Run Away
Increases chances of successfully escaping a random battle.
Attack is increased by 50% when afflicted with status.
Physical moves do 50% more damage at the cost of 20% accuracy. Increases wild encounter rate with higher level Pokemon.
Type Tier
Normal LC
Level 50 Statistics (see level 5, 50, 100)
Min- Min Max Max+
- 105 137 -
68 76 108 118
49 55 87 95
40 45 77 84
49 55 87 95
82 92 124 136
  • Little Cup


Rattata has improved quite a bit in Black and White. Most notably it has received Hustle as a Dream World ability, along with several new moves such as Wild Charge and Retaliate. Though still hindered by its frailty, Rattata can now be considered a threat, which is a major step up from the last generation.

Name Item Ability Nature


Toxic Orb / Flame Orb Guts Jolly
Moveset EVs
~ Facade
~ Sucker Punch
~ Flame Wheel
~ Protect / Wild Charge / U-turn
36 HP / 228 Atk / 180 Spe

Facade is this moveset's main STAB move; once Rattata is inflicted with a status condition, its base power doubles, allowing Rattata to KO Pokemon it might otherwise struggle against. Sucker Punch is a very handy move, as it not only gives Rattata good coverage, but also allows Rattata to attack first. Flame Wheel allows Rattata to hit Pokemon such as Ferroseed hard, while Protect can be used as to ensure the activation of the orb, activating Rattata's full power Facade. Wild Charge can damage several of Rattata's checks, for instance Kabuto, Tirtouga, and Omanyte, yet U-turn can also be extremely helpful to Rattata. If you do choose to run U-turn, carrying a Rapid Spin user also becomes important to get rid of entry hazards, which will limit Rattata.

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Name Item Ability Nature

Choice Scarf

Choice Scarf Hustle Jolly
Moveset EVs
~ Return
~ U-turn
~ Flame Wheel / Wild Charge
~ Crunch / Sucker Punch
36 HP / 228 Atk / 180 Spe

Rattata can be an effective revenge killer with a Choice Scarf. STAB Return is Rattata's most powerful move, allowing it to dish out massive amounts of damage in conjunction with Hustle. U-turn is a useful move for scouting, and is particularly effective on Choice Scarf users, where prediction is crucial. Flame Wheel destroys Pokemon such as Ferroseed, whereas Wild Charge can damage Pokemon such as Tirtouga, Mantyke, Kabuto, Omanyte, and Archen along with other checks to Rattata. Crunch and Sucker Punch are present to hit Ghost-types super effectively. Both attacks have the same power, but Crunch is more consistent, as Sucker Punch only works when the opponent attacks. Sucker Punch does offer strong priority, however.

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Other Options

Rattata's ability to run the FEAR set hasn't changed, and this is still as viable as in the previous generation. FEAR refers to the strategy in which Rattata runs Endeavor, a Focus Sash, and a priority move to finish the opponent off once it has been weakened by Endeavor. Rattata can also run Focus Sash and Counter, or Focus Sash and Reversal, enabling it to take down at least one opponent every match with correct prediction. Rattata has a massive special movepool, but the only special moves worth noting are Grass Knot and Ice Beam. Work Up is an option to boost Rattata's offenses, but Rattata's frailty can make it difficult to obtain a boost. A Life Orb set with Quick Attack being the main STAB attack can really pack a punch with Hustle, and can take out some otherwise threatening Pokemon. Aerial Ace can surprise the Fighting-types hoping to get rid of Rattata, and has perfect accuracy. Taunt can be used to block burns from Frillish and prevent Dwebble from setting up entry hazards. Rattata can also strip off half of the opponent's health in an instant with Super Fang, but its other attacks usually deal more damage.

Checks and Counters

Bulky Ground- and Fighting-type Pokemon such as Hippopotas, Wooper, and Mienfoo are extremely good counters to Rattata. Hippopotas has Slack Off, which can null the effect of Rattata's attacks over time. Wooper has high HP and Defense stats, and it also has moves such as Stockpile and Recover that can help it deal with Rattata. Omanyte, Tirtouga, and Kabuto can switch into any attack from Rattata barring Wild Charge. Archen resists U-turn, Flame Wheel, and Return, and is an excellent check to the Choice Scarf set. Rattata is also weak to common priority moves, though its checks will need to watch out for a Guts-boosted Sucker Punch.