Mold Breaker
Abilities that hinder attacks are nullified.
Sheer Force
Increases power of moves with secondary effects by 30%, but removes the effects.
Type Tier
Rock NU
Level 100 Statistics (see level 5, 50, 100)
Min- Min Max Max+
- 335 398 -
329 366 429 471
140 156 219 240
149 166 229 251
122 136 199 218
136 152 215 236


Rampardos comes from a time period where the norm was "kill or be killed," and that's exactly how Rampardos plays when it enters the battlefield. This prehistoric beast has an incredible base 165 Attack, second only to Deoxys-A. This alone makes Rampardos terrifying to face once it finds a time to come in. Secondly, it has an extremely powerful move to abuse in the form of Head Smash, which straight up OHKOes any Pokemon that doesn't resist it due to sheer brute force, but at the cost of a large chunk of Rampardos's health. Along with this, Rampardos also gets various coverage moves to destroy all that resist Head Smash, including Earthquake, Fire Punch, and even Ice Beam!

While it may seem that Rampardos is an unstoppable monster, it has some fatal flaws. After you look at Rampardos's Attack, you will notice that other than its above average HP, all of its other stats are, in short, terrible. With only base 60 Defense and base 50 Special Defense, along with the curse of being a Rock-type, Rampardos will not be surviving any hits anytime soon. Its Speed is an abysmal base 58, which is far too low for sweeping. However, if you play Rampardos to its advantages, and with a fair amount of team support, it can be an invaluable member to a team in much need of power.

Name Item Nature

Choice Scarf

Choice Scarf Jolly
Moveset EVs
~ Head Smash / Stone Edge
~ Earthquake
~ Fire Punch
~ Zen Headbutt
252 Atk / 4 SpD / 252 Spe

If you are thinking of Rampardos, this is most likely the first set that comes to mind. When equipped with a Choice Scarf, Rampardos outruns all Pokemon up to base 110 Speed—effectively the entire unboosted tier. This allows Rampardos to finally wield its awesome power. Head Smash works hand-in-hand with Rampardos's base 165 Attack to crush the bones of opposing Pokemon. Stone Edge is an option over Head Smash if the recoil is unappealing, but Rampardos loses a considerable amount of power, making Head Smash the better option most of the time. Earthquake gives Rampardos coverage against Steel-types such as Steelix and Klinklang, who can tank a Head Smash easily and KO back with Earthquake or Gear Grind, respectively. Thanks to Mold Breaker, Rampardos can bypass abilities and hit the likes of Rotom with Earthquake, or break through Sturdy. Fire Punch decimates Ferroseed, who would wall Rampardos otherwise. Zen Headbutt cripples bulky Fighting-types such as Hariyama and Poliwrath.

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Name Item Nature

Rock Polish

Life Orb Adamant
Moveset EVs
~ Rock Polish
~ Stone Edge
~ Earthquake
~ Fire Punch
252 Atk / 4 SpA / 252 Spe

If there were a way to describe this set, it would be "high risk, high reward." While almost nothing stands in its way once it sets up, it can be hard to find a time to set up in the first place. After a Rock Polish, Rampardos outruns the entire unboosted tier, meaning that outside of priority, Rampardos is very hard to revenge kill. Stone Edge is Rampardos's strongest STAB move that lacks drawbacks, and usually 2HKOes all threats that don't resist it. Head Smash can be used in this slot for more power, but if you do this Rampardos will rarely last more than three turns, making it an inferior option in this case. Earthquake hits bulky Steel-types, who would easily be able to tank a Stone Edge, for super effective damage; examples include Steelix and Klinklang. Earthquake also hits Aggron, who resists Stone Edge and can tank anything else Rampardos has to throw at it. Fire Punch nails Ferroseed, OHKOing it.

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Name Item Nature

Trick Room Sweeper

Life Orb Brave
Moveset IVs
~ Head Smash / Stone Edge
~ Earthquake
~ Substitute
~ Fire Punch
0 Spe
252 HP / 252 Atk / 4 Def

With one of the highest Attack stats in the game and a terrible Speed stat, Rampardos is an ideal Trick Room attacker. Head Smash is truly a force under Trick Room, crushing all but the bulkiest Pokemon and bringing even them to their knees. Stone Edge can be used over Head Smash if you don't like the recoil, but Rampardos will lose a noticeable amount of power, and Rampardos wont be living for more than three turns anyway. Earthquake allows Rampardos to hit those pesky Steel-types, such as Steelix and Aggron. Take note that a resisted Head Smash is stronger than a neutral Earthquake. Substitute is there to avoid Sucker Punch from foes such as Spiritomb and Absol, and also to take advantage of the switches Rampardos forces. Fire Punch is used to take care of Ferroseed. Swords Dance is another option to take advantage of the switches Rampardos causes with its absolutely massive Attack stat, which makes it nearly impossible to wall.

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Other Options

Rampardos has a few other options that it can utilize, although it is outclassed in most of these roles. Rampardos can use Stealth Rock with its ability to force switches, but Rampardos is better off simply attacking to outright KO any threat that stands in its way. Assurance is another move that can be used, and seems quite useful until you realize that Head Smash is almost twice as powerful. Rampardos can use a Substitute + Focus Punch set quite effectively to smash anything that resists Head Smash and Earthquake, but Aggron is usually better at this role due to the various resistances it can set up on. Dragon Tail can be used to phaze threats, but Rampardos is so frail that it can't survive attacks often enough to do so. Outrage, Double-Edge, and Superpower are all options, but Head Smash is stronger than all three, and the three moves provide no further coverage for the most part. Curse is an interesting option in Trick Room, but there are better abusers outside of Trick Room, and it uses a precious turn in Trick Room Rampardos can be using to crush the opponent. Combined with Focus Sash, Endeavor can be used to lower a Pokemon down to 1 HP, but Rampardos can simply OHKO the opposing Pokemon anyway.

Checks and Counters

With the second highest Attack stat in the game, there is nearly nothing that can switch in on Rampardos safely. There are a few that can do the job though. Quagsire can switch into anything Rampardos does, ignore all boosts with Unaware, and easily KO Rampardos with an Earthquake or Scald. Misdreavus can come in on Rampardos and burn it with Will-O-Wisp, usually surviving a hit from Rampardos. Bulky Fighting-types such as Hariyama can switch in on Head Smash and quickly dispatch Rampardos with powerful STAB super effective moves. Ferroseed can take on Rampardos lacking Fire Punch easily, Leech Seeding it, setting up hazards on it, or simply KOing it with Gyro Ball. Steelix can easily take a Head Smash from Rampardos and KO it with Gyro Ball. If you don't have a wall that can easily take on Rampardos, revenge killing it is the best option. Hitmonchan and Hitmonlee can Mach Punch Rampardos into oblivion, while Spiritomb and Absol can Sucker Punch variants lacking Substitute. Feraligatr can Aqua Jet Rampardos back to the prehistoric age. Sceptile and Aerodactyl are faster than even Choice Scarf Rampardos and can promptly KO it with their attacks.