The wielder is immune to Ground-type moves.
Type Tier
Electric / Fire UU
Level 50 Statistics (see level 5, 50, 100)
Min- Min Max Max+
- 125 157 -
76 85 117 128
114 127 159 174
112 125 157 172
114 127 159 174
95 106 138 151


Even though it faces stiff competition from its other forme, Rotom-W, Rotom-H is a good Pokemon in its own right. With great offensive typing and 105 Special Attack, Rotom-H can bake its opponents. It is also a very bulky Pokemon, with a base stat of 107 in both defenses being well above average. Rotom-H also has a Ground-type immunity, meaning that it can partner up with a Ground-type Pokemon and form the powerful "DisQuake" combo. However, this is where Rotom-H's warranty expires; even though it has only two weaknesses, they are two of the most common types in VGC 2012: Rock and Water. It also has a mediocre base 86 Speed, meaning that faster Pokemon such as Latios and Terrakion can dispose of it before it can attack. It is also very predictable, as an Electric-type attack, Overheat and a Hidden Power comprise its typical offensive movepool. However, don't underestimate the Easy Bake oven, it can roast a team easily.

Name Item Nature


Sitrus Berry / Electric Gem Modest
Moveset EVs
~ Overheat
~ Thunderbolt / Discharge
~ Hidden Power Ice / Hidden Power Grass / Thunder Wave
~ Protect
252 HP / 4 Def / 252 SpA

This is Rotom-H's bread and butter set, as it provides both bulk and power. Overheat is the main move on any Rotom-H set, as it is the reason to be using it over other Rotom formes. Thunderbolt is STAB, and it also hits very hard. However, Discharge can be used for a great STAB spread move, and works great with a Ground-type partner to form "DisQuake". The choice for the third moveslot depends on what Rotom-H needs to accomplish. Hidden Power Ice nails Dragon-type foes that are resistant to Rotom-H's STAB moves, such as Latios, Garchomp, and Haxorus. Hidden Power Grass hits Ground-type Pokemon that are again resistant to Rotom-H's STAB moves, such as Gastrodon and Rhyperior. Finally, Thunder Wave can be used to slow down faster Pokemon such as Infernape and Weavile. Protect is used to keep Rotom-H from taking unnecessary damage from moves such as Fake Out.

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Name Item Nature


Choice Scarf / Choice Specs Modest / Timid
Moveset EVs
~ Overheat
~ Thunderbolt
~ Hidden Power Ice / Hidden Power Grass
~ Trick
4 HP / 252 SpA / 252 Spe

With Rotom-H's great offensive typing, it is a wonderful Choice item user. With a Choice Scarf, Rotom-H hits 227 Speed, and 258 Special Attack with Choice Specs, meaning that Rotom-H can either outspeed or overpower its usual checks. Overheat wrecks Steel- and Grass-type Pokemon, such as Metagross, Abomasnow, and Chlorophyll users such as Jumpluff and Venusaur. With Choice Specs, Thunderbolt wrecks 252 HP Jellicent, 252 / 252 Togekiss, 4 HP Kingdra, and Politoed sans Wacan Berry. Hidden Power Ice nails Dragon-type Pokemon that would be safe from Rotom-H's STAB moves, such as Latios and Haxorus. On the other hand, Hidden Power Grass nails Gastrodon and Rhyperior, who can cause problems for Rotom-H. Finally, every Choice item user that has access to Trick should use it, as Trick deters defensive Pokemon, such as Cresselia and Musharna.

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Other Options

With a decent movepool, Rotom-H has quite a few options. Will-O-Wisp can be used to weaken physical attacks, while Reflect and Light Screen can both be used to make Rotom-H's team bulkier. However, thanks to Rotom-H's great offensive typing, it should focus on attacking. Sunny Day is still an option for Rotom-H, as it can abuse the sun to make its Overheats overpowering while weakening Water-type attacks. Shadow Ball can be used to hit the Lati twins, as well as Ghost- and Psychic-type Pokemon, but that's about all it does. Item-wise, Rotom-H can use a Charti Berry to take attacks such as Rock Slide better, which can be useful in getting a KO on a Pokemon.

Checks and Counters

Even the most durable of ovens eventually get rusty, and there is one Pokemon that can speed up this process: Gastrodon. It's immune to Rotom-H's Electric-type STAB moves, and is resistant to Overheat. It can also retaliate with a STAB Water-type attack, which will hurt even more in rain. However, Gastrodon must be wary of Hidden Power Grass. Dragon-type Pokemon, such as Latios, Latias, and Hydregion, resist both of Rotom-H's STAB moves, and all have powerful attacks to hit Rotom-H with. However, Hidden Power Ice can keep them at bay. Tyranitar gets a Special Defense boost in sand, so it can take a Hidden Power Grass, and then it can break the oven with a Rock Slide. Terrakion outspeeds and deals massive damage with Rock Slide, and is also bulky enough to take a Hidden Power Grass, especially in sand. Lastly, Trick Room can prove problematic for Rotom-H, especially Choice Scarf variants.