Thick Fat
Fire- and Ice-type damage is reduced by 50%.
Own Tempo
Prevents confusion.
Boosts Attack by two stages for every stat drop.
Type Tier
Normal NU
Level 100 Statistics (see level 5, 50, 100)
Min- Min Max Max+
- 283 346 -
180 200 263 289
147 164 227 249
147 164 227 249
138 154 217 238
234 260 323 355
  • Neverused


Despite its chubby (and cute!) appearance, Purugly is one of NU's fastest Pokemon, boasting an impressive base 112 Speed. Sadly, this is its only worthwhile stat, with a mediocre Attack stat and paper-thin defenses. It also suffers from a shallow movepool, and its defensive capabilities are that of any standard Normal-type; although, this is somewhat alleviated by the resistances it gets from its ability, Thick Fat. It also faces strong competition from another other Normal-type: Persian. Persian runs a similar scout set, but has Technician to boost Fake Out.

However, it is not all doom and gloom for this gorgeous feline. Purugly's extra resistances granted by Thick Fat and ability to damage bulky Pokemon with Super Fang set it apart from its Normal-type brethren, and its blistering Speed and passable Attack let it scout and revenge kill effectively. While held back by its various flaws, Purugly has just enough in terms of base stats and movepool to pull off its sets.

Name Item Ability Nature


Life Orb Thick Fat Jolly
Moveset EVs
~ Fake Out
~ U-turn
~ Return / Super Fang
~ Taunt / Shadow Claw
56 HP / 252 Atk / 200 Spe

Thanks to its high base Speed, Purugly can use a combination of Fake Out and U-turn to deal quick damage and swiftly leave the battlefield without taking any damage. Although it has a measly 40 Base Power, Fake Out's priority and 100% flinch rate effectively give Purugly free damage on the opposing Pokemon. However, Ghost-type Pokemon are immune to it, so take caution if you see a Ghost-type in Team Preview. As Fake Out can only be used when you switch in, U-turn is the perfect follow up move, letting Purugly deal a parting blow while only taking Life Orb damage against slower opponents. U-turn is the ultimate scouting move, keeping the momentum on your side and taking advantage of the opponent's Purugly switch-ins. Return is a reliable STAB move that can revenge kill a weakened foe, whereas Super Fang lets you deal damage to the Rock- and Steel-types that otherwise wall Purugly. Taunt is a useful move for neutering set-up sweepers and hazard setters, but Shadow Claw can be used if you really want the extra coverage.

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Name Item Ability Nature

Choice Band

Choice Band Thick Fat Jolly
Moveset EVs
~ Return / Body Slam
~ Shadow Claw
~ U-turn
~ Super Fang / Quick Attack
56 HP / 252 Atk / 200 Spe

Although Purugly only has a mediocre Attack stat, a Choice Band can boost it to respectable levels, and with its brilliant base Speed it can function as a decent revenge killer. However, it faces strong competition from Persian, who has better Attack and Speed and a wider movepool to choose from. However, Purugly's resistances gained through Thick Fat and its ability to hit Steel-types with Super Fang set it apart from Persian. Return is a strong, reliable STAB move, but Body Slam can be used for the nice paralysis rate; if using Body Slam, however, the drop in power can be quite noticable. Shadow Claw grants Purugly perfect coverage, hitting Ghost-types super effectively, while U-turn lets it escape from sticky situations and maintain momentum. Purugly uses Super Fang to deal with the Rock- and Steel-types that wall Purugly, whereas Quick Attack gives it priority to finish off faster threats, such as Swellow and Choice Scarf users.

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Other Options

Purugly can use a boosting set with Hone Claws, but it is usually too frail to set up. It can use its high base Speed to set up weather, such as rain or sun, for its teammates. If so, use a Damp / Heat Rock to extend the length of the weather. Toxic can be used as a form of status to put pressure on very bulky Pokemon, such as Regirock and Golem. A gimmicky combination of Fake Out and Last Resort can give Purugly a high-powered STAB move to break through teams, but is completely walled by Ghost-types, who are immune to both moves. Sucker Punch can be used as another form of priority to hit Ghost-types. It can run a set with its Dream World Ability, Defiant, to take advantage of Pokemon who lower stats. However, stat-lowering moves are rare, and losing the resistances from Thick Fat is not the best idea. Purugly can can also run a set with a Choice Scarf, outspeeding nearly every Pokemon, Choice Scarfed or not, in the metagame. However, there is a noticeable loss of power when Purugly has no boosts.

Checks and Counters

Even when boosted by items such as Choice Band, its mediocre Attack only becomes passable. This lets physically bulky Pokemon—especially the Rock- and Steel-types that resist its STAB attack—wall it with relative ease, although they have to be wary of Purugly that run Super Fang. Ghost-types are a near complete stop to the Scout set due to their virtue of typing; their immunity to Normal-type attacks means that the best Purugly can do is U-turn out, which will still deal pitiful damage. Faster Pokemon will kill it with ease, with hard hitters such as Swellow naturally outspeeding it, while Choice Scarfed Pokemon, such as Sawk, demolish our poor, innocent kitten.