When hit with an Electric-type move, Special Attack is boosted by one stage. All Electric-type attacks are drawn to this Pokemon.
Rock Head
Recoil moves deal no recoil damage.
Increases the power of recoil moves by 20%.
Type Tier
Ground / Rock LC
Level 5 Statistics (see level 5, 50, 100)
Min- Min Max Max+
- 24 27 -
13 15 18 19
14 16 19 20
8 9 12 13
8 9 12 13
8 9 12 13
  • Little Cup


Rhyhorn is a mixed bag as far as viability is concerned. High Attack, HP, and Defense are very useful, but low Speed and Special Defense really hold Rhyhorn back. Weaknesses to common Fighting- and Water-type moves further compound the issue, and stop Rhyhorn from reaching its full potential. Its typing isn't completely terrible, as it makes Rhyhorn one of the best switch-ins to common Flying-types. Rhyhorn might be notably similar to Geodude, but their movepools make them different from each other, meaning that neither is really outclassed by the other. Overall, Rhyhorn is solid, but isn't a great Little Cup Pokemon.

Name Item Nature

Rock Polish

Life Orb / Eviolite Jolly
Moveset EVs
~ Rock Polish
~ Earthquake
~ Stone Edge / Rock Blast
~ Swords Dance / Megahorn
36 HP / 236 Atk / 236 Spe

Rock Polish is a natural move for Rhyhorn to take advantage of, as its Speed doubles to a respectable 24 after one use. This outspeeds every unboosted Pokemon, as well as many Choice Scarf users, in Little Cup. Earthquake and Stone Edge are STAB moves that have amazing neutral coverage, so they are natural choices for moveslots. Rock Blast is an option over Stone Edge for the ability to break Substitutes, but isn't nearly as reliable, as it usually has lower power than Stone Edge. In the last slot, Swords Dance is a good choice, as Rhyhorn needs little extra coverage. Rhyhorn won't always have time to use the move, but it can be very helpful against slower opponents such as Hippopotas. The other option to consider is Megahorn, as it always 2HKOes Slowpoke when Rhyhorn holds a Life Orb, and it can even do so on average with Eviolite.

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Name Item Nature

All-Out Attacker

Life Orb Adamant
Moveset EVs
~ Earthquake
~ Rock Blast
~ Aqua Tail / Fire Fang
~ Megahorn
156 HP / 236 Atk / 36 SpD / 76 Spe

This set lets Rhyhorn utilize its relatively high Attack stat to sweep. Earthquake is a good STAB move, and, along with the Life Orb boost, can deal heavy damage to a large number of Pokemon in the tier, including Mienfoo, Scraggy, and Staryu. Rock Blast is a good move to have due to its ability to hit multiple times, allowing Rhyhorn to deal damage to pesky Substitute users such as Misdreavus and Murkrow. In fact, in addition to 2HKOing Misdreavus, Rhyhorn OHKOes all Murkrow with Rock Blast, making it an effective counter to Murkrow. Aqua Tail 2HKOes Hippopotas and OHKOes Drilbur, Numel, and other Rhyhorn, although these same Pokemon can be taken down by Earthquake as well. Aqua Tail also OHKOes Magnemite with the help of Stealth Rock, and is generally a better move than Earthquake as Magnemite might have Magnet Rise or an Air Balloon; alternatively, Fire Fang hits Bronzor hard. Lastly, Megahorn helps Rhyhorn deal with Bronzor and Slowpoke.

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Other Options

Superpower is a nice move that can deal major damage to Ferroseed, Lileep, and Scraggy, but the stat drops can force Rhyhorn to switch out. Crunch has little utility, but could be used as an accurate option to hit Gastly. Curse is an alternative boosting move, but Rhyhorn's many weaknesses and low Special Defense mean that it isn't very effective. Thunder Fang and Fire Fang can increase Rhyhorn's coverage a bit, but Geodude outclasses Rhyhorn here with its access to ThunderPunch and Fire Punch. Aqua Tail is worth some consideration, as it is Rhyhorn's best option against Ground-types. Ground-types aren't too common, however, so it is a lesser option than the listed moves. Rhyhorn learns Roar, Toxic, and Stealth Rock, but there are better Pokemon for supporting a team.

Checks and Counters

Water-types such as Staryu work well, as they can take a hit from Rhyhorn and easily KO back. Grass-types, especially special attackers such as Lileep, do the same. Fighting-types with Drain Punch are very useful to stop Rhyhorn, as they can recover much of the HP lost to Rhyhorn's attacks and will usually come out on top. Hippopotas with Roar is usually a good option, though if Rhyhorn already has a Swords Dance in, it will take a large amount of damage in the process.