Prevents the use of Selfdestruct or Explosion. Prevents Aftermath from doing damage.
Cloud Nine
Blocks the effects of weather.
Swift Swim
Speed doubles in rain.
Type Tier
Water LC
Level 100 Statistics (see level 5, 50, 100)
Min- Min Max Max+
- 241 304 -
126 140 203 223
118 132 195 214
149 166 229 251
122 136 199 218
131 146 209 229
  • Little Cup


Psyduck seems to be just a standard Water-type on the surface, but below that lies an interesting difference. Psyduck is one of the few Pokemon with the Cloud Nine ability, allowing safe revenge killing of threats such as Drilbur. Psyduck is fast enough to use a Choice Scarf as it reaches 14 Speed unboosted, and it has a good movepool to hit opponents with. Sadly, it's not all good news for Psyduck. Its stats are a bit lacking, and most of what it can do would be horribly outclassed if not for its situational ability. Overall, Psyduck is an interesting option, if only for the fact that it is a safe choice to KO the important Drilbur.

Name Item Ability Nature

Choice Scarf

Choice Scarf Cloud Nine Modest
Moveset EVs
~ Hydro Pump / Surf
~ Ice Beam
~ Hidden Power Fire / Hidden Power Grass
~ Signal Beam
240 SpA / 240 Spe

Psyduck is a good Choice Scarf user, reaching 22 Speed while negating weather when on the field by using its ability. Hydro Pump is the preferred STAB move due to its power, but Surf is viable for its accuracy. Ice Beam hits Dragon- and Grass-types. In the third slot, Hidden Power Fire is preferred, as it deals with the important Ferroseed and Snover. Hidden Power Grass is an option, however, if the team has problems with Water-types. In the last slot, Signal Beam is used for extra coverage, hitting Slowpoke, which is useful if using Hidden Power Fire, and also hitting Snover, which is important if using Hidden Power Grass.

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Other Options

Psyduck has a large amount of other options to consider. Calm Mind could be used to set up, but it's not recommended, as Lickitung is the better bulky Cloud Nine user. Psychic or Psyshock are options to hit Croagunk, but it doesn't hit much else since Hydro Pump does the same amount of damage to Fighting-types otherwise. Hidden Power Electric is there if Mantyke is a major problem, but it misses out on hitting Chinchou, making it inferior. Psyduck learns Hone Claws and has a good physical movepool, including Waterfall, Ice Punch, Dig, Cross Chop, Brick Break, and Zen Headbutt. Other Pokemon are better at this, but it has the surprise factor at least. Scald could be used as a STAB move on a defensive set for the added burn chance, but is too weak for offensive sets. Rain Dance and Swift Swim could always be used, but there are plenty of better Pokemon for that.

Psyduck also has plenty of defensive options to consider. Hypnosis could put a potential check to sleep, but has terrible accuracy, making it quite risky. Psych Up could be used against other Calm Mind users, but has little utility otherwise. Disable can stop weaker opponents that only have one move to hit Psyduck with, but is situational at best. Amnesia boosts Psyduck's Special Defense, but Calm Mind boosts Special Attack as well and is usually superior. Toxic could inflict poison on bulky Pokemon such as Slowpoke and Frillish. Psyduck could use Light Screen, but it doesn't learn Reflect so it's better off being used by another Pokemon. Yawn is more accurate than Hypnosis, but takes two turns to take effect; it is an interesting option to phaze, however. Confuse Ray could cause serious problems with some luck. Finally, Magic Coat is good on basically everything that learns it, and Psyduck is no exception.

Checks and Counters

Chinchou is a good check, as it can safely come in on anything but Hidden Power Grass or Mud Bomb and threaten Psyduck with STAB Electric-type moves. Ferroseed can't take Hidden Power Fire, but is safe coming in on any other move and can attack or just set up Spikes. Dratini is good against any move other than Ice Beam and can proceed to set up a Dragon Dance. Mantyke can stall Psyduck out barring Hidden Power Electric, which is rare. If none of these options are left, Psyduck is also weak to priority and can be revenged by faster Choice Scarf users as well.