Slow Start
Attack and Speed are halved for 5 turns.
Type Tier
Normal NU
Level 100 Statistics (see level 5, 50, 100)
Min- Min Max Max+
- 361 424 -
320 356 419 460
230 256 319 350
176 196 259 284
230 256 319 350
212 236 299 328


Ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls, children of all ages: if it isn't the legendary, the all-powerful, the tragically designed behemoth known as Regigigas! With its Uber-worthy stat spread including a gargantuan base Attack stat catching the naked eye, one must not overlook the serious flaws this giant boasts. Equipped with one of the most shallow movepools in the game and a repulsive ability in Slow Start, which halves both Regigigas's Attack and Speed for five whole turns, Regigigas finds itself seeking refuge within the NU territory.

Despite these two crippling attributes, Regigigas should not be quickly dismissed, as it's supplied with the necessary tools to make it competitively bearable and a threat that any team must prepare for. Alongside its excellent overall bulk and sturdy Substitutes, Regigigas is one of the best users of the notorious parafusion strategy, immensely helping it stall out the Slow Start effect whilst taking minimal damage in the process. However, Regigigas still requires heavy team support to ensure success in executing its tactic, and even then, its sheer reliance on parafusion makes it somewhat unreliable as a sweeper.

Name Item Nature

One-Hit Wonder

Leftovers Adamant
Moveset EVs
~ Thunder Wave
~ Confuse Ray
~ Substitute
~ Return
252 HP / 252 Atk / 4 Def

This is by far Regigigas's best and most threatening set available. The combination of Thunder Wave, Confuse Ray, and Substitute allows Regigigas to quite easily rid itself of its Slow Start ability and often be guarded behind a Substitute in the end. This is because the nefarious parafusion combo results in only a measly 37.5% chance for the enemy to successfully attack, meaning in the majority of cases, Regigigas will often be setting up bulky Substitutes unscathed. Furthermore, Regigigas's superb overall bulk provides a plethora of opportunities for Regigigas to switch in and begin wreaking havoc. The final moveslot is reserved for Regigigas's most powerful and reliable STAB attack in Return, which when backed up by an overwhelmingly high base Attack stat, ends OHKOing or 2HKOing every NU Pokemon, barring heavily defensive threats, such as Alomomola, Tangela, and Bastiodon, and Ghost-types.

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Other Options

Looking at Regigigas's lackluster movepool, there really isn't much going for it outside of the one-hit wonder set. A Rock Polish set is interesting, but it just isn't effective at fulfilling a late-game sweeping role due to Slow Start and poor coverage options; there are simply better Pokemon to choose from. A defensive set is a viable approach, using moves such as Toxic, Thunder Wave, Icy Wind, and Knock Off, but the lack of reliable recovery and crippling ability make it outclassed as a specially defensive Normal-type by Miltank, Audino, and Lickilicky. Regigigas also has access to neat special attacks, such as Thunderbolt and Earth Power, but passing up that enormous base Attack for a Special Attack stat that's half as much is nowhere near worth it. Finally, Superpower, Focus Punch, and the elemental punches are available for use, but Regigigas is already strapped for moveslots and can't put them to good effect. Of the elemental punches, Fire Punch is nice for Metang and Ice Punch for Golurk, but again, it's not worth passing up Thunder Wave or Confuse Ray and thus having teammates to handle them is the far better choice.

Checks and Counters

Ghost-types are one of the best counters to Regigigas. Golurk in particular is immune to Thunder Wave and Return and can cause major damage with DynamicPunch and its STAB Earthquake. In terms of other Ghost-types, like Misdreavus and Drifblim, be cautious if you are not running Substitute; Regigigas has the bulk to sponge a lot of their attacks, and it is possible for them to actually lose to confusion damage. Bastiodon, Golem, and Probopass are all effective switch-ins to Regigigas lacking Drain Punch: Bastiodon stops Regigigas cold with Magic Coat and Roar, Golem is immune to Thunder Wave and hits hard enough to break Regigigas's Substitutes but must be cautious of confusion damage and constant Returns, and Probopass also needs to be aware that it too can succumb to the effects of confusion damage and repeated Return hits.

Crippling Regigigas with Will-O-Wisp or Toxic easily shatters its dreams of crushing its enemies, but keep in mind that most teams that are using Regigigas will also have a cleric that needs to be taken care of first. Toxic Spikes also instantly shuts Regigigas down, but again, Poison-types or Rapid Spin users will be seen to accommodate for this; be sure to pack Pokemon to dispose of them. Furthermore, any phazer with Whirlwind or Roar can stop Regigigas from clearing its Slow Start ability, but understand that this method is not the most optimal. This is because parafusion might prevent the use of these moves and Regigigas is also often the last Pokemon on the team, making this method unusable. Dragon Tail is also not recommended, as most users of it typically lack the power to break Regigigas's Substitutes. Perish Song, however, is a deadly weapon to use against Regigigas. Even though parafusion might prevent it from being used, its a good answer to Regigigas even if it's the last Pokemon on the team. Prankster Murkrow and Misdreavus are perfect users of this.

It's also possible to defeat Regigigas by simply brute forcing it. Exploiting its Fighting-type weakness with the likes of Sawk and Gurdurr works well. Luck might be needed when using Sawk due to parafusion, but Gurdurr finds itself enjoying the paralysis, thanks to Guts, and it packs Bulk Up to bolster its Attack and Defense, Drain Punch to restore the health it loses from confusion and Return damage, and Mach Punch to snatch a quick KO against an exposed Regigigas.