary and Tauros are great Substitute users to promptly shut Natu down as Night Shade fails to even affect them. Guts and Toxic Boost Pokemon, such as Zangoose, Swellow, and Ursaring, can switch in freely, activate their abilities once hit by Toxic, and pound Natu with their STAB Facade. It's also possible to indirectly cripple Natu with status as it significantly hinders Natu's effectiveness. This can be done with the likes of Wartortle's Scald, Skuntank's Poison Jab (which also packs Pursuit), Torkoal's Lava Plume, and Stunfisk's Discharge; Musharna also works well because once Natu reflects Toxic, it will be poisoned itself due to Synchronize and Musharna can use Heal Bell to remove its own Toxic. It's generally very easy to threaten Natu as it cannot do much from an offensive standpoint and its defenses are not high enough to withstand most Pokemon with enough power or with super effective attacks.