Clear Body
The wielder's stats cannot be lowered.
Ice Body
Heals 1/16 maximum HP in hail.
Type Tier
Ice NU
Level 100 Statistics (see level 5, 50, 100)
Min- Min Max Max+
- 301 364 -
122 136 199 218
212 236 299 328
212 236 299 328
392 436 499 548
122 136 199 218


With the second highest Special Defense in the game and a solid HP stat, Regice can be considered the "Blissey of RU," as it can sponge many special attacks with ease. Regice also has access to a very diverse support movepool and has a decent offensive movepool, making it a viable tank. However, Regice does carry its flaws, as it's crippled by its low Speed and poor typing, being weak to Stealth Rock and three common offensive types. Regice is also forced to compete with Cryogonal for a slot, which possesses identical typing, Levitate, and Rapid Spin.

Name Item Nature


Chesto Berry Calm
Moveset EVs
~ Thunder Wave
~ Ice Beam / Blizzard
~ Thunderbolt / Sleep Talk
~ Rest
248 HP / 232 SpA / 28 SpD

Due to Regice's impressive bulk, it's capable of taking hits from most of the strongest special attackers in the tier with ease. Thunder Wave cripples fast offensive threats while providing great team support, as it allows slow sweepers, such as Druddigon and Escavalier, to switch in and tear through walls to open up sweeps for other teammates. Toxic, however, allows Regice to beat most walls that cannot cure themselves of status, such as Cryogonal, giving teammates room to tear the opposing team in half. Ice Beam receives STAB and does decent damage to most threats thanks to Regice's base 100 Special Attack. Thunderbolt provides excellent additional coverage alongside Ice Beam or Blizzard and gives Regice BoltBeam coverage, allowing it to hit a vast amount of Pokemon neutrally. Sleep Talk can be used over Thunderbolt in conjunction with Rest to allow Regice to heal itself without being dead weight after Chesto Berry has been used, considering that Ice Beam has a fair deal of coverage on its own. Rest heals Regice of status and restores its HP, giving it the opportunity to tank more hits.

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Other Options

Offensive sets utilizing Choice Specs or Rock Polish can be used, as they capitalize on Regice's base 100 Special Attack and a surprise factor, but Regice is better off as a specially defensive tank, as many special attackers in the tier outclass it. A RestTalk set has potential, but in a metagame currently dominated by Moltres, Magmortar, and other powerful attackers, it finds itself hard-pressed to be effective. Hidden Power Fire can be used in niche situations to incinerate Durant and Escavalier switch-ins. An EV spread of 248 HP / 252 Def / 8 SpD can be used to maximize Regice's defensive potential, but it prevents Regice from taking on the powerful special attacks it's designed to switch in on. Curse can be useful alongside Ice Punch, ThunderPunch, and Superpower, but Regice lacks a solid enough Attack stat to make use of the boosting move as it burnt out most of its physical attacking prowess when it tore a hole in the Titanic.

Checks and Counters

Strong special attackers that gain STAB on types Regice is weak to, such as Magneton, Moltres, and Magmortar, can punch through Regice's enormous bulk, all while avoiding taking too much damage from Regice's attacking moves. As mentioned, powerful attacking Pokemon that can exploit Regice's significantly lower Defense stat and gain super effective STAB, such as Gallade, Hariyama, Durant, Escavalier, and Archeops (on the revenge kill), can severely hurt or KO Regice, and maybe even force it out and cause it to take additional hazards damage, allowing for a special attacker to take it out mid-sweep. Other great physical attacking counters including Fire-types such as Entei and Emboar resist Regice's STAB and can take advantage of its lower Defense. Walls such as Clefable, Lanturn, Cryogonal, and opposing Regice can take on Regice's coverage moves from the bulky or offensive sets with relative ease and eventually stall it out of PP or poison it.


Regice gets the ability Ice Body via the Dream World, which will make Regice a huge boon to hail teams, as it will be able to recover 1/16 of its HP per turn under the weather. This would allow an offensive Regice to run Expert Belt or Choice Specs without the loss of residual HP recovery and can make Regice a much more difficult wall to break. However, outside of hail, it serves Regice no purpose whatsoever.