If the wielder is at full HP, it will survive any attack. OHKO moves will fail.
Magnet Pull
Prevents Steel-type Pokemon from switching. Increases the chance of encountering a Steel-type Pokemon in the wild.
Sand Force
Increases power of Ground-, Rock-, and Steel-type attacks by 30% in a sandstorm.
Type Tier
Rock / Steel NU
Level 5 Statistics (see level 5, 50, 100)
Min- Min Max Max+
- 22 25 -
10 12 15 16
18 21 24 26
12 14 17 18
18 21 24 26
9 10 13 14


Probopass is one of the best utilizers of the FEAR strategy. It possesses unique traits over other FEAR users such as Aron, such as the ability to retain Sturdy even if Stealth Rock is up, which enables it to pull off its strategy with greater effect. When Probopass gets in safely, it is often difficult to stop, although there are certain Pokemon in OU that can still shut it down, provided they get a chance. Steel-types, Leech Seed, multi-hit moves like Bullet Seed, hail, and burn status all threaten to break Sturdy. Quick hazards from the many Custap leads, such as Skarmory, Forretress, and the rarely seen Crustle, are also a pain to Probopass, as enough hazards down will break Sturdy and nullify its strategy. In addition, Probopass requires a large amount of team support to be used effectively, a factor that means it's often overlooked by many batters in favor of something more reliable.

Name Item Ability Nature

Pain Split (Level 2)

Leftovers Sturdy Bold
Moveset IVs
~ Pain Split
~ Protect
~ Toxic
~ Magic Coat / Taunt
0 HP
252 Spe

This is the only reason Probopass should be used in OU. The set's concept is simple: Sturdy keeps Probopass alive so it can use Pain Split, which heals it and drains the opponent's health. Pain Split should be used sparingly when the opponent is low on health, as they will need to have at least 26 HP left to keep Probopass alive. Protect recovers the damage taken from Stealth Rock or a layer of Spikes, scouts for dangerous attacks, and stacks up sandstorm or poison damage. Toxic hinders those that try to utilize healing moves, and Magic Coat bounces back moves such as Taunt and Spore. Alternatively, Taunt can be used to prevent Probopass from becoming setup bait. Despite facing competition from Aron, Probopass's ability to switch into hazards, and its access to Magic Coat and Taunt are its advantages over Aron. It should also be noted that when using Probopass, one mistake will render him useless, so when in doubt, scout with Protect.

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Other Options

Probopass has very few other options as FEAR is his only set that isn't severely outclassed. He could function as a tank, but his atrocious typing renders him weak to the omnipresent Earthquake and Close Combat, and there a myriad of other Pokemon that are better for this role. Probopass can also function as a trapper, but is almost always outclassed by Magnezone.

Checks and Counters

Probopass can't finish off Steel-types as he has no way of dealing residual damage to them. Grounded Rock- and Ground-types can be dealt with, but only via Toxic Spikes or Toxic. Probopass also fears Pokemon with status moves, multi-hit moves, negative priority moves, Leech Seed, Substitute, and abilities like Mold Breaker. Any of these will render Sturdy worthless, making Probopass as good as gone. Changing the weather negates finishing damage, but Probopass can still whittle away at your Pokemon's HP. Flinches and hail are also very troublesome. Most teams already have a check to Probopass, such as Jirachi, Kyurem-B, Gengar with Substitute, Ferrothorn with Leech Seed, or Breloom with Bullet Seed, so all you'll need to do is keep them alive.