Shed Skin
1/3 chance to heal status every turn.
Boosts Attack by one stage if the wielder knocks out another Pokemon.
Lowers the foe's Attack one stage. Decreases wild encounter rate.
Type Tier
Dark / Fighting UU
Level 50 Statistics (see level 5, 50, 100)
Min- Min Max Max+
- 140 172 -
99 110 142 156
121 135 167 183
58 65 97 106
121 135 167 183
70 78 110 121


Scrafty stands out as the only fully evolved Pokemon with a Dark / Fighting typing, meaning it gets neutral coverage against everything in UU bar Heracross with its STAB moves alone. In addition to this, it gets two useful abilities, Shed Skin and Moxie, with the former preventing status moves such as Will-O-Wisp from crippling it and the latter allowing it to gain extra Attack boosts easily. With 65 / 115 / 115 defenses, it can also set up Dragon Dance or Bulk Up easily. However, don't think Scrafty doesn't have any flaws. Its base 90 Attack leaves much to be desired, making its damage output low without any Attack boosts. Its base 58 Speed doesn't make this any better, as this leaves it prone to fast Pokemon such as Crobat and Choice Scarf Heracross. However, despite these flaws Scrafty is a very threatening sweeper that every team should be prepared for.

Name Item Ability Nature

Dragon Dance

Lum Berry / Life Orb Moxie / Shed Skin Jolly
Moveset EVs
~ Dragon Dance
~ Hi Jump Kick / Drain Punch
~ Crunch
~ Ice Punch / Zen Headbutt
252 Atk / 4 SpD / 252 Spe

With such a low Speed stat, it is only natural that a Dragon Dance set would be considered. With one Dragon Dance boost, Scrafty hits 354 Speed, which allows it to outspeed threats such as Cobalion, Mienshao, and Zapdos, which otherwise it wouldn't be able to. Hi Jump Kick is the preferred Fighting-type STAB move, as it will deal a lot of damage to anything that doesn't resist it after a Dragon Dance boost; however, Drain Punch is more reliable and provides some healing. Crunch is used in order to get past the Ghost- and Psychic-types who resist Hi Jump Kick and Drain Punch, and also allows it to hit almost every Pokemon in UU for at least neutral damage. For the last move, Ice Punch hits Zapdos and Gligar for super effective damage, while Zen Headbutt can be used to hit Heracross on the switch. It is worth noting that either move will also deal heavy damage to Crobat.

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Name Item Ability Nature

Bulk Up

Leftovers Shed Skin Careful
Moveset EVs
~ Bulk Up
~ Drain Punch
~ Crunch
~ Rest
252 HP / 4 Atk / 252 SpD

Scrafty has access to another boosting move as well: Bulk Up. By utilizing Bulk Up, Scrafty sponges any non-super effective move with ease and can simultaneously deal lots of damage in return. In fact, with two Bulk Up boosts, it can even take a Life Orb-boosted Hi Jump Kick from Mienshao, a testament to how bulky it is. To add on to this, Scrafty boasts nearly unresisted STAB coverage, giving it a huge advantage over other users of Bulk Up. However, Shed Skin truly is Bulk Up Scrafty's ace in the hole. With Shed Skin, it gains a chance of waking up from Rest early, reducing the consequences of using the move. For its STAB moves, Drain Punch is used instead of Hi Jump Kick because survivability is preferred over power on this set, and Crunch allows it to cover Pokemon such as Chandelure, Mismagius, and Slowbro.

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Name Item Ability Nature

Choice Band

Choice Band Intimidate Adamant
Moveset EVs
~ Hi Jump Kick
~ Crunch
~ Ice Punch / Stone Edge
~ Drain Punch / Zen Headbutt
232 HP / 252 Atk / 4 SpD / 20 Spe

Scrafty is most commonly seen as a setup sweeper, but it can take a more unconventional route with a Choice Band set. This variant of Scrafty is capable of hitting hard right off the bat and using its solid bulk, decent defensive typing, and Intimidate to good use, which opens up more switch-in opportunities for Scrafty. Another perk that makes this set worthwhile is that it can lure in phazers, such as Blastoise and Swampert, and traditional checks to Scrafty, such as Crobat and Heracross, and damage them heavily. Hi Jump Kick is the main attack used, as it is Scrafty's strongest STAB attack, and with a Choice Band boost, it is capable of 2HKOing defensive Swampert as well as OHKOing standard Kingdra. Crunch is a secondary STAB that hits opposing Ghost- and Psychic-types that brush off Hi Jump Kick such as Cofagrigus and Slowbro, respectively. In the third slot, Scrafty can opt for Ice Punch, hitting Gligar for major damage while also covering other Flying-types. However, Stone Edge is a good alternative that maintains coverage on Flying-types and can nab KOs on offensive Zapdos as well as stallbreaker Crobat. In the last slot, Drain Punch is preferred, as it is a reliable STAB for when Scrafty can't afford to miss and provides a way to recover lost health. Zen Headbutt is another alternative that allows Scrafty to hit Poison-types and Heracross, which resists Scrafty's STABs.

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Other Options

Besides what's already listed, Scrafty does not have many other viable options. Stone Edge is notable for doing more damage to Crobat on the switch than Ice Punch or Zen Headbutt, and also does more damage to all other Flying-types bar Gligar. Head Smash always OHKOes Crobat after Stealth Rock, something Stone Edge doesn't always do, even with Stealth Rock. However, Head Smash's recoil means it hurts Scrafty more than it helps it. Taunt prevents Roar users such as Suicune from phazing Scrafty and also blocks status moves, although it is not good coverage-wise. Substitute is an option to allow it to set up on Dragon Tail users such as Blastoise and Milotic, although these Pokemon may instead use Roar or Haze, respectively.

Checks and Counters

Crobat is your best bet at taking care of Scrafty. Assuming Crobat's standard 176 HP EV spread, it can switch in on any of Scrafty's unboosted attacks, including Ice Punch and Zen Headbutt, outspeed even after Scrafty has used one Dragon Dance and scare it off with Brave Bird. To top it off, Crobat can even use Roost to recover from damage taken while switching in on Scrafty's attacks. If Scrafty does not use Ice Punch, Gligar walls it to no end thanks to its massive Defense with Eviolite, its resistance to Hi Jump Kick, and its neutrality to Crunch. RestTalk Suicune can force Scrafty out with Roar, but be aware that Suicune will likely take massive damage from a +1 Hi Jump Kick in the process. Intimidate Hitmontop can take Scrafty's Hi Jump Kick as well as any of its other moves and retaliate with Close Combat.

Due to its meager base 58 Speed, Scrafty is outsped by any viable Choice Scarf user, making it easy to revenge kill. Heracross and Mienshao are both notable for this due to their Fighting-type STAB moves to use against it, and Choice Scarf Mienshao outspeeds Scrafty even after it has used Dragon Dance twice. Pokemon such as Weavile and Crobat outspeed a boosted Scrafty even without a Choice Scarf, although Weavile cannot safely switch in on Scrafty and none of Weavile's Fighting-type attacks will KO Scrafty without it being weakened first.