Poison Point
30% chance to poison when struck by a contact move.
Move power depends on gender of the opponent.
Sheer Force
Increases power of moves with secondary effects by 30%, but removes the effects.
Type Tier
Poison / Ground UU
Level 100 Statistics (see level 5, 50, 100)
Min- Min Max Max+
- 303 366 -
198 220 283 311
171 190 253 278
185 206 269 295
167 186 249 273
185 206 269 295


Nidoking is one of the most feared attackers in the UU tier due to his vast movepool and good attacking stats, further increased by Sheer Force. Nidoking is also an easy Pokemon to switch in with his resistance to Stealth Rock, immunities to Thunder Wave and Toxic, and a key immunity and resistance, respectively, to Electric- and Fighting-type moves. However, Nidoking isn't without flaws, as his mediocre Speed and defensive stats often let him down against more offensive teams.

Name Item Ability Nature

Special Attacker

Life Orb Sheer Force Timid / Modest
Moveset EVs
~ Earth Power
~ Fire Blast
~ Ice Beam / Focus Blast
~ Substitute / Stealth Rock
252 SpA / 4 SpD / 252 Spe

This is Nidoking's flagship set, and for good reason. Between his peerless coverage, and the power that Life Orb and Sheer Force provide, Nidoking can at least 2HKO every Pokemon in the tier barring particular dedicated special walls. Earth Power is Nidoking's main attacking move, receiving STAB and destroying the plethora of Steel-, Rock-, and Fire-type Pokemon in the tier, such as Empoleon, Registeel, Rhyperior, and Arcanine. Fire Blast gives coverage on Grass-type Pokemon such as Shaymin, while also hitting Bronzong and Heracross for super effective damage, netting a 2HKO on the former while OHKOing the latter. Ice Beam is generally the best option for the third slot, hitting Flygon and Flying-type Pokemon super effectively. However, Focus Blast allows Nidoking to get past Umbreon, Snorlax, and Porygon2, which would wall Nidoking otherwise. The final slot depends on the needs of the team; Nidoking can set up Stealth Rock if you can't afford running it on any of his teammates, but Substitute is generally the superior option, as it takes advantage of the switches forced by Nidoking and eases predictions.

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Name Item Ability Nature

Choice Scarf

Choice Scarf Sheer Force Modest / Timid
Moveset EVs
~ Earth Power
~ Sludge Wave
~ Ice Beam
~ Fire Blast / Thunderbolt
252 SpA / 4 SpD / 252 Spe

While it might seem like a waste to use a Choice Scarf on a Pokemon with such perfect coverage, Nidoking has just the necessary power and movepool to be a great revenge killer. Choice Scarf helps Nidoking overcome his biggest flaw, its lackluster Speed, as with a Choice Scarf attached, it can outspeed every unboosted Pokemon in UU, including common Nidoking checks such as Shaymin and Zapdos. Earth Power is Nidoking's primary STAB move; it lets him KO Pokemon such as Raikou, Cobalion, and Chandelure, while Ice Beam gives Nidoking a move to hit Pokemon immune to Earth Power, such as Togekiss, Zapdos, and Flygon.

Sludge Wave is Nidoking's secondary STAB move, and it has good neutral coverage with Earth Power. Sludge Wave allows Nidoking to revenge kill Azelf as well as Grass-type Pokemon such as Shaymin, while also being Nidoking's best option against Rotom-H. For the last moveslot, Fire Blast is preferred, as it allows Nidoking to OHKO Heracross while being able to hit Bronzong, which would wall Nidoking otherwise. However, Thunderbolt can also be used to hit most Water-types super effectively.

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Other Options

Nidoking has an impressive physical movepool, which includes Earthquake, Poison Jab, and the elemental punches, but Nidoking is generally better off using special attacks. Nidoking has access to Superpower, which can be used to get past Snorlax if Focus Blast's accuracy is a concern. Finally, Nidoking can use a mixed set with Hone Claws, as it boosts Nidoking's Attack while making low accuracy attacks such as Blizzard or Thunder viable; however, it is not effective enough to be a standard option.

Checks and Counters

Specially defensive behemoths such as Umbreon, Snorlax, and Porygon2 are the best options to stop Nidoking, as they can switch in on most of Nidoking's attacks and retaliate back. However, one must keep in mind that Nidoking can beat them if he's carrying Focus Blast. Bulky Water-types such as Milotic, Suicune, and Slowking can also check Nidoking thanks to their great defenses, but they don't enjoy taking repeated hits.

Another way of dealing with Nidoking is preying on his mediocre Speed. Its base 85 Speed is by no means great in UU, as it leaves Nidoking outsped by most offensive Pokemon in the tier such as Shaymin, Darmanitan, Flygon, and Azelf, which can force Nidoking out or simply OHKO him with their powerful attacks. Rotom-H is another annoying Pokemon for Nidoking to face, as it resists all his moves except Focus Blast and Sludge Wave while being able to outspeed and OHKO Nidoking with Overheat.