Shed Skin
1/3 chance to heal status every turn.
Boosts Attack by one stage if the wielder knocks out another Pokemon.
Lowers the foe's Attack one stage. Decreases wild encounter rate.
Type Tier
Dark / Fighting LC
Level 50 Statistics (see level 5, 50, 100)
Min- Min Max Max+
- 125 157 -
85 95 127 139
81 90 122 134
49 55 87 95
81 90 122 134
61 68 100 110


Don't let Scraggy's NFE status fool you into thinking that it's not a threat, as Scraggy is far from helpless on the battlefield. While Scraggy's base stats might not look outstanding, or even decent at first, they're just enough for it to get the job done, and Scraggy has unique attributes that further augment its ability and help it stand out from the rest of the crowd, most notably its unresisted STAB combination. Scraggy also boasts two excellent boosting moves in Dragon Dance and Bulk Up, and while at first Scraggy's Attack stat looks too low to effectively utilize them, its aforementioned STAB combination and access to a high Base Power move in Hi Jump Kick make up for this, turning Scraggy into a dangerous threat after a boost. In addition, Scraggy possesses an excellent ability in Shed Skin, making it resistant to dangerous status conditions and allowing it to set up on a wider variety of Pokemon with little fear. Scraggy is not without its flaws, however; while Scraggy's Speed stat is acceptable after a Dragon Dance, beating out positive nature base 95 Speed Pokemon such as Drapion and Jynx, it's still somewhat vulnerable to being revenge killed by faster Pokemon such as Sceptile and Durant, somewhat reducing its effectiveness. Likewise, Scraggy's Bulk Up set is very hard to KO outright, but opponents can break through it with strong Fighting- and Flying-type moves. In the end, Scraggy isn't a top threat by any means, but underestimating it is a grave mistake.

Name Item Ability Nature

Dragon Dance

Eviolite Shed Skin Jolly
Moveset EVs
~ Dragon Dance
~ Hi Jump Kick
~ Crunch
~ Drain Punch
252 Atk / 4 Def / 252 Spe

While Scraggy isn't the fastest or most powerful Pokemon around, it's still an effective user of Dragon Dance. Because of Scraggy's respectable bulk with Eviolite factored in, and excellent ability in Shed Skin, it's capable of setting up on various defensive Pokemon with ease, notably Uxie, Lanturn, and Spiritomb. It can then use its excellent STAB combination to plow through the opposing team. Hi Jump Kick is Scraggy's most powerful STAB attack, hitting an absolutely massive 130 Base Power even without STAB factored in. This is the move Scraggy will be using whenever it needs to break through bulkier Pokemon quickly like Druddigon. Be careful when using Hi Jump Kick, though, as any team with a Ghost-type or Protect user can take advantage of it if you don't play carefully. On the other hand, Drain Punch provides Scraggy with a weaker, more consistent STAB move to use when it can't risk using Hi Jump Kick or doesn't need the extra power. Drain Punch also gives Scraggy some nice HP recovery, which is especially significant because of Scraggy's relatively low HP stat and respectable defenses. Crunch rounds out Scraggy's coverage, giving it an effective way to get past bulky Ghost- and Psychic-types such as Spiritomb, Uxie, and Slowking.

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Name Item Ability Nature

Bulk Up

Eviolite Shed Skin Careful
Moveset EVs
~ Bulk Up
~ Drain Punch
~ Crunch
~ Rest
252 HP / 236 SpD / 20 Spe

Scraggy's impressive Eviolite-boosted bulk, access to Shed Skin, and ability to use Drain Punch to damage the opponent while restoring its health in one move all make Scraggy a good user of Bulk Up. This set has an even easier time setting up on common defensive Pokemon such as Lanturn than the Dragon Dance set does thanks to the defensive investment. Bulk Up bolsters Scraggy's Defense stat to impressive levels while simultaneously increasing its Attack, turning it into a powerful and bulky threat in no time. Drain Punch is easily Scraggy's most reliable STAB move, and the extra HP recovery that it gives is certainly appreciated on a set like this, especially given that Scraggy's HP stat is very low, maximizing the recovery it gets from using the move. Crunch is Scraggy's best secondary STAB move for hitting the bulky Fighting-type resists such as Uxie, Slowking, Rotom, and Spiritomb. Rest gives Scraggy an effective way to fully restore its health at any time especially because Shed Skin makes Rest significantly more reliable than it is when used by other Pokemon such as Poliwrath.

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Other Options

Outside of its STAB attacks, Scraggy has quite a wide offensive movepool that it can use to its advantage; these include the elemental punches, Stone Edge, and Zen Headbutt. These moves can be useful at times for hitting certain opponents such as Moltres, Escavalier, and Amoonguss harder, but Scraggy doesn't really need them in the end because of the perfect coverage its STABs provide. Scraggy could also run a purely defensive set with Intimidate, functioning as a bulky pivot while using moves such as Toxic, Knock Off, Roar, Super Fang, and Foul Play to mess with the opposition, but the lack of reliable recovery outside of Drain Punch limits its effectiveness. Lastly, Taunt is an option on the Dragon Dance set to make setting up on defensive Pokemon even easier while also stopping the opponent from doing things such as setting up hazards or phazing, but Scraggy has trouble finding a moveslot for it.

Checks and Counters

Poliwrath is the best counter to Scraggy available; it has the physical bulk to take even boosted Hi Jump Kicks from the little lizard and can phaze Scraggy out with a super effective Circle Throw in return. However, Poliwrath has trouble breaking through Bulk Up Scraggy if it's the last Pokemon. Qwilfish makes a good check to Scraggy as well, possessing a handy resistance to Scraggy's Fighting-type moves and using either Taunt or Haze to stop Scraggy from accumulating any more boosts, eventually wearing it out with Waterfall. Quagsire has enough physical bulk to take a Hi Jump Kick from Scraggy, has Unaware to ignore any boosts Scraggy might have under its belt, and can retaliate with Earthquake. Amoonguss resists Scraggy's Fighting-type attacks, has the physical bulk to take a Crunch, and can recover HP by switching out when needed thanks to Regenerator; Amoonguss struggles against the Bulk Up set if it lacks Clear Smog, though. Moltres makes a good check to Scraggy as long as Stealth Rock isn't up, but is OHKOed by a +1 Crunch if the Scraggy user manages to set up Stealth Rock, making it a somewhat shaky counter. Pokemon that carry Trick or Switcheroo, such as Rotom-C and Manectric, can remove Scraggy's Eviolite and replace it with an undesirable item such as a Choice Scarf, limiting its effectiveness for the rest of the match. Outside of these Pokemon and moves, there are some other checks to Scraggy that depend on the set, beating one rather easily while struggling with the other. If all else fails, faster Pokemon, including Choice Scarf Emboar, Sceptile, Accelgor, and Durant, can revenge kill Dragon Dance Scraggy even after a boost. Likewise, Pokemon with powerful Fighting- and Flying-types moves such as Gallade, Braviary, and Hitmonlee can break through Bulk Up Scraggy before it becomes too dangerous.