Clear Body
The wielder's stats cannot be lowered.
Light Metal
The wielder's weight is halved.
Type Tier
Steel UU
Level 5 Statistics (see level 5, 50, 100)
Min- Min Max Max+
- 24 27 -
12 14 17 18
18 21 24 26
12 14 17 18
18 21 24 26
9 11 14 15
  • Underused


Registeel arguably is the best out of the original three Regis. It hasn't changed much since its release but still is a solid check to numerous Pokemon in UU. Registeel is one of the best counters to offensive Roserade, Raikou, and non-Tinted Lens Yanmega with its spectacular base 150 in both defensive stats. It boasts 11 resistances and 1 immunity in exchange for 3 common weaknesses. Registeel faces competition from other Steel-types, however, including Bronzong, Cobalion, and Empoleon. To hinder Registeel even more, it lacks reliable recovery, making it able to be worn down easily. Its three weaknesses are also a big detriment, as they leave Registeel vulnerable to popular threats such as Victini and Heracross. Nevertheless, don't let these cons discourage you from using Registeel, as it is still a solid wall.

Name Item Nature


Leftovers Careful
Moveset EVs
~ Stealth Rock
~ Thunder Wave / Toxic
~ Seismic Toss
~ Earthquake / Shadow Claw
252 HP / 4 Def / 252 SpD

This is the most viable set that Registeel can run without being outclassed. Registeel is a sturdy wall, so it can usually live a hit and set up Stealth Rock without breaking a sweat. Thunder Wave is the more useful status option as it can aid your team and cripple sweepers such as Azelf, Mienshao, and Sharpedo. Toxic is still a viable option against defensive teams, as it can cripple other walls such as Cofagrigus, Porygon2, and Slowbro. Seismic Toss is an excellent attacking move for Registeel as its base 75 Attack prevents it doing heavy damage. Earthquake is the more reliable option to hit the ever-so-common Fire- and Electric-types in the tier, such as Darmantian, Chandelure, and Raikou, for super effective damage. You can also opt to use Shadow Claw to hit Ghost- and Psychic-types for super effective damage, including Azelf, Mismagius, and Xatu.

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Other Options

A mono-attacking set consisting of Curse, Rest, Sleep Talk, and Iron Head seems attractive, but due to Registeel's weaknesses, any Fighting-, Ground-, or Fire-type has no trouble taking it down, even after a boost. Furthermore, Steel is not a very good offensive type. A Gravity set with Zap Cannon, Focus Blast, and Flash Cannon could be usable, but due to Registeel's low Special Attack and Speed, it is not very viable. A Rain Dance support set could be used, as Registeel's massive defenses will almost always allow it to set up a Rain Dance, all while negating its Fire-type weakness. Aerial Ace is an option if you're desperate to hit Heracross, but it does not serve any other purpose. Counter and Magic Coat are usable to surprise the opponent, but generally Registeel prefers its other moves.

Checks and Counters

Despite Registeel's sky-high defenses, it is still reasonably easy to check and counter. Any common Fire-, Ground-, or Fighting-type, such as Darmanitan, Mienshao, and Rhyperior, can demolish Registeel with its STAB moves. Trick users can cripple Registeel with a Choice item, rendering it useless for the rest of the match. Sableye and support Mew can Taunt Registeel, preventing Stealth Rock or a status move, but must look out for Toxic on the switch. Xatu walls Registeel without Shadow Claw, as it can easily Roost off Seismic Toss damage and bounce back status and Stealth Rock. Bulky sweepers with Rest, such as Snorlax, Suicune, and Scrafty, set up on Registeel easily as it does little damage to them and Rest rids them of any status. Ghost-types with Substitute, such as Mismagius, can set up on Registeel without Shadow Claw and proceed to attack or set up with Nasty Plot or Calm Mind.


Clear Body is far superior to Light Metal, as it prevents Shaymin from lowering Registeel's Special Defense with Seed Flare. Furthermore, Light Metal is only useful against Pokemon that carry Low Kick, and it is incompatible with Seismic Toss, which is Registeel's most effective attacking option.