Effect Spore
30% chance to paralyze, poison, or sleep when struck by a contact move.
Dry Skin
The wielder absorbs Water-type moves and has a weakness to Fire-type moves. Heals in rain and is damaged by sun.
Prevents the use of Selfdestruct or Explosion. Prevents Aftermath from doing damage.
Type Tier
Bug / Grass NU
Level 5 Statistics (see level 5, 50, 100)
Min- Min Max Max+
- 22 25 -
14 16 19 20
12 14 17 18
10 12 15 16
12 14 17 18
8 9 12 13


After languishing in the depths of NU in the previous generations, Parasect got a great gift from the Dream World—Drizzle Politoed. Thanks to the endless downpour that Politoed brings, Parasect can effectively utilize Dry Skin, giving it a niche as a bulky Grass-type and SubSeed user on rain teams. It is also one of the few Pokemon who have access to Spore. This makes it a massive pain to deal with on rain teams, as it can stall out a large number of threats with Leech Seed and Substitute while replenishing its health every turn with Dry Skin and Leftovers. However, our mushroom friend does have its fair share of problems. While it has access to Spore, Parasect will become nearly useless outside of rain, as its relatively poor defensive stats will mean that any powerful neutral attack will KO it. This is compounded by the fact that Parasect has weaknesses to common Fire- and Ice-type attacks along with Stealth Rock. Taunt also completely shuts it down, meaning that dangerous foes such as Gyarados can set up on Parasect with ease. Despite these glaring flaws, Parasect shouldn't be underestimated. Play carelessly against it, and Parasect can make you pay dearly.

Name Item Ability Nature


Leftovers Dry Skin Careful
Moveset EVs
~ Spore
~ Substitute
~ Leech Seed
~ X-Scissor / Protect
252 HP / 160 Def / 96 SpD

Parasect makes a fantastic SubSeed user in the rain, as it can put a Pokemon to sleep with Spore and then gradually wear the opponent down with Leech Seed. Spore sets Parasect apart from other SubSeed users, and with the new sleep mechanics, it can potentially incapacitate the unfortunate victim for the rest of the match. Leech Seed and Substitute go hand-in-hand, as the HP lost from using Substitute can easily be recovered by Leftovers, Leech Seed, and Dry Skin. Substitute also has the added benefit of protecting Parasect from nasty status-inducing moves that could potentially cripple it, such as Toxic.

There are two options for the last moveslot. X-Scissor allows Parasect to smack Grass-types who might switch in to absorb Leech Seed. It also allows Parasect to deal with Ferrothorn, a big threat to rain teams, as Ferrothorn cannot break Parasect's Substitute with Power Whip or Gyro Ball. On the other hand, Protect makes Parasect nearly impossible to deal with outside of Taunt, as it can stall the opponent indefinitely with Leech Seed, Substitute, and Protect while they get worn down by Leech Seed. However, without X-Scissor, any Taunt user will completely shut down Parasect and set up on it.

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Other Options

Though Parasect has a few other moves it can run, it is mostly outclassed in other roles and is hard-pressed for moveslots as it is. Aromatherapy can be used to heal its teammates, but Blissey plays the role of a cleric better with its massive special bulk. Parasect can also run both Spore and Stun Spore to surprise the opponent and support slower teammates, but Jirachi, Ferrothorn, and Blissey are bulkier and can spread paralysis more reliably. Parasect can even attempt a sweep with Swords Dance, and has physical options such as Seed Bomb, X-Scissor, and Brick Break, but it has better things to do. Finally, Parasect can run Toxic, but this would be a waste of a moveslot when considering the fact that its teammates can provide Toxic Spikes support much more reliably.

Checks and Counters

Unfortunately, Parasect has a long list of counters. Weather changers pose a massive threat to Parasect, as with its below-par defensive stats, it just can't stomach powerful blows from the likes of Tyranitar and Ninetales. Taunt also completely ruins Parasect, as it can barely scratch its foes with X-Scissor unless they are weak to it. Tornadus and Gyarados are especially dangerous, since they both pack Taunt, a handy resistance to X-Scissor, and benefit from the rain Parasect loves so much. Pokemon with a Grass / Poison typing, such as Roserade, are also a massive pain for Parasect to deal with, as they are immune to both Toxic and Leech Seed, remove Toxic Spikes, and can severely hurt Parasect with their STAB Poison-type attacks. They need to watch out for Spore, though. Magic Bounce Xatu is another great check to Parasect, as it can bounce back both Spore and Leech Seed, set up on Parasect while healing off any damage taken from X-Scissor with Roost, and maim it with its STAB Flying-type attacks. Finally, although rare, Sap Sipper users such as Sawsbuck and Bouffalant are immune to both Spore and Leech Seed, and can gain an Attack boost by switching into them. In general, if Parasect is not behind a Substitute, anything that can exploit its numerous weaknesses can KO it with ease, though they need to be careful switching in.